Mihi Home Logo design

Mihi Home Logo Design Exhibits Minimalism And Sophistication In More Ways Than One

Mihi Home is a self-care and wellness brand that creates bespoke artisan home pieces that induce a “feeling of positivity and warmth.” Kady Creative agency was in charge of their branding, web design, development, copywriting and logo design.

Mihi Home logo design exudes a sophisticated kind of minimalism that is generally associated with the wellness industry — only, this particular design feels more timeless, although grounded in early 20th-century aesthetics.

Reminiscent of Art Nouveaux typography, this logo exists in two iterations: as a wordmark and as a lettermark. The wordmark logo consists of the full brand name, while the lettermark uses only the altered “M”, with a dot over its middle, making it look like a sketch of a human being.

Seasoned logo designers employ a combination of fonts to create visual interest and convey a brand's unique personality. In the wordmark version of the logo, the word "Mihi" is adorned with lush, custom-tailored fonts, while the word "Home" comes in a plain sans-serif font.

Mihi Home Logo

Mihi Home Proves That Logo Designers Don’t Need To Look Far For Inspiration

The typography is the greatest and arguably, the only constituent of Mihi Home logo design. Kady Creative created a unique font to be used only by this client, and for that, they tapped into the most direct inspiration: Mihi Home’s products.

The organic shapes and free-flowing forms of Mihi Home’s homewares and fragrances, the curvatures and smooth surfaces in hand-shaped objects - these were the immediate guiding lights that informed the design of the logo.

As such, the Mihi logo almost serves as a window into the purchased product. As the logo exists on the packaging of every bought homeware product, it provides an insight into what’s inside.

This uniform geometry doesn’t only appear on the logo-product relation. The individual letters in the logo are also mutually synonymous in shape and form, mostly owing to the curved angled and thin endings.

Mihi Home Logo design by Kady Creative

The Logo’s Timeless Look Appears To Be At Home In A Wide Variety Of Media

Although rooted in the artistic sensibility of the distant past, Mihi Logo design looks at home in the present and the future as well. Its minimalistic essence also makes it universally useful and pertinent across a variety of digital and offline platforms.

The lettermark version of the logo can be used as an online icon, social media profile picture or anywhere with a limited amount of space. The “full” wordmark iteration appears solid in all sizes and surroundings.

Although the color of the logo is a secondary consideration, white, black and rose gold are the primary versions. The neutrality of these colors works twofold: they make the logo usable against all backgrounds while radiating the feeling of luxury as the brand’s personality. It's a testament to how branding experts curate color palettes that align with a brand's identity and evoke specific emotions.

Of course, the most important consideration is how the logo looks on its most imminent platform: the product package. The singular “M” version of the logo fits very effectively on smaller bottles and, especially the rose gold version against the black-colored bottle.

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Mihi Home Logo by Kady Creative

The Logo’s Tranquil Lines Reflect Mihi Home’s Brand Mission

Another notable quality of Mihi Home logo design is the calming effect it has on viewers. Gentle, sloping lines are paired with sturdy, reliable “pillars” in the letters “m” and “h”. The effect is one of tranquility, dependability and trustworthiness.

This is, of course, perfectly in line with Mihi Home’s brand identity, mission and wider purpose. The promise they make to consumers is that their products will introduce calm, order and structure into their daily lives – and that’s exactly what the logo suggests.

The logo is one of the most important branding elements because it is often the very first manifestation of the brand a consumer sees. The logo is an introduction to the brand, its qualities, its character and its values. If a logo communicates those values and qualities poorly, the result is a discrepancy between what the brand stands for and how the audience sees it.

No such mishap occurs with Mihi Home logo design: the alignment between the company’s branding and the logo is a solid 100%.

Mihi Home Logo Design Successfully Aligns The Brand With Its Purpose

A logo design that communicates the purpose behind a brand and its product so successfully is a rare feat.

Mihi Home logo design bridges the gap between the bygone era and the future, provides clarity and originality to the company’s image and instates trust in customers with on-brand messaging.

Kady Creative agency summarizes the approach they took when working on this client’s branding:

“We got to work to create a sophisticated brand that promoted the idea of daily rituals and a design that was contemporary and forward-thinking. The elegant mix of neutral colors, balanced with earthy and cooler tones created a brand that is innovative yet calm.”

It is hardly a surprise that this original, well-executed, on-brand logo design is our new addition to the impressive list of Best Design Award winners.

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