5 Best Black App Designs Illustrating the Diverse Elegance of the Color

5 Best Black App Designs Illustrating the Diverse Elegance of the Color
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Last Updated: November 24, 2023

Experience the next level of design evolution with this sophisticated and modern collection: the best black app designs. These designs exhibit the excellent work of the finest app design companies.

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1. Negotium by Ankitha Vasudev

[Source: Ankitha Vasudev]

Standout Features:

  • Engaging, interactive lessons
  • Practice scenarios
  • Dark-themed design

Research has shown that men negotiate more frequently than women for salaries, work conditions, or other situations. That's why the Negotium app aims to educate and empower women to negotiate better terms more often. Complementing the brand's vision, Ankitha Vasudev designed the app to be educational, engaging, and easy to use.

The app has ten modules with lessons on negotiation. Users can test their knowledge through interactive quizzes, reflections, and practice scenarios.

Every module has multi-step situations that enable users to hone their negotiating skills and get instant performance feedback, encouraging constant user engagement. (Learn more design strategies to improve user engagement from these app designs).

Users can also study and memorize negotiating jargon, abbreviations, and phrases under the "Flight Log" tab, helping them feel more prepared for regular discussions.

2. SpaceX by Ahmet Cukuryurt

[Source: Ahmet Cukuryurt]

Standout Features:

  • Immersive cosmos imagery
  • Detailed launch pages
  • Live broadcasts

Engage with the SpaceX app designed by Ahmet Cukuryurt and join astronauts and space-traveling enthusiasts on their adventures outside Earth.

The background is dark and mysterious, with many immersive images of the cosmos and astronauts resting on it, ensuring the revelation of all the secrets stars have to hide, one by one.

Browse the homepage to see the latest launches and share your excitement for the upcoming ones. And if you want to learn more about a specific space exploration mission, tap the card with its name on it to find more details.

You can also make a watchlist of your favorites or most anticipated missions that you can watch via the live broadcast feature!

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3. Statscope App by Milana Mamedova

[Source: Milana Mamedova]

Standout Features:

  • Cool color palette
  • Customizable password generator
  • Multiple function tests

Milana Mamedova created the Statscope app design: a simple, all-around function testing app with modern screens and a pleasant, cool color story.

The app design utilizes a cool, easy-on-the-eyes color palette, lessening eye strain and fatigue. This color choice and attractive CTA buttons and illustrations make navigating the platform more enjoyable.

The app's primary function is its detailed internet speed test. This feature lets users conduct several device tests, such as the screen's responsiveness, camera, and sound and motion.

Another standout feature of the Statscope App is its password generator. This highly customizable option lets users pick the password’s exact length and whether it should include capital letters, special symbols, and numbers.

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4. STEER EV Subscription by Yongqi Chen

[Source: Yongqi Chen]

Standout Features:

  • City selection menu
  • Detailed subscription plans
  • Sleek, luxurious images

With the STEER EV's Subscription service, customers can select from a vast fleet of cars, including a variety of high-end luxury and entry-level electric vehicles (EV), without having to deal with the inconveniences of daily or long-term rental car ownership. The app was designed by Yongqi Chen.

Before browsing through detailed subscription plans that depend on the preferred vehicle, the users first choose one of the five cities where the brand operates. The selection menu features elegant monochromatic rounded buttons, each depicting their respective landmarks.

During the exploration phase, the users can compare distinctive features and prices between subscription plans while they browse through high-resolution images of the cars.

Once they pick the plan, users can type in another address within the range (the yellow area on the map) or choose one of the pick-up points.

5. Suria FM App by Snappymob

[Source: Snappymob]

Standout Features:

  • Effective contrast
  • User-friendly homepage
  • Seamless catch-up feature

As part of Suria FM's 15-year success, their app underwent a revamp with the help of design agency Snappymob.

The revamp has a fresh, dark-themed UI that sits well with the target audience. The theme features effective contrast as the screens have bright and lively content.

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Consequently, users may easily browse and navigate the highlighted material on the user-friendly homepage thanks to its simple, intuitive layout and the Now Playing section.

And if users missed some of their favorite programs, they could easily access them through an effortless catch-up feature that lets them pick days from the past week and browse the program chronologically.

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