9 Trendy Logo Designs With Powerful Imagery

9 Trendy Logo Designs With Powerful Imagery
Last Updated: January 15, 2024

In today's competitive market, uniqueness is key. Having a logo that grabs attention is essential.

So, we've assembled this list of the best trendy logo designs you can take inspiration from when you launch your brand. Created by the leading logo designers, these logos exemplify inventiveness, powerful visuals, and modern designs.

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1. Cards From Africa by Dan Gould Design

[Source: Dan Gould Design]

Standout Features:

  • Origami style of the African map
  • Use of negative space
  • Warm color story

Design agency Dan Gould Design's work for Cards From Africa cleverly incorporates origami into the logo. The design utilizes negative space effectively, while the warm color story adds a welcoming and vibrant feel.

The origami visual adds a trendy and artistic touch, making it an eye-catching logo. This design highlights the brand's commitment to its African roots while aligning with contemporary design trends that favor minimalism and symbolism.

2. University Alliance by Augarde Design

[Source: Augarde Design]

Standout Features:

  • Stylized monogram logo
  • Bold typography
  • Bright colors

Augarde Design's redesign project for the University Alliance's logo delivers a stylish monogram and bold design. Striking in high contrast colors and geometric shapes, it suits various needs: playful for student campaigns and sleek for formal initiatives.

The logo's versatility extends to its horizontal and vertical forms, fitting diverse materials. Following client feedback, the design was fine-tuned for better accessibility, encapsulating the brand's bold, innovative, and adaptable identity.

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3. Max Bloodwell by The Honest Pixel

[Source: The Honest Pixel]

Standout Features:

  • Retro elements
  • Vintage design
  • Bold typography

For Max Bloodwell's logo design, The Honest Pixel delivered a stunning blend of retro and vintage charm complemented by bold typography. The designs have several variations for different mediums and marketing collaterals: a simple monogram version (MB) and the monogram design enclosed in a circular text art featuring the brand name and tagline.

This design approach highlights Max Bloodwell's distinctive style and offers flexibility for different branding needs, perfectly balancing nostalgic elements with a contemporary edge.

4. Propel Teams by Elias And Co.

[Source: Elias And Co.]

Standout Features:

  • Interconnected triangles
  • Bold, sans-serif typography
  • Meaningful symbolism

Elias And Co.'s trendy logo creation for Propel Teams features interconnected triangles, each representing a different aspect of the company: studio, ventures, and play. The interlocking design symbolizes the unity and interdependence of these areas, indicating that each contributes to a harmonious whole.

This unity is reinforced by bold, sans-serif typography, which adds modernity and strength to the logo's presence. The use of meaningful symbolism in the design reflects Propel Teams' integrated approach to their business.

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5. Freedom Yoga Studio by Eleonore Bem Design Studio

[Source: Eleonore Bem Design Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist
  • Straightforward design
  • Mix of bold and thin typefaces

The Eleonore Bem Design Studio created a minimalist yet impactful typographic logo for Freedom Yoga Studio, a membership-based studio offering yoga courses for all levels. The logo centers around "Freedom Yoga Studio" in bold typography, encircled by words in a thinner typeface. These words aren't chosen randomly; they are the qualities that embody the brand, such as thrive, balance, and shine.

The logo design captures the essence of the studio's inclusive and empowering environment, blending simplicity with a deep respect for the art and practice of yoga.

6. Elias Figueras by Divino Diseño

[Source: Divino Diseño]

Standout Features:

  • Simple and minimalist logo
  • Use of negative space
  • Monochromatic color story

Logo designer Divino Diseño crafted a modern and trendy logo for Elias Figueras, employing a simple and contemporary letter logo design. It features thick horizontal bars that form the letters "EF," demonstrating the creative use of negative space.

The logo is set against a monochromatic color scheme, achieving a sophisticated and minimalist look and perfectly embodying Elias Figueras' brand identity in a style that resonates with current design trends.

Overall, the designer crafted a versatile design that effortlessly matches different backgrounds.

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7. Ouranos by Fonny Tejo

[Source: Fonny Tejo]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist and trendy
  • A circle hugged by two curvy lines
  • Astronomy-inspired logo

Fonny Tejo's design for Ouranos, a tote bag brand, features a minimalist and trendy astronomy-inspired logo. The logo showcases a circle with two curvy lines, giving it a simple yet eye-catching impression.

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This minimalistic approach lends a modern and stylish feel that aligns perfectly with Ouranos' contemporary and fashionable tote bag brand identity. The logo is also perfect as it is a distinguishable icon when placed in products, even on smaller scales.

8. Trendy Digital by Bika Studio

[Source: Bika Studio]

Standout Features:

  • "Flowy" design
  • True to its name
  • Tranquil color palette

Trendy Digital's logo, designed by Bika Studio is a sight to be seen and the more you look at it, the more there is to unpack, despite its fairly minimalistic tendencies. Its primary feature, which glues your eyes to the logo is the flow of the letters that comprise the brand's name. This fluidity, when paired with the calming color scheme effortlessly embodies both the brand's name, as well as the business model they strive for. 

Going back to the basics, the blue-purple combo epitomizes professionalism, dignity, devotion, and independence,  representing strong relationships, but also excitement and wonder for the future. And that is what Trendy is all about.

9. Push The Boat Out by Laura Whitehouse

[Source: Laura Whitehouse]

Standout Features:

  • Bold sans-serif typography
  • Flexible color story
  • Waves under the words “the boat”

Logo designer Laura Whitehouse designed a logo for Push The Boat Out using bold sans-serif typography, with waves depicted under the words “the boat.” The logo features a striking contrast of white typography against a pink background. This color combination is not only trendy but also offers flexibility.

This is because the logo can be adapted to various backgrounds, making it versatile for different applications. The use of waves adds a dynamic element to the design, reinforcing the nautical theme of "Push The Boat Out" and making the logo both visually appealing and adaptable.

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