9 Best Nuts and Grains Packaging Designs That Elevate Food Branding

9 Best Nuts and Grains Packaging Designs That Elevate Food Branding
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Last Updated: December 08, 2023

Nuts and grains are staples of nutrition and taste, and their packaging plays a crucial role in capturing these qualities. So, we've gathered the best nuts and grains packaging designs created by the top packaging designers in this article.

Discover how an innovative and appealing packaging design can elevate these nutritional treats.

Are you looking for inspiration for your next project? You can always check our collection of the best packaging designs and take a leaf from their books.

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1. LL's Kitchen by Neighborly Creative

[Source: Neighborly Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Resealable pouch
  • Clear panel
  • Serif typography

Neighborly Creative's packaging design for LL's Kitchen features a resealable pouch, making the granola bars the perfect on-the-go snack. Its colorful packaging also makes it easy to distinguish between flavors.

The clear panel also gives consumers a sneak peek of the product and assures its quality. Lastly, serif typography adds an elegant and classic touch to the packaging and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

2. Bhutan Superfood & Herbs by Wangyel Studio

[Source: Wangyel Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Sturdy standalone pouch
  • White background
  • Use of colors for product variety

Packaging design agency Wangyel Studio's "Bhutan Superfood & Herbs" packaging design features sturdy standalone pouches with a clean, white background. This choice enhances the visibility and appeal of the products.

Also, using different colors for product variety adds vibrancy to the packaging but also aids in differentiating between various superfood and herb offerings. This design move makes each product distinct and easily recognizable for consumers.

3. ROIS CRAFT FRUITS by Modern World Studio

[Source: Modern World Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Vibrant color story
  • Resealable pouch packaging
  • Watercolor and realistic illustrations

For ROIS CRAFT FRUITS by Victoria Nuts, Modern World Studio's packaging design features vibrant color stories and resealable pouch packaging. The new design emphasizes craft texture to convey naturalness and includes high-quality images of fruits.

It divides the packaging with a dynamic line and combines watercolor illustrations of fruits and realistic images of nuts, ensuring shelf visibility and appeal. The free-hand style fonts add to the design's uniqueness.

4. Terra. Oatmeal by Vitamin Branding Agency

[Source: Vitamin Branding Agency]

Standout Features:

  • Pouch with standing box case
  • Simple and light colors
  • Clean and streamlined design

Vitamin Branding Agency showcased its innovative yet practical approach in the design for Terra. Oatmeal, a Ukrainian breakfast product. The packaging design includes a unique pouch that fits into a standing box case, combining practicality with visual appeal.

This simple and light design ensures seamless continuity from the pouch to the box, creating an elegant and unified presentation that enhances the product's appeal on shelves and in storage.

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5. PLENISH by Hannah Meur

[Source: Hannah Meur]

Standout Features:

  • Simple colors
  • Resealable cap
  • Bold, colorful typography

Designer Hannah Meur took a creative spin on PLENISH by Kara Rosen and used sleek and tall milk carton packaging with a resealable cap. This design and bold and colorful typography make the product stand out and attract new consumers.

Since 2012, Hannah's collaboration with Rosen has revamped Plenish's portfolio for better market presence, showcasing her excellent design, marketing skills, and professional commitment. They know how popular non-dairy milk products are to health-conscious people nowadays, and with the packaging design, they want to make the consumers feel elegant while drinking them.

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6. Doña Pepa by SeñorLópez

[Source: SeñorLópez]

Standout Features:

  • Standup pouch for easy stacking
  • Prominent brand logo
  • Refreshing images

SeñorLópez's packaging redesign for Doña Pepa features standalone pouches for easy stacking and full-image prints of mountains and grasslands to enhance its appeal. This rebranding targets new and existing customers by refreshing Doña Pepa's identity, a prominent rice brand in Colombia.

The design effectively communicates the product's benefits through a strong visual system, integrating colors, and photography. The prominent logo placement also strengthens brand recall. These features made this packaging design stand out from the competition.

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7. PZZ Stabilo by Krystian 'smntfl' Karpiuk

[Source: Krystian 'smntfl' Karpiuk]

Standout Features:

  • Sleek packaging
  • Bold typography
  • Varied designs per product

Krystian 'smntfl' Karpiuk's packaging design for PZZ Stabilo uses an easy yet impactful approach. The sleek packaging gives a modern and clean presentation, while bold typography makes a strong visual statement, ensuring brand recognition. Different designs and patterns exist for every variant, so it's easy for consumers to distinguish between them.

Including serving suggestions and cooking instructions adds a practical element and guides consumers, enhancing the product's overall appeal. It is particularly helpful for those buying the product for the first time.

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8. Holy Crap Cereal by Lorena Elliott Design Studio

[Source: Lorena Elliott Design Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Different colors for product variation
  • Resealable pouch
  • Impactful product serving images

Lorena Elliott Design Studio prepared this packaging design for the Canadian oatmeal brand Holy Crap Cereal. The design features different colors per product variant, making it easy for customers to identify each flavor.

The resealable pouch ensures the product's freshness and offers convenience for consumers. Occupying the right-most part of the packaging is a realistic image of the product served in a bowl. It provides an eye-catching appeal to customers while nudging them to try this delicious breakfast treat.

9. Otter Oats Granola by Lala Bower

[Source: Lala Bower]

Standout Features:

  • Wide resealable pouch
  • Nature-inspired
  • Prominent logo placement

Packaging designer Lala Bower created the packaging for Otter Oats Granola, a family-owned company from Scotts Valley committed to ocean conservation. The wide resealable pouch, nature-inspired color story, and prominent logo placement underscore the brand's dedication to nutrition and the environment.

The wave design element symbolizes the ocean, highlighting the product's positive attributes and the company's support for marine conservation through donations to Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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