12 Most Creative Logo Designs That Demonstrate the Artists' Style

12 Most Creative Logo Designs That Demonstrate the Artists' Style
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: May 19, 2023

The best logo designs burst with creativity and colors, making businesses stand out.

This post explores some of the most creative logo designs crafted by the most inventive logo designers in the industry today.

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1. Yugen Candles by Design By Sevd

[Source: Design By Sevd]

Standout Features:

  • Letters connected by lines
  • Thin serif typeface
  • Open box design

The Yugen Candles logo design by design agency Design By Sevd features an open box design that appeals perfectly to its target market: young people who love boundless experiences.

The logo design has two thin lines on top and bottom, with the word Yugen spelled like a zigzag, connected by thin lines from the edges of the letters.

The minimalist logo design adds a touch of luxury to the candle brand, which is perfect as it markets the candles as relaxing tools for those who purchase them.

2. Mood Mais by Verônica Bossardi

[Source: Verônica Bossardi]

Standout Features:

  • Smiley forming letters
  • Friendly feel
  • Welcoming color story

The Moodmais logo design by Verônica Bossardi has a friendly and approachable feel, reflecting the brand's identity as a welcoming eCommerce business.

The colors used (orange, blue, and yellow) lend a touch of playfulness and personality to the logo design. The smiley forms the letters OO in the spelling "Moodmais," a quirky move on the designer's part.

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3. TAK by Pithy Studios

[Source: Pithy Studios]

Standout Features:

  • Abstract logo design
  • Use of rectangles and polygons
  • Minimalist feel

The TAK logo design by Pithy Studios features a smart use of shapes to create one of the most creative logo designs in this list.

The logo features rectangles and a parallelogram spelling the word TAK. The design is very minimalist, yet the placement of shapes to create letters gives the logo design an abstract layer. It’s perfect because it makes the brand look creative and dynamic, fitting its personality.

4. GD Events by Zerknij Co

[Source: Zerknij Co]

Standout Features:

  • 3D monogram logo
  • White color story
  • Optical illusion

GD Events' logo looks more straightforward than other creative logo designs, but its optical illusion earns a spot for originality.

Zerknij Co created a 3D monogram logo for the letters G and D, with lines seemingly connecting them, creating a boxy look.

The white color story is perfect for flexibility as it won't have a problem standing out with colored backgrounds.

5. Wild Woman Wellness by Glo Design Studio

[Source: Glo Design Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Floral line drawing
  • Mix of bold and thin typefaces
  • Intricate drawing

The intricate drawing of a flower sitting on top of Wild Woman Fitness' logo design by Glo Design Studio perfectly aligns with their target market and brand ideals, making it an effective logo to represent their business.

The floral line drawing aligns the brand with its target audience: young women who wish to connect with Mother Nature through fitness and well-being. Encasing it in an oval is also a smart move to separate it from the mixed fonts used in spelling out the brand name.

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6. Balmify by RabenRifaie Studio

[Source: RabenRifaie Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Rounded-edged font
  • Minimalist logo
  • Versatile color story

When Balmify asked RabenRifaie Studio to create a logo for their line of essential oils and balms, they wanted one thing: keep things minimalistic. And RabenRifaie Studio delivers, earning a spot on our list of most creative logo designs.

The design features the brand name spelled in a serif font with round edges as the only visual element. What makes it unique is that the white color story used in the logo is perfect in the changing background for its accompanying branding design.

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7. Rapidfox by Arabella Design

[Source: Arabella Design]

Standout Features:

  • Single pattern
  • Shaped like a fox
  • 3D wavy feel

What sets Rapidfox by Arabella Design's logo design apart from the other inclusions in this most creative logo designs list is how a single repetitive pattern can mean many things for the brand.

As a B2C clothing business, the brand is known for its take on abstract patterns, reflected in this logo design. The design features a single pattern meant to look like a fox from the brand, and its 3D wavy feel gives a sense of movement to the design, as though the fox is running.

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8. FRANKLY by Club Creative Ltd

[Source: Club Creative Ltd]

Standout Features:

  • Stylized N
  • Bold sans-serif font
  • Relaxing colors

FRANKLY's logo design by Club Creative Ltd features a stylized N that adds a dash of character to the logo.

The bold white sans-serif font used in spelling the other letters gives a sense of stability to the logo, and the blue and white color scheme adds a relaxing aura to the logo concept itself. It provides a cool, summery feel to the brand.

9. Wellness Coach by June Mango Design

[Source: June Mango Design]

Standout Features:

  • Gorgeous lioness
  • Beautiful sun rays
  • Door-shaped enclosure

This Wellness Coach's logo by June Mango Design exudes elegance and outstanding beauty.

The wellness guru's logo features a gorgeous lioness in black stone, signifying the power of women, and the rays of the sun above the lioness, symbolizing wisdom and new days. The door-shaped enclosure acted as a container for all the visual elements and succeeded.

10. The Wildling by Elemental Studio

[Source: Elemental Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Fiery W
  • Warm color story
  • Monogram logo

Another stunning monogram logo has made it to our list of most creative logo designs, thanks to Elemental Studio's creation for The Wilding.

The fiery bold uppercase W with its edges on fire, along with the yellow and orange color scheme to set the mood, the monogram logo design is perfect in sending the message that it aims to keep the fire burning for the younger generation.

11. Caprice Organic by YZZY Agency

[Source: YZZY Agency]

Standout Features:

  • Swirly typeface
  • Warm and vibrant colors
  • Paint splatter

Using fruit as their main inspiration for Caprice Organic's logo design, the design agency YZZY Agency employed a swirly typeface that looked like fruit peels in a good way.

The swirly font used looks like a full-sized orange, especially the C, and the warm colors of yellow and orange drove the point home. The paint splatter, where the "Organic" part is, adds a layer of personality to the logo design.

12. Hide Hotel by Brandon Archibald

[Source: Brandon Archibald]

Standout Features:

  • Twig-like letters
  • Forest-themed
  • Nature-inspired colors

This Hotel aims to provide an escape to city dwellers from the concrete jungle. Hide Hotel's logo design by designer Brandon Archibald showcases nature and its promise of relaxation.

The letters spelling Hide are like tree trunks with twigs and stems sticking out of them. It is meant to represent the lush forest surrounding the Hotel, providing a comfortable backdrop for its visitors. The colors are even from the clouds and the trees, which completes the feel of the brand.

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