9 Best Box Design Ideas That Promote Products Creatively

9 Best Box Design Ideas That Promote Products Creatively
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Last Updated: May 01, 2023

Many brands use box packaging to ensure their products' safety and make them look more presentable to buyers. If you're developing one for your brand, let this list of the best box design ideas by some of the most innovative packaging design companies inspire you.

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1. L'ATMOSPHERE by Anna Suetina

[Source: Anna Suetina]

Standout Features:

  • Galaxy line art
  • Embossed printing
  • Long rectangle box

L'ATMOSPHERE by Anna Suetina starts our roundup with its long rectangle box size, allowing more content inside the durable box.

It is a great box design idea because it balances function and aesthetics successfully. It allows the brand to fill the box with products without overstuffing the package.

The embossed printing of the Galaxy line art adds sophistication, with the brand name displayed prominently on the front.

2. TUNAS by Nomade / Criatividade

[Source: Nomade / Criatividade]

Standout Features:

  • Clear front panel
  • Milkbox design
  • Sturdy paper handle

TUNAS' box packaging design by Nomade / Criatividade features a milk box design that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The milk box shape is insanely popular among packaging designs, as it is one of the best box design ideas ever. It is also perfect for most agricultural products, such as grains, dairy, etc.

TUNAS' packaging has a clear front panel that allows people to see what's inside and feel it. Also, the sturdy paper handle offers convenience and portability to customers.

3. Warmers Candle Co. by Celestial Made Studio

[Source: Celestial Made Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Calm color story
  • Whimsical patterns
  • Vintage-inspired prints

The design agency Celestial Made Studio created this box design idea for Warmers Candle Co., which specializes in creating comforting scented candles for its consumers. The designers used calming colors such as midnight blue and white to highlight the relaxing feel of the brand.

The whimsical patterns printed on the sides remind us of the beautiful wallpapers used in homes. The design combines this pattern with vintage graphics, giving us a nostalgic and relaxing feel!

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4. Tape & package by Fruited Design

[Source: Fruited Design]

Standout Features:

  • Legible typography
  • Small colored stick figures
  • Helpful text placement

Fruited Design created a box packaging for Tape & package that features quickly readable texts placed strategically near the opening of the box flap.

The informative content printed on the box design quickly orients the users on what the product is about, what it does, and how it should be handled.

The agency also added cute sketches on different sides of the box packaging.

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5. Cozy Candle by ArtLine

[Source: ArtLine]

Standout Features:

  • Printed logo on top
  • Stamp-like design
  • Clean and polished

Cozy Candle's packaging design by ArtLine is an excellent box design idea because it shows a streamlined design with its clean and polished layout, among several other features.

There is a printed logo of the brand at the top of the box, which blends well with the stamp-like designs of the label and the box itself. The colors are perfect for highlighting the clean and polished identity of the candle brand.

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6. SHE underwear by Wonderlab Agency

[Source: Wonderlab Agency]

Standout Features:

  • Pull-out box
  • Embossed and lacquered logo
  • Feminine color story

The SHE underwear's packaging by Wonderlab Agency features a pull-out box that adds a layer of fanciness to the packaging, making it a great box design idea to follow for most brands. The brand logo is embossed and lacquered on top of the box, adding that expensive look.

Wrapping all these up is the feminine color story that consists of pinks and violets to remind us that this brand markets itself to strong and confident women who know how to have fun.

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7. Charlotte by MYK Design

[Source: MYK Design]

Standout Features:

  • Black cloth pull-out
  • Excellent logo placement
  • Vibrant color story

Charlotte's packaging by MYK Design reminds us of the expensive Louis Vuitton orange boxes, which are also iconic in their right because of the vibrant red-orange color.

The agency added a pull-out feature to the client's box design, making it more special as it offers a unique experience to the customer during unboxing. A looped black string is also placed on the side to allow easy pulling without damaging the box.

The logo is also printed prominently on the box packaging to ensure brand recognition.

8. Chocolate Molecule by Stanly Design

[Source: Stanly Design]

Standout Features:

  • Compact square design
  • Black bottom with embossed logo
  • Clean design

This next-best box design idea by Stanly Design for Chocolate Molecule features minimalism blended with elegance thanks to its clean and compact square box design.

There is also a black bottom to the box where the logo is embossed in slivery ink to add another level of elegance to the simplistic design. The client requests a clean design to push through with their image of understated elegance to the brand itself.

9. Panpan by Moin std

[Source: Moin std]

Standout Features:

  • Unique wide box design for convenience
  • Minimalist brown cardboard material
  • Striking red logo and branding

Panpan's to-go box packaging design by Moin std stands out with its stripped-back and functional design. Unlike the common tall box takeout containers, Panpan features a wide box design. It allows convenient access to the contents, making it easier to enjoy the meal on the go!

Using brown cardboard material also adds a natural touch to the packaging. It enhances sustainability and gives the impression of a wholesome and authentic product.

The best part? The bright red print of the logo and branding on the brown box creates a striking contrast. The color pops against the neutral background, instantly grabbing attention and making the brand highly visible!

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