Travelers Insurance Amazing Logo Design

The Travelers logo is iconic.

The red umbrella dates back to 1870, in the newspaper ad at the start of the insurance company. It was later seen in the infamous Traveler’s Insurance commercials where a man with a red umbrella shelters those from a rainstorm.

The umbrella has a signature red hue. Harry W. Knetell was the genius who applied the signature red hue of the umbrella symbol. Harry was the account executive for Travelers and VP of the Charles Brunelle ad agency in the 1960s.

The red umbrella is perfect for an insurance company. An umbrella will shelter you from the storm and life’s unexpected disasters. It illustrates the concept of protection. The umbrella is warm and friendly and can be merchandised.

Iconic logos elevate brand awareness.

And any of the specialized logo designers could tell you that ventures dealing in legal and finance verticals need brand awareness like fish need water. One cannot place a physical insurance product on any shelf at a store. People cannot see the product around their city.

They can see a symbol. The red umbrella is instantly recognizable. They have seen it in commercials. It has the powerful meaning of getting people out of trouble when a disaster strikes.

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Travelers Insurance Symbol Design

The font used is a modified sans serif called Interstate. The black color represents power, boldness, authority, and sophistication. Interstate is optimal signage. It has wide spacing and prospers in display advertisements.

When one looks at the Travelers logo, they can envision the company name being protected from a torrential downpour. The evocative logo embodies the company’s rich history. The red color of the logo represents strength and energy and most importantly action.

Travelers Insurance Great Logo Design

The Travelers logo is a masterful display of brand recognition and brand awareness. That is why they are worth $33 billion, employ over 30,000 employees, and have assets that total $100 billion. Travelers will take quick action to protect you and your loved ones.

They will shelter you from the storm.

Travelers Insurance Logo Design

Travelers Insurance is an amazing logo design in the legal & insurance industry.

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