6 Best Salty Snacks Packaging Designs With Impressive and Mouthwatering Visuals

6 Best Salty Snacks Packaging Designs With Impressive and Mouthwatering Visuals
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: November 04, 2022

Whether you’re grabbing a bite while watching a movie or looking for something salty and crunchy to compliment the beer you’re sipping, salty snacks are the way to go! With such extensive presence, it’s not shocking that the global snack food market was evaluated at 427.02 billion in 2020, with estimates showing only further growth in the coming years.

Snack packages are also one of the most visible canvases for designers worldwide. While the brands market their products, the designers showcase their skills across the drugstores and supermarkets’ shelves. Like painters within galleries, they’re presented with a unique opportunity to present their art through branding these packaging designs.

Relying on the looks that must comply with the brand’s identity and the customers’ aesthetic preferences, the designers connect these two sides through a unique product packaging design.

However, with such a vast market, creating something unique is difficult. But don’t worry because we’ve prepared six snack packaging designs that showcase the bold, sweet and savory stories of snack brands around the globe.

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1. Beer Snacks by Newprint

[Source: Beer Snacks]

Standout Features:

  • Cut-out window
  • Beer-bottle motif
  • Black background with nuts outlined

Beer Snacks is a brand whose name is self-explanatory – it aims to provide a crunchy partner for you when you’re enjoying a cold one. Its packaging design needed to be straightforward and associate people with beer.

Despite having a classic rectangular shape, Newprint gave this packaging a beer-bottle outline to tell customers what the product goes well with. In the center, a cut-out window offers a sneak peek of the product inside the box. This simple yet unique design offers all the vital product information on the beer bottle.

But the part that ensures you can’t miss the bottle is the pitch-black background decorated with sketches of different types of nuts.

2. DADO – Morato by Neom

[Source: DADO - Morato]

Standout Features:

  • Mediterranean vibe
  • Color-coded taste differentiation
  • Minimalist drawings of Italian landmarks

Morato Pane&Idee is a leader in the self-service bread sector that proudly reminds customers of their Italian heritage and culture in everything they do. In 2016, they developed a brand identity for the international market to convey the company’s appreciation for its Italian roots. So, they partnered with Neom to create Italian-inspired product packaging designs.

The packaging design emits a fresh Mediterranean vibe with realistic pictures of the ingredients positioned at the bottom of the packaging. Above it, there’s a white background with all the essential details on the product in question. Then, the very top of the bag is color-coded to help the brand diversify the various flavors quickly.

To emphasize the Italian origin, the designers added the country’s flag above the products’ name and minimalist illustrations of famous landmarks and flagship products, like the Colosseo or a Vespa motorcycle.

3. SNACK ARTESANAL by Doblegiro


Standout Features:

  • Black-and-white farm symbolism
  • Actual vegetable images
  • Bottom-half colored texture

Snack Artesanal represents a new line of Cuisine&Co products. This Chilean marketer wanted to emphasize the connection and gratitude to the farms, farmers and their natural products made from native potatoes.

Doublegiro made that happen by printing a local farmer figure on every packaging design to pay homage to the agricultural aspect of their products’ ingredients. The upper half of the packaging also shows a farm in the background and gives off an overall homemade impression.

The bottom half helps the consumers tell which taste it is through a single color symbolizing each flavor. To make it more interesting, these colors all have a refreshing black pattern that resembles wool cloth worn in the coziness of your grandparents’ village.

Finally, there’s real-life imagery of various vegetables printed at the center, helping customers visualize the savory treats they’re getting.

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4. Noods by Fishfinger

[Source: Noods]

Standout Features:

  • Noodle-like logotype
  • Cute hand-drawn illustrations
  • Pun humor

Noods is a startup business that wants its customers to have as much fun eating its products as it made them. The brand was looking for ways to indicate its no-preservatives policy imaginatively and playfully.

They partnered Fishfinger to deliver their message. And the agency hit the nail on the head when they came up with a visual identity heavily inspired by nostalgia and the 90’s cartoons era. The designs perfectly embody the product's USP.

In an endless field of minimalistic by-the-book designs, Noods made a statement with its playful, over-the-top design filled with numerous pen-drawn illustrations. The colors are loud, and the drawings are accompanied by pun-based humor that makes you smile and reminisce.

The childish imagination stays intact, with the logotype written in cursive and seemingly spelled out from a single noodle.

Overall, this design’s unique way of portraying a product as simple as noodles proves that you don’t have to follow the tide of time to make something special.

5. AEON – NUTS PACKAGING by Amwind Agency


Standout Features:

  • Drop shadow logotype effect
  • Nuts pattern
  • Soothing, down-to-earth design

TOPVALU (part of AEON) works to bring customers the best products. Whether it’s fresh food, cosmetics and even household goods, they follow strict Japanese standards while staying compliant with the Vietnamese lifestyle.

Amwind Agency designed their nuts packaging in a straightforward yet quality-ensuring way. The designers tailored the design according to the products: each packaging design flaunts a specific nuts pattern in the background (cashew nuts, mixed nuts, almonds and walnuts).

The logotype is eye-catching thanks to the drop shadow effect that adds a realistic, 3D feeling.

Overall, the design sends a message that anyone can enjoy it through a soothing, simple mixture of the pattern and a diagonal label across the print.

6. GhahGhaheh Chips by Irfan Designers Group

[Source: GhahGhaheh Chips]

Standout Features:

  • Glossy colors
  • Pictures of ingredients on the package design
  • Vibrant product illustrations

GhahGhaheh Chips wanted a recognizable, spot-on design for their packages. Irfan Designers Group helped them distinguish from other brands on the shelves with a bold packaging design.

Each package is glossy, making it difficult to miss. On the print, you can see illustrations depicting the product’s taste. Then there’s the product itself, spanning the design and mixing with the ingredients, tickling the customers’ imagination and inviting them to try the crispy chips.

The wordmark is written in a compelling cursive font reminiscent of Coca-Cola’s label font, possibly prompting the customer to grab this package with their soda. The design is simple yet effective, and the unified concept differentiated by various glossy colors helps build a sense of equal quality among all flavors.

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