Lifesum Gorgeous App Design

Lifesum is a food tracking app designed to help users achieve their health goals, lose weight, or bulk up, depending on what their individual needs are.

The app takes the user through an onboarding process when they launch it for the first time. Specifically, it asks a series of questions designed to understand the user’s health goals. The onboarding process is designed to feel very conversational, so it doesn’t feel like work to complete. The answers to the onboarding questions are used to customize the experience of the app.

With the Lifesum app, users can track all their meals and workouts to generate a complete picture of their day. Foods are auto-populated as the user types so it’s easy to find specific items quickly. Users can also quick-add foods that they commonly eat, thereby reducing the burden on search even further. The app provides personalized recommendations for improvements based on the information the user inputs.

Through the app, users can access food plans and recipes that are designed around their needs, so they can get even closer to their goals. The app promises to help users pick the right foods and appropriate portion sizes in order to improve satiety and keep them on track.

The design of the app is thoroughly modern and flat-out gorgeous. Contemporary card-based navigation is used to allow users to easily explore recipes and other content. The palette feels fresh and invigorating, which happens to be exactly the feeling using the app delivers. Elsewhere, playful animations (like a happy, bouncing, anthropomorphic salad) are used to reduce interstitial anxiety between an action and a result. The design of the Lifesum app has clearly been created with the needs of real users in mind and with an attention to detail that is second to none.

Lifesum is a gorgeous app design in the Food & Beverage and Sports & Leisure industries.