Coca-Cola Classic Logo Design

Coca-Cola is not just a carbonated soft drink. It’s the most famous brand on the planet. Coke was invented by John Pemberton in 1886.

Over 120 years later, the brand is thriving.

The company is worth $182.9 billion.

Let me say that again: The company is worth $182.9 billion.

We’re talking about pop here. Soda. Sugar water. Frequent dentist visits. How is it possible?

The logo. The Coca-Cola logo is a design icon.

Coca-Cola was originally called French Wine Coca. Now, envision a soft drink with the name “French Wine Coca” being worth $182.9 billion. Couldn’t do it? Me either.

But it was 1885. John Pemberton’s bookkeeper and business partner, Frank Mason Robinson, disintegrated the old name. He created a new logo with a distinguished red cursive design. 

The letters take the shape of an elegant mythological serpent sliding through saliva-filled waters and awakening the taste buds by the otherworldly forces known as crisp and refreshing.

Back to Frank.

He insisted that the two C’s would stand out in ad campaigns and be bigger than the rest of the lettering.

The type-face used was Spencerian script. Spencerian script was conjured in the 19th century, where it dominated formal handwriting in the United States.



Coca-Cola Timeless Logo Design

The original Coca-Cola logo sat inside a rectangle. The shape of the modern design is the cursive text which finally breathes freely.

It stands alone against a white background (or in some cases, red background with white lettering).

It no longer needs to be babied by a square for safety. It has evolved. It stands strong and proud and without any insecure shape trapping its potential. Be free, Coca-Cola logo, be free.

The two main colors of the logo are red and white.

The red is vibrant. The red and white color combination oscillate on an incommensurable vibrational frequency that entice consumer attention and induce intrigue.

Coca-Cola Logo Design

Do not forget about the name. Coca-Cola. It rolls of the tongue. It is sweet and smooth and honeyed with mellifluous tones.

The curvy seductive Spencerian Script. The flashy red color. The heavenly sound of syllables. 

Those are the traits that make the Coca-Cola logo the best logo design in history.

Coca-Cola is a classic logo design in the Food & Beverage industry.