7 Best Nature Logo Designs That Spark Love for the Outdoors

7 Best Nature Logo Designs That Spark Love for the Outdoors
Last Updated: January 01, 2024

Nature logo designs bring the essence of the outdoors into the brand identity, symbolizing growth, vitality, and the world's beauty.

In this list of the best nature logo designs, we celebrate Mother Nature's raw beauty and the serenity of the natural environment. From leafy motifs to mountain silhouettes, the best logo designs connect brands to the wonder of our surroundings and ignite inspiration.

Ready for a dose of creativity? Read on and marvel at the creations of the best logo designers below!

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1. Lake Park Society by Moa Media

[Source: Moa Media]

Standout Features:

  • Three figures forming a triangle
  • Upwards arrow on top
  • Rounded edges

Logo design agency Moa Media's design for Lake Park Society reflects the park's dynamic and natural setting. The logo features three triangular figures, symbolizing community, activity, and the park's convergence of land and water elements.

An upward arrow on top of the triangle represents growth and aspiration and aligns with the park's aim to provide a space for recreation and nature appreciation. The rounded edges of the design add a friendly and approachable feel and echo the welcoming atmosphere of Lake Park, a hub for swimming, hiking, and various outdoor activities on the shores of Comox Lake.

2. Thrive Café by Kevin J. Hawley

[Source: Kevin J. Hawley]

Standout Features:

  • Versatile design
  • Sleek, sans-serif typography
  • Stylish leaf icon

Thrive Café's nature-inspired logo, created by Kevin J. Hawley, embodies calmness and versatility. It is easily adaptable to different backgrounds, whether light or dark colored, making it convenient for use on various marketing materials.

The logo features a distinctive leaf icon in green. Below it sits the brand name in all capital letters. The agency uses a combination of thick and thin fonts to emphasize the brand name. This design move adds a fresh and trendy look to the logo.

Overall, the logo design helps Thrive Café maintain a consistent look across channels and assets, ensuring people can easily recognize and remember the café.

3. Shamunit by Studio Venturas

[Source: Studio Venturas]

Standout Features:

  • Whale's tail in water
  • Circle enclosure
  • Business name around the logo

Studio Venturas played around the concept of nautical exploration and connection with nature for the sailing service Shamunit. The agency created a logo featuring a whale's tail in water, encapsulated within a circle.

This imagery reflects Shamunit's nature as a water-oriented business offering unforgettable sailboat excursions. The business name is elegantly placed around the logo, emphasizing the brand's focus on special moments of connection with nature, comfort, exclusivity, and excellent service aboard an ocean-going sailboat.

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4. Tanner Thibert Studio

[Source: Tanner Thibert Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist logo design
  • Simple color story
  • Coconut tree in the middle

Tanner Thibert Studio's minimalist logo design exemplifies the studio's creative prowess. Using a simple, earth-toned color story evokes a sense of simplicity and tranquility.

Central to the design is a coconut tree, which adds a distinctive element, infuses the logo with a laid-back vibe, and suggests relaxation and connection to the tropics. This design perfectly communicates the studio's vision and blends minimalism with nature's tranquility.

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5. Mount Robson Provincial Park by acreativeal

[Source: acreativeal]

Standout Features:

  • Badge-style logos
  • Dark green is the primary color
  • Bold and thin typography

Logo design agency acreativeal's concepts for Mount Robson Provincial Park capture the nostalgic vibe of vintage badges. The designs feature a dominant dark green color reminiscent of the park's lush natural scenery.

The logos combine bold and thin typography, echoing the style of embroidered badges that one might find on denim jackets and pullovers. This approach pays tribute to the traditional aesthetic of outdoor exploration and effectively represents the park's rugged beauty and spirit.

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6. Honua Design

[Source: Honua Design]

Standout Features:

  • Thin, sans-serif typography
  • Monochromatic color story
  • Mountains with the rising sun behind

Honua Design's self-created logo embraces the serenity and majesty of nature. The thin, sans-serif typography lends a modern and clean aesthetic to the design. Meanwhile, the monochromatic color story adds a classic and versatile touch.

An essential part of the logo is an illustrative representation of mountains with a rising sun behind them, symbolizing new beginnings and the boundless possibilities of design and nature intertwined.

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7. Snowdrop Ski Mountain by Fengyu Hao

[Source: Fengyu Hao]

Standout Features:

  • Droplet-shaped logo
  • Different shades of blue
  • Snowflake pattern

Designer Fengyu Hao's stunning nature logo design for Snowdrop Ski Mountain cleverly combines elements of water and winter sports. The logo features a droplet combined with mountain peaks, a creative nod to the ski mountain's name and the snowy environment.

A delicate snowflake pattern is incorporated inside the droplet, enhancing the snowy environment. The primary colors used in the design take inspiration from the crisp, cold ambiance of a snowy landscape and the icy beauty of the ski mountain.

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