Moodcast Candle Box Packaging Design

Moodcast’s Home Fragrance Packaging Turns Candles Into Works Of Art

Moodcast Fragrance Co. is a home fragrance company dedicated to creating stunning and sophisticated candles that add an artistic and modern vibe to your home.

These candles look almost as beautiful as they smell.

The brand needed a fresh and clean design that matched the modern and cool brand identity, so they turned to designer Fredericus l'Ami to create a design that matched the mood and feel of the brand and its products:

Moodcast Fragrance Co. is a new perfume brand dedicated to helping people evoke mood through scent. For their first collection, a family of six candles, I created a brand identity, custom glassware & packaging. For the glassware I designed individually coloured matte-glass vessels with a translucent circular window to reinforce the concept of personal space & highlight the flame as it burns. Colours are inspired by 60s Finnish glassware & the principles of colour-therapy to create a palette that reinforces each mood. A single gold foil highlight on glassware & packaging creates pop & establishes a luxury aesthetic.

Bright colors, matte texturing and smooth surfaces make up these colorful and enigmatic designs. They are seductive and alluring and impactful.

These dynamic and deep packaging designs reel you in like you're in a trance. They're beautiful and serene.

These home scent packaging designs match the brand and its overall identity in a mysterious and secretive way -- inside and out.

These candles are almost too gorgeous to burn.

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Moodcast Candle Glass Packaging Design

Moodcast’s Packaging Design Pairs Minimalism With Eye-Catching Color And Innovate Elements

These clever packaging designs have a sophistication and elegance to them. 

The shape is exciting, a cube that opens up like a jewelry box or an engagement ring box. There's an innate excitement that you feel upon seeing it.

These boxes are bright and exciting, each candle getting its own color. But the matte qualities of this packaging adds a soft texture and a serene vibe to the overall design.

This design is soft, sensual and gorgeous.

There's a minimal quality to this design. There are few elements that standout or make an impact. But this simplicity does sell.

A golden ring sits as the focal point of this design. This shiny, thin ring sits on the front. Within, written in a similar gold font, is the name of the candle.

At the bottom of the cube is the logo - a strong, bold golden wordmark. It's written in uppercase letters with an A that is unique and edgy, forgoing to dash in the middle.

This edgy and unique design stands out. You're not quite sure at the beginning that this is a candle, but you're happy to find out.

Moodcast Candle Glass Packaging Design

Moodcast’s Glass Packaging Sets The Mood Before The Flame Is Ever Lit

These sleek and sophisticated candles are packaged just as beautiful once you lift the cover of the box.

The same matte theme is included on the glass packaging. Whatever color the box was, the glass replicates. There is also a mirroring of the geometric theme. 

A circle sits at the center of this glass candle -- only here, it isn't outlined in gold foil. No, this time, it serves as an opening where the matte texturing fades away and the glossiness of the glass takes center stage.

It's eye-catching and exciting, to say the least.

The rest of this design follows a very minimal trend. The same logo sits at the bottom, where the color has faded and darkened more to a deep maroon than cherry red. This too is written in a shiny gold writing.

The paper covering that keeps this candle clean and fresh is a bright, stark white. It is encircled by a ring of gold that keeps branding consistent and the experience fluid.

These candles are simply gorgeous. They are colorful. They are sensual. They are enigmatic. These candles are more than just devices to make your home smell better. 

They are pieces of art in and of themselves.

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Moodcast Packaging Design

Moodcast’s Packaging Design Is Moody, Minimal And Moving

This packaging really hits you. It sets a mood and tone that can't be ignored, and really adds an artistic layer to home scents and candles.

The packaging as a whole is stunning and simplistic. These small little cubes are made up of a matte black color that adds smoothness and sophistication.

The design on this soft matte coloring is rich and clean. A geometric circle sits at the center, taking up the design in a gold foil with the candle name written in soft, simple and subtlet font within.

At the bottom, the brand name is written in bigger font, bold uppercase gold font.

And the box opens up like a jewelry box, emphasizing the art within.

The glass candle is equally enchanting. The slim, matte glass casing includes another circular pattern, only this circle instead of being a golden outline is actually a glossy glass finish that stands out against the matte background surrounding it.

The logo sits at the bottom in gold once more.

But the simplicity of this design is gorgeous, alluring and engaging. It keeps you engaged and intimately invested.

These enchanting package designs elevate these candles from good to great.

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