10 Best Beauty Product Logo Designs With Timeless Glow

10 Best Beauty Product Logo Designs With Timeless Glow
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Last Updated: December 04, 2023

Beauty product logos are more than just symbols; they represent the brand's vision of empowering its consumers. That said, it’s essential to have a logo design that stands out from the crowd and attracts potential customers, rising above the competition.

This article features some of the best beauty product logo designs created by the best minds in logo design these days. Need more inspiration? Check out our collection of the best logo designs.

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1. Selective Cosmetics by John Poh

[Source: John Poh]

Standout Features:

  • Stylish monogram logo
  • Apple shape integrated into the logo
  • Cursive typography

Designer John Poh's creation for Selective Cosmetics incorporates an apple, directly reflecting the brand's focus on organic products. The elegant curve and cursive typography add sophistication, perfectly representing the brand's commitment to natural beauty.

All these elements create a sophisticated and elegant design without overly feminizing it, ensuring it attracts a broad range of customers.

2. On Top Skincare by Otelli

[Source: Otelli]

Standout Features:

  • Monochromatic color story
  • Bald man illustration
  • Simple and clean-looking

For On Top Skincare, logo design agency Otelli created a monochromatic color story, showcasing professionalism and cleanliness. This was achieved through extensive research and mockup iterations.

A key element is the illustration of a bald man, representing the brand's target demographic: men experiencing hair loss. This visual representation and the black-and-white color palette embody the brand's focus on skincare and irritation prevention for this audience. The design's simplicity and focus on a specific customer base make it striking and relevant.

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3. Flor de Rosa by Uniko

[Source: Uniko]

Standout Features:

  • Female silhouette
  • Sans-serif typography
  • Shades of pink

Logo designer Uniko created a captivating visual identity for Flor de Rosa, featuring an illustration of a woman within a circle. This element, paired with sans-serif typography and a feminine color story, gives the logo a modern yet elegant look.

Using circular imagery and soft colors effectively captures the brand's essence and conveys a sense of grace and femininity. Overall, the agency succeeded in creating a beauty product logo design that is more feminine and more specific in terms of identity.

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4. Perfume Direct by TIDAL Digital

[Source: TIDAL Digital]

Standout Features:

  • Stylized monogram logo
  • Interconnected P and D
  • Sans-serif typography

For Perfume Direct, TIDAL Digital created a logo featuring a stylized monogram with interconnected 'P' and 'D' in sans-serif typography set on a white background as part of their monochromatic color palette.

This design choice reflects a sleek and modern aesthetic, giving a sophisticated and elegant impression. The interplay between the letters highlights the interconnected nature of scents and emotions, making the logo visually striking and meaningful.

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5. Koketa Beauty by Efoo Creative

[Source: Efoo Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Simple and minimalist
  • Thin, sans-serif typography
  • Earthy color story

Efoo Creative Design Studio created a simple yet meaningful logo for Koketa Beauty. The minimalistic logo design features a thin, sans-serif typography and an earthy color story. The logo's typography has varying font weights, preventing it from looking dull and monotonous.

The color palette was refined to include gold for warmth and cheer. On the other hand, the brown background for the white letters adds depth and enhances the logo's professional and clean appearance.

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6. The Soap Co. by Rebecca Lee Creative

[Source: Rebecca Lee Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Magnified effect
  • Circle enclosure
  • Minimalist and vintage vibes

Rebecca Lee Creative's beauty product logo design for The Soap Co. includes minimalist and vintage elements. The circular logo has a magnified effect, adding a touch of playfulness to the otherwise clean and professional look.

The minimalist design, fine lines, and a neutral pastel color palette provide a modern yet timeless appeal. The concept of “less is more” is common in logo designs, and this logo nailed it effortlessly.

7. aurora by Antonia Quinn

[Source: Antonia Quinn]

Standout Features:

  • Lowercase letters
  • Monochromatic color story
  • Elegant typography

Antonia Quinn's logo design for aurora stands out with an elegant typography in lowercase letters set against a monochromatic color story. This approach combines modern minimalism with a playful edge, creating a unique and memorable brand identity.

The monochromatic palette lends a sophisticated and cohesive look, while the typography adds character and captures aurora’s brand personality.

8. Etra Beauty by Kind and Ivy Design Studio

[Source: Kind and Ivy Design Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Straightforward design
  • Lowercase letters
  • Monochromatic color story

Taking a page out of modern and inclusive design, Kind and Ivy Design Studio created a simple and neat logo for Etra Beauty. Committed to being cruelty-free, sustainable, and LGBTQ+ friendly, the brand required a logo communicating inclusivity and sustainability. The result is a minimalist design using lowercase letters in a monochromatic color story.

The logo's sans-serif typography and softened corners convey approachability and softness, while its geometric and bold nature reflects a contemporary and fresh appeal. This aligns with the brand’s vision of providing vegan make-up for people of all genders and colors.

9. Essence Cosmetics by Joanne Choy

[Source: Joanne Choy]

Standout Features:

  • Monogram design
  • Letter E with a face silhouette 
  • Rounded edge typography

Joanne Choy's beauty product logo design for Essence Cosmetics includes a monogram logo featuring a small 'E' with a face silhouette above the brand name. This logo reflects the brand's character, known for combining quality and affordability since its launch in 2001.

The design refresh was part of an effort to give Essence a more current and relatable identity, echoing its reputation for high-quality, fun, and inexpensive products in the competitive world of cosmetics.

10. Fiore by Jo Collinge Creative

[Source: Jo Collinge Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Stylized F
  • Bold typography
  • Vibrant color palette

Logo designer Jo Collinge Creative took it to the next level with the logo design for "Fiore." The logo features a stylized 'F,' bold typography, and a vibrant color palette that includes French rose, cadmium orange, and turquoise. This design encapsulates the brand's identity as a startup natural deodorant brand aimed at women.

The logo’s fresh, feminine, and fuss-free approach appeals directly to Fiore's target demographic: young, beauty-conscious individuals.

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