9 Best Limited Color Packaging Designs That Boost Product Appeal

9 Best Limited Color Packaging Designs That Boost Product Appeal
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: September 12, 2023

Packaging designs tend to be colorful to attract attention and increase product appeal. And on a sea of vibrant shelves, some brands opt for packaging designs with limited color to shift the focus to the products. In line with that, we've listed the best limited-color packaging designs with undeniable impact.

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1. Cuba Room by molivi design studio

[Source: molivi design studio]

Standout Features:

  • Cuban design-inspired
  • Nature-based illustrations
  • Matte finish

Designed by molivi design studio, Cuba Room's packaging is a masterclass in understated elegance. The sleek black background is a canvas, allowing the packaging details to shine and catch one’s attention.

The nature-inspired illustrations, like cannabis, aloe vera, and chili pepper, hint at the product's star ingredient. Paired with this is the matte finish, enhancing the packaging's look and feel. This offers both visual appeal and a premium tactile experience. The packaging design also takes inspiration from Cuban aesthetics, with its dark yet vivid colors.

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2. Dylan's Ice Cream by Agent8 Design

[Source: Agent8 Design]

Standout Features:

  • Standard ice cream packaging
  • Fresh color story
  • Color-coded according to flavor

Agent8 Design crafted a vibrant visual identity for Dylan's Ice Cream, emphasizing its fresh and unique flavors, including ice cream packaging. The standard ice cream packaging is elevated with a new color story, giving it a fresh look.

One highlight of the packaging is the illustrated ice cream landscapes, depicting the product's journey from the farm to the shop and van. These illustrations add a whimsical touch to the packaging and reinforce the brand's narrative of farm-fresh ingredients and handcrafted quality. Each flavor has its color for easier distinction while keeping the illustrations uniform.

3. ETHEREA CHOCOLATE by Abigail Lund

[Source: Abigail Lund]

Standout Features:

  • Classy packaging design
  • Prominent brand placement
  • Swirling lines

Packaging designer Abigail Lund's design for Etherea Chocolate is a masterclass in elegance and brand identity. The packaging exudes class with its simple illustration and pleasing color palette.

The design prominently features the brand name as its focal point. Swirling lines wrap around the packaging, echoing the brand's ethereal theme. The swirling lines extend to the font style, adding a sophisticated touch to the packaging design.

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4. Naked by Zoe Zheng

[Source: Zoe Zheng]

Standout Features:

  • Pastel color story
  • Solid packaging design
  • Eco-conscious materials

Packaging designer Zoe Zheng showcased her creative expertise with the packaging design for Naked by Method, a series of personal care products and eco-friendly cleaning products. The pastel color story gives the products a soft, calming aura, aligning with the brand's oceanic and eco-friendly theme.

The solid packaging design ensures durability while maintaining a sleek appearance. Aside from its aesthetically pleasing colors, its materials are eco-conscious, like paper and aluminum. Meanwhile, the refill pods are made of pressed sugar cane remnants. These eco-friendly materials also mirror their agenda of protecting the ocean and planet.

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5. JACEK Chocolate Couture by By Hazel

[Source: By Hazel]

Standout Features:

  • Polka dots
  • Pastel colors
  • Chocolate bar outline

Designer By Hazel created a captivating packaging design for JACEK Chocolate Couture. The playful use of polka dots is central to the design, adding a sense of playfulness and charm to the packaging. Complementing this pattern is a palette of pastel colors inspired by the flavor, lending a soft and inviting aura to the product. The red, brown, and tan dots represent hazelnut and cranberry, the star ingredients of the product.

The design is framed with a distinct chocolate bar outline, emphasizing the product's identity and ensuring it stands out on the shelves. Together, these standout features create a memorable and visually appealing packaging that captures the essence of JACEK Chocolate Couture.

6. KLIRA by Progress Packaging

[Source: Progress Packaging]

Standout Features:

  • Serif font
  • Clean packaging design
  • Pillow packaging style

Packaging design agency Progress Packaging introduced the pillow pack style, a unique choice that snugly encases individual bottles, ensuring protection and an elegant presentation. This design offers a new unboxing experience and a treat for KLIRA's consumers.

The overall design is marked by simplicity and sophistication, highlighting the pillow pack's elegance. The typography complements this positioning as well.

Lastly, the sides of the packaging have colors to keep it from looking plain and to distinguish between products.

7. Muller by Raluca Matei & Jazz

[Source: Raluca Matei]

Standout Features:

  • Blue and white colors
  • Secure lid enclosure
  • Color-coded per variant

The packaging redesign for Muller, created by Raluca Matei and the team at Jazz, centers around the "love" theme inspired by consumer feedback. This reflects the brand’s drive to improve and provide the best service for its customers.

The packaging features a striking blue and white palette associated with dairy products. A secure lid guarantees product quality, while red and green accents help distinguish the products according to the fat content. These elements, anchored by the theme of love, create a unified and memorable brand identity for Muller.

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8. Wellbeing Functionals by Fenomenal

[Source: Fenomenal]

Standout Features:

  • Celestial-inspired design
  • Feminine illustrations
  • Metallic colors

Packaging design agency Fenomenal's design for Wellbeing Functionals boasts a tarot card and celestial-inspired design. These design elements reflect the brand's holistic wellness ethos. The canned beverage packaging ensures practicality while maintaining its visual appeal.

The metallic blue, green, and purple colors and feminine illustrations unique to each flavor help distinguish each variant. This wonderfully crafted packaging design definitely succeeds in the brand’s goal of attracting female millennial consumers.

9. Straight Up Honey by Kucsera Design

[Source: Kucsera Design]

Standout Features:

  • "Dark mode" design mentality
  • On-point illustration
  • Simple container/jar shape

"Sweet, delicious, and nutritious" - Straight Up Honey tells it how it is. Harvested straight from the give in good ol’ Valparaiso, Indiana, Straight Up Honey required packaging that not only does its job well but one that embodies the brand's approach. Enter Kucsera Design!

"Embodying a variety of Midwest floral notes this honey is energy-packed, raw, and unfiltered."

Just as local bees worked hard to maximize the enzymes, antioxidants, and vitamins — fulfilling a commitment to healthy and sustainable local honey, so did designers produced the packaging that celebrates their hard work, without stealing the spotlight. It's simple, raw, eye-catching, and modern. 

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