Famous rebrands are valued for as high as $1 million to $211 million, but big brands invest in professional logos because they create a strong brand identity and generate trust. DesignRush compiled a list of some of the best big brand logo makeovers according to logo design experts.


Pepsi’s redesigned logo was worth $1 million, while British Petroleum spent $211 million for its rebranding. With 75% of consumers recognizing brands by their logos and 81% of them claiming they should trust a brand to make a purchase, investing in original logo design can be the key to business success.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its strong network of logo designers for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on their favorite big brand logo redesigns of all time.


According to Justin Ahrens, chief evangelist at Rule29, the FedEx logo redesign in 1994 is a classic and clever representation of the brand.

“One of the seemingly simplest and enduring logo redesigns was Landor's redesign of FedEx in 1994,” said Ahrens. “From color choice, boldness, the brand system, to the clever use of the negative space between the ‘E’ and the ‘x’ to create the forward-facing arrow. It's one of my favorite corporate brands for all of those reasons.”


In the opinion of Megan Killion Consulting’s CEO Megan Killion, the 2018 Animal Planet logo is more on-brand and up-to-date.

“Animal Planet really modernized their logo in 2018,” said Megan. “Previously, the sideways M did not properly distinguish what they did, which is focus on wild animals. The new logo with the blue elephant is more modern, cleaner and indicates that they are focused on exotic wild animals.”


As shared by Kotryna Calova, design director at Fireart Studio, Burger King’s logo redesign is an all-time favorite for four reasons.

“Burger King’s recent logo redesign is definitely among my all-time favorites because it’s simple (no unnecessary details), smart (combines into a burger), authentic (takes into account brand heritage) and carries strong emotions, such as nostalgia, comfort, and joy,” said Kotryna.

DesignRush released the February list of the best logo design companies that can help businesses build stand-out brands that promote trust and confidence through memorable logo design:

1. Rule29 - rule29.com

2. Vudu Digital - vududigital.co.uk

3. Benheine - benheine.com

4. Create Element - createelementslo.com

5. Spark Digital LLC - gosparkdigital.com

6. Cake Agency - cake.agency

7. Megan Killion Consulting - megankillion.com

8. Explain.ninja - explain.ninja

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