Wonder (slide 1)

The book, Wonder, emphasizes that if you have to choose between being right or being kind, you should choose to be kind. The book’s philosophy is being shared and taught around the world, and it will also be transformed into a motion picture come November 2017.

The introductory webpage for Wonder perfectly embodies its name. Depictions of random cartoons and visual effects, like flashes and movement, display a visual personality of a child's wandering imagination. Strategically designed, it perfectly reaches the interests of children and their guardians alike. Despite clutter, the visual effects make the images fun to look at, and the clear animation generates sharp and bold contrasts against the single-colored negative space. Limited soft colors are used in the background instead of mixing shades with a variety of colors, so the overall presentation is pleasant to the eye.

Wonder (slide 2)

The menu bar is arguably the most well thought-out feature of the site. Instead of users having to squint their eyes and read through a drop-down menu, they are taken to a separate page with clear selection choices. The lettering is displayed in an easy-to-read font, and there are correlating picture icons paired with the section titles. This enhances the UI for children, who may not know how to fully read just yet. Again, only a handful of colors are used, which gives the page a clean and clear-cut presentation—preventing anyone from feeling overwhelmed with too much content.

Wonder (slide 3)

Inside the menu selections, the content is divided between sections that are clearly labeled with headers and in bold fonts that distinctly mark where old information ends and new information begins. The sharp outlining stops the content from getting jumbled into one massive block, which effortlessly delivers the site's objectives. From an interested elementary student to the student's grandparent, the site is very simple for anyone to use.

Wonder is intended to teach kids and even adults that in a world of right or wrong, it's best to be kind to one another. For a website that is focused on children, it is a perfect example of how imagery and function play an important role in targeting desired audiences and ensuring they have a pleasant UX.

Wonder is a stunning website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.