Wine packaging is as crucial as picking suitable grapes for each bottle of wine. Aside from looking grand and sophisticated, it must be informative and interesting enough to pique the buyers' attention. 

The product itself is a complex and culture-laden experience inspired by everything showcased by its packaging, from the color of ambient down lighting to the combination of its contextual colors.

The choice of different themes and colors for each wine also has its other benefit: branding. Setting a powerful brand to wine products helps consumers identify and recognize the wine without tasting it. The label created becomes a designated hierarchy to help your brand tell the tale.

Moreover, these different wine packaging designs can set one brand apart, making it seem more luxurious or sophisticated. We present you with fifteen examples of the best wine packaging that can surely give you that refined experience!

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1. N de Cuco by estudio300sesenta

[Source: estudio300sesenta]

Standout Features:

  • Modern and monochromatic
  • On-brand classic color scheme
  • Packaging that perfectly reflects its contents

N de Cuco is an Oregon wine line by Cuckoo’s Nest Winery. Inspired by the origin story of a Cuco safeguarding the farm during the nights, they aim to show a historic and soulful bottle of wine.

To achieve this goal, estudio300sesenta elevated the packaging with a clean bottle and an on-brand classic color scheme that reflects the brand’s commitment to quantity over quality.

The agency banked on a gold and black motif, targeting and making it stand out with wine enthusiasts around the wine market.

2. Apoteo by Stefano Bracci

[Source: Stefano Bracci]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist
  • Modern design
  • Textured matte packaging

Apoteo's wine packaging designed by Stefano Bracci is simple and significant. The product comes in a black or white label decorated with a vine-inspired texture, making it look exquisite even from afar.

This design move gives the product a high-quality image that elevates it from the competition. The amber glass bottle transcends a striking definition of a perfect balance between simplicity and elegance.

Stefano Bracci aims to establish a minimal yet impactful design across his projects. And he did it magnificently in Apoteo.

3. Polymi by Outtolunch

[Source: Outtolunch]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist approach
  • Symbolic
  • An homage to tradition

Polymi is a brand that gives emphasis on the wine creation process in Greece. They touched base with design agency Outtolunch to devise packaging that presents this story.

The result? A symbolic and beautiful packaging.

Sitting in the front center of the product label is a minimalist design of a glass of wine that also looks like a smile. This simple design gives a positive feeling upon seeing the bottle while depicting the traditional winemaking process.

This clever use of branding and logo design brought the story of Polymi to life, immersing the customer in the old times while they sip on their glass of wine.

4. Domaine Du Bourrian by Max Lippolis

[Source: Max Lippolis]

Standout Features:

  • Family generation-theme
  • Inspired by history
  • Meaningful design

The Domaine produces some of the most acclaimed wines in the world, and its portfolio of red, white, rosé and sparkling wines has won dozens of consumers’ tastes for years. However, they struggled to create a strong brand identity.

They teamed up with designer Max Lippolis to create a design that would align with the winery’s vision.

The agency transformed the brand grandeur into simple yet enchanting icons of the sea, vineyard lines, the domain and the hills.

Using connotative symbols, Max Lippolis created an instantly recognizable brand that would resonate with its customers. He perfectly portrayed the French family-owned winery through the black, white and gold color story.

5. Philoktitis by


Standout Features:

  • Roman-inspired
  • Clean and minimalist
  • Symbolic

Named by the ancient king bitten by a poisonous snake and healed by washing his wound with red wine, Philoktitis deserves an equally interesting packaging design.

And design agency delivered!

They incorporated the label design from ancient Greek pottery and featured a minimalist illustration of a snake wrapped around a wine glass. They then used a muted color palette to create a sophisticated and elegant look that would appeal to wine lovers.

The new packaging has helped the winery stand out on shelves and has been well-received by customers immediately!

6. Arvad by Rita Rivotti

[Source: Rita Rivotti]

Standout Features:

  • Traditional themes
  • A nod to the Phoenician culture
  • Symbolic illustrations

Arvad's branding is rooted in the Phoenician ancestors’ trading stories in the Mediterranean Sea. The brand has lived up to its name, molding a safe and calm experience for its consumers.

The packaging design created by Rita Rivotti screams authenticity to the brand story. The agency concocted a wine packaging inspired by the rich art and culture of the Phoenicians. They used their alphabet to create beautiful, unique labels that will set Arvad wine apart from the competition.

The bottles are capped with clay to eternalize this ancient civilization and bring their riches into the present.

Overall, this playful yet intricate design has given Rivotti and Arvad recognition beyond expectations!

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7. Maldito Perne by Javier Garduno 

[Source: Javier Garduno]

Standout Features:

  • Musical inspired theme
  • Cultural
  • Distinct design

The new wine from Bodega Bigardo is called Maldito Parné and bears derived from the lyrics of a famous copla song María de la O.

To represent this, Javier Garduno incorporated elements that match these old-fashioned songs. Inspired by Maria de la O's melodies, the main label has an entire die-cut red stamping comb with its shape and inside parts.

There’s also a lace around the top edge, giving attention without being overbearing or too flashy for those who prefer less showy designs.

The agency added a collar with an elegant carnation as the final touch to give this unique bottle plenty of personality!

8. Malbec by Dispenser Studio

[Source: Dispenser Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Lines and Illusions
  • Monochromatic color story
  • Modern design

Dispenser Studio perfectly executed and illusion-themed branding on Malbec’s wine packaging through the playful use of line art.

