6 Best Gym Logo Designs That Inspire You

6 Best Gym Logo Designs That Inspire You
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: April 07, 2023

This article lists some of the best gym logo designs that convey brand identity effectively. From modern and minimalistic designs to assertive and energetic color palettes, accomplished logo designers, behind these "exercises" have all succeeded in making a solid first impression on potential clients.

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1. Smart Nutrition by FixLab

best fitness logo
[Source: FixLab]

Standout Features:

  • Portraying motion through brand initials
  • Energetic orange
  • Inspiring

Opening our list of best gym logo designs is Smart Nutrition. Thanks to design agency FixLab, this design achieves brand recall through an encouraging and dynamic logo design that speaks like a true fitness buff.

In shape, the emblem represents a merger of the brand’s initials, forming a custom, memorable sign. The “S” is elongated vertically, and the “N” expands in width, delivering a well-balanced design. Both letters are slightly tilted to portray motion – the most common factor in any gym activity.

The agency used orange to unite all design elements. This color is frequently associated with energy and positivity, so it’s a natural choice to attract and inspire more gym goers.

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The initials are spelled out in a customized font style with additional stylistic edges near the initials’ curves, helping inspire fitness enthusiasts to get an edge over their dietary or health issues.

2. Gim Tonico by grafema design

gym logo ideas
[Source: grafema design]

Standout Features:

  • Uniformed but casual
  • A legible, rounded sans-serif font style
  • Adaptable (anniversary edition)

Gim Tonico’s success story began in 1994. Naturally, the Portuguese brand needed to refresh its visual identity, so grafema design stepped in. And the result? One of the best gym logo designs that look sleek and high-end!

The red logotype is outlined by a rectangle of the same color to emphasize the brand name. This highly uniformed look breaks off the seriousness by literally “breaking the line.” The first “O” features a diacritic. The design team cleverly used this opportunity and stretched the cursive line out of the rectangle outline. This playful approach helped the design get a more casual, lenient feel.

However, the rounded sans-serif font style ensures it’s not too comfortable. The lack of stylistic curves, combined with this shade of red sends out a straightforward message – you come here to take action and have discipline.

Another feature of the new emblem is its adaptability as seen in the 25th-anniversary version. While the original design structure retained its form, a funky number “25” on the left, with the five extending its upper finishing line above the first word of the brand name.

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3. REBEL FITNESS CLUB by Rabi Hilaoui

cool gym logos
[Source: Rabi Hilaoui]

Standout Features:

  • The lighter symbolism
  • Highly brandable and adaptable
  • Stylized serif typography

Rabi Hilaoui’s logo design for REBEL FITNESS CLUB deserves to be on our list of best gym logo designs. It presents an outstanding first impression for potential clients. The gym logo design is also highly adaptable, making it an excellent branding tool across different platforms.

The simple yet stylized serif typography is positioned above the industry label, emphasized due to its scale. The original design presents the emblem as white except for the orange middle glyph “b.” The glyph’s vertical line resembles a lighter, cleverly symbolizing the spark and readiness for sets and repetitions.

The second row of the typeface exhibits the same shade of orange, effectively building good contrast that further emphasizes the decorated glyph.

The design is a perfect tool for branding as it can easily be shortened to the fiery middle glyph and used on merchandise in various ways. More adaptability points are garnered through easy color shifts and combinations that don’t obstruct the brand recognition aspect.

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4. A Fitness Gym by Ken Benitez Graphics

gym logos ideas
[Source: Ken Benitez Graphics]

Standout Features:

  • A workout motif
  • A minimalistic design
  • An interesting color story

Our next outstanding gym logo design comes straight from the Philippines. Developed by Ken Benitez Graphics for A Fitness Gym, this logo creation inspires health and fitness fans of Cebu, Philippines.

A triangle in shape, this minimalistic emblem represents two cleverly mixed elements. The starting point illustrates a typical weightlifting pose, which is a front biceps pose. Then, that shape is blended with the letter “A” (for “arm,” symbolizing strength and power) to make up a cool, distinctive emblem for the brand.

The design is either green on a black background or vice versa, as these colors match the location's healthy lifestyle and green landscape. Green symbolizes vitality and growth, reinforcing the idea of working out patiently to preserve your health and look better.

5. FIBRA by Pedro Kaiser

best gym logos
[Source: Pedro Kaiser]

Standout Features:

  • Uplifting and minimal
  • Sharp and engaging design
  • Customized glyphs

FIBRA, which translates to “fiber,” positions itself as a gym for devoted and thorough people, those who are willing to work on the details. Pedro Kaiser reflected this notion of “more than just a workout place” through an immersive yet minimal gym logo design.

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The design features bold white customized glyphs with increased spacing and a slightly futuristic note. The final glyph is joined by a smaller red one, positioned at the top left. This contrasting element resembles an arrow pointing up, symbolizing progress while representing a combination of two symbols: “F” and “A.”

Sharp and engaging, this emblem communicates the brand’s insistence on combining gym training with other significant aspects, like good nutrition and a determined mind to achieve top results.

6. ACX Fit by Hector Lorenzo

best gym logos
[Source: Hector Lorenzo]

Standout Features:

  • Running symbolism
  • A color choice inspiring action and confidence
  • A more refined glyph appearance

ACX Fit’s logo design makes you move. But it wasn’t always that way. The redesign, created by Hector Lorenzo, builds on the previous logo, giving it a new glow through a more fitness-related look. And this new version undeniably deserves recognition as one of the best gym logos ever.

The original emblem was tweaked in several places, including adding space between the lines building “A” and “X” at the intersections, as well as making the “C” a bit more edgy and assertive. When combined with the glyphs’ tilted positioning, the bright red hue inspires even the most demotivated potential clients to take action and start moving!

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While the top row mimics running and movement, the bottom row features a stable white “FIT” below the “X” in the bottom right corner. The logo effectively communicates both aspects of physical growth: the motion and the motivation to take action, and the importance of relaxation, patience, and confidence in the results.

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