Malbec is a winery originating from the Côteaux du Tricastin in France. Their wine is extracted from the purple-colored grape variety called Malbec.

The agency used optical illusions to make it appear like the wine bottles were floating in mid-air. This type of line playing creates a unique and memorable experience for consumers and it helps to differentiate the wine from other brands. Dispenser Studio's work demonstrates the power of creative packaging to engage consumers and create an emotional connection with a product!

9. Navarra by Leonardo Recalcati

[Source: Leonardo Recalcati]

Standout Features:

  • Good storytelling
  • Idealism
  • Identity-driven line

The visual identity project for Tenute Navarra was born out of a dream.

Since its inception in 1936, Totò Navarra has envisioned an elegant bottle to represent his successful life as a businessman-entrepreneur.

Leonard Recalcalti wanted to create something that represented earthly perfection, beauty and humanity.

His idea behind today’s new branding effort enables them to see and feel what it meant “to be tenutivo" (good hands).

10. Vinum by 43'oz

[Source: 43'oz]

Standout Features:

  • Elegant
  • Feminine
  • Contemporary

Vinum Estate sparkling wine is a premium product. Design agency 43'oz lived up to the brand image and created a luxurious design for this wine product.

Since Vinum Estate is known for sparkling wines, the agency took this inspiration for this rebranding project and used a unique dot symbol as the label design. The shape of this product takes on a particular form when viewed from above as it mirrors not only its logo but also creates an endless loop as if looking at yourself through rose-tinted glasses.

This design move has emphasized the sophistication and exclusivity of this luxury drink.

11. Vermouth by Al Margen

[Source: Al Margen]

Standout Features:

  • Creative use of lines and shapes
  • Culture-centric
  • Historical design

Al Margen's vermouth wine packaging is based on traditional Spanish design with a modern twist. The bottles are made of glass with metal labels and stoppers. These labels are printed with intricate designs, and the corks are sealed with wax. Each bottle is unique, drawing inspiration from .0Spanish culture and architecture.

Vermouth’s wine packaging is minimalist, modern, and eye-catching. Its sleek lines and simple colors of the wine bottles make them stand out on the shelf, and the labels are designed to be easy to read and understand.

The wine is available in three varieties: white, red and rosé. Each wine is made with a different blend of herbs and spices, resulting in a unique flavor profile. White vermouth is light and refreshing, with notes of citrus and herbs; red vermouth is rich and full-bodied, with spices and floral aromas; and rosé vermouth is fruity and aromatic, with hints of vanilla. No matter which variety you choose, Al Margen's vermouth is sure to add a touch of class to your next gathering. Cheers!

12. Stina by Bruketa&Zinic&Grey

[Source: Bruketa&Zinic&Grey]

Standout Features:

  • Classic
  • Nature-themed design
  • White and Cold color story

White and stone are the two elements that inspired the creation of the classic Stina. Bruketa&Zinic&Grey did not disappoint in the packaging design department. The agency created a modern, clean look by sticking to a traditional wine glass bottle combined with white packaging.

There are two classic looks for wine packaging that always stand out: glass bottles with white labels and stone-colored boxes. The latter is usually associated with expensive wines, while the former has a more down-to-earth, approachable feel. The Croatia-based design studio went with the luxurious packaging design for this project.

They kept the label simple and clean, using a classic wine glass bottle combined with white packaging. The result is a modern take on a classic look that will stand out on store shelves.

13. Mikros Taraxias by Naivdesign

[Source: Naivdesign]

Standout Features:

  • Colorful labels
  • Playful Illustration
  • Embossed typography

Packaging design for Thalassinos Microwinery, courtesy of Naivdesign, is a thing of beauty. The Greek, white and rose wine opts for a subtle, simplistic label that hides sophisticated elements which make it truly stand out in the industry.

In fact, each Mikros Taraxias wine is adorned with a charming, on-brand illustration of a young boy (stickman) full of joy and a custom, embossed typography in order to join an optical and tasteful sense.

14. Hessischer Landtagswein by Ela Gabriela

[Source: Ela Gabriela]

Standout Features:

  • Characteristic design
  • Gold accents
  • Ambiguous

When you think thinks of a parliament, he thinks of the Plenary hall, or "the room of decisions". While each one (in Europe that is) opts for a similar design, the plenary of the Hessian State Parliament has a distinctly recognizable shape. It is round, according to the principle "Democracy needs transparency".

The concept of the. Hessischer Landtagswein or Hessian State Parliament wine label, designed by Ela Gabriela is based on its architectural namesake. The circular seating arrangement with a characteristic ceiling made up of many layers of circles is combined in a graphic, resulting in an interesting, eye-catching effect with different printing methods.

It's simple, evocative, minimalistic and most importantly, a pleasure to look at while sipping its delicious content.

15. Brutia by Miguel Diez

[Source: Miguel Diez]

Standout Features:

  • Characteristic design
  • Gold accents
  • Ambiguous

Brutia is a special kind o wine from Pinea Wine. Its name was inspired directly by the pines (Pinus Brutia) surrounding the vineyards and the winery in the heart of Spain’s legendary Ribera del Duero region.

Pinea founders realized that their true calling was to use nature and the magnificent characteristics of the land to produce one of the best wines in the world. For Brutia to become worthy of this title, they approached Miguel Diez to "vinify" the perfect identity poured into striking packaging that pulls from the same renowned roots.

The agency imagined and designed a crafted “B” letter by cutting and molding small pieces of pine bark. The crafted design of the label communicates the raw essence of the pines and the spirit that intoxicates every single grape.

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