7 Best Animal Packaging Designs

7 Best Animal Packaging Designs
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Last Updated: April 11, 2023

Pets mean more than just animals living with you at home. They’re family. And being part of the family, they deserve nothing less than pure affection and care.

Considering this, fur parents are often the type of market not easily swayed by products' visual panache. They scrutinize each brand and make sure they’re buying the best for their lovely fur babies. Tapping into this niche market is not a walk in the park, but the packaging design companies behind these packaging "treats" went beyond attractive visual branding to connect with the audience.

With the help of top branding agencies, these seven best animal packaging designs reached the hearts of every fur parent, making them patrons of products specially made for their precious ones.

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1. Buggy Bix by Percept

Best Animal Packaging Designs
[Source: Percept]

Standout Features:

  • Clear and intelligible icons
  • Minimalist design
  • Friendly color palette

Buggy Bix is an Australian company that caters to pet dogs. The brand teamed up with Percept, a Sydney-based design agency focused on brand identity. As a result, the tandem formulated a design strategy that reflects the brand’s personality, giving the packaging unique aesthetic elements.

The first order of business is making sure that the packaging sports clear and intelligible icons. This is an important feat of any product branding and the agency did a stellar job here. They kept the icons clean, simple, and easily understandable. Parallel to each icon is a brief text about its claim.

Since their dog treats are insect-based, the agency decided to incorporate some illustrations of insects on the packaging as well. This move is an intelligent way to instantly communicate the contents of the pack among viewers.

Another clever design move is the agency’s use of several shapes to produce a subtle image of a dog, bringing a more organic look overall.

Several iterations of the logo and color combination match each of the Buggy Bix flavors: orange, purple, and green.

The animal packaging design wraps everything up nicely. It’s simple and lively enough to sustain a fresh look every time you see it. Also, using friendly fonts and color palette glues everything together. And the minimalist approach just solidified its witty design.

2. ProVet by FDESIGN

Pet Packaging ideas
[Source: FDESIGN]

Standout Features:

  • Striking streaks of colors
  • Simple and legible
  • Distinct icons per product

It’s often a challenge to deviate from the norm, especially when most medicine and veterinary products often have plain designs. But FDESIGN took this head-on when they worked on the ProVet packaging design.

As a well-established Polish veterinary medicine wholesaler, they needed a fresh look while keeping it professional.

The three primary products of the brand feature a unique color scheme each. The agency strategically used bright colors and laid them flat on clean white background for a striking effect.

Using a white background and providing plenty of whitespaces associated with medical products brings an essence of freshness, modernity, and convenience to the design. The supportive colors of the geometric patterns complement the clean look of the packaging.

Although the logos and the graphics remain the same, the geometric pattern design varies for each product variant, helping the buyers differentiate them easily. Another distinction is the unique icon placed above the product name that represents a certain body part or organ it’s good for.

3. The Good Boy by Andrea Ayensa

Animal Packaging Design
[Source: Andrea Ayensa]

Standout Features:

  • Polished monochromatic scheme
  • Minimalist dog illustrations
  • Authentic typeface on order boxes

The Good Boy, as the name suggests, is a pet food product made of good (and natural) ingredients. And Andrea Ayensa, a creative art director based in Barcelona, made this USP stand out excellently through its brand design strategy.

While we are used to colorful products in the pet products space, the designer took a different route and surprised everyone with a well-executed black-and-white theme.

All assets from packaging to marketing collaterals follow a consistent look. Its monochromatic concept matched with tasteful typography and minimalist illustrations definitely elevated the brand image.

This “less is more” aesthetic pushes the idea by stripping things down to the bare essentials. Everything is easy to read and free from distracting attributes that could steer customers away from the products.

The bare dog illustration works well with the authentic typeface as well. Illustrated through a pen-like drawing style, this bare dog element sports different poses – a subtle way to add variations to the design.

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4. Pure Love Dog Food by ROYALTRI

[Source: Pure Love Dog Food]

Standout Features:

  • Attractive color palette
  • Soft and rounded typeface
  • Cardboard-like container

Pure Love Dog Food produces the best raw dog food today. It’s a business venture that aspires to share the benefits of raw dog food with your beloved pets.

Special products like these need special branding. Good thing ROYALTRI, a web and branding agency, was ready to deliver. This collaboration gave birth to a packaging design that mirrors the idea of pure love for pets.

Essentially, the naturalistic approach resulted in an impressive brand identity. The dog food is packed in an eco-friendly container with different labels for each variation. Its colorful labels are attached to the lid of the container. Looking at them side by side reminds us of a box of crayons. It instantly captures plenty of attention without looking too sophisticated.

The light brown cardboard-like container thrives under the color palette. The design agency used red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, and green labels that match each flavor. If this works well with products you see in the groceries, ROYALTRI shows us that it can adapt to the pet owner market as effectively.

Also, the subtle illustrations of various vegetables act as a frame around Pure Love’s logo, adding to the packaging’s aesthetics.

Lastly, everything is typed in an elegant white font color that adds a lighter feel to the label. The agency used a soft and rounded typeface that does well in highlighting the product features.

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5. Frankie & Friends by Boxer & Co.

Best Animal Packaging Design
[Source: Boxer & Co.]

Standout Features:

  • Modern art style
  • Colorful illustrations
  • Nature-inspired theme

Frankie & Friends is a one-stop shop for all your pet needs. The playful image of its products is well-represented, thanks to the Boxer & Co. team. Together, they executed a design that takes over the pet product space, featuring a range of items that link up with consumers and eventually, a larger market.

The branding idea for Frankie & Friends features very playful visuals. The agency presented the cartoon-like illustrations in a quirky way by combining a series of shapes until an animal figure is formed.

Since the agency needed to execute a visual branding that embodies a wide variety of pet care products for different animals, they made sure that the visuals remained consistent among all collaterals.

In all their marketing assets, they placed the animal graphics in their natural environment. Beautiful flora backdrops for the birds and deep blue water for fish-related items.

That said, everything maintains the modern art style and goes well with the animal illustrations. This also provides a simple background story that’s relevant to the product and the featured animal it serves. Everything put together creates a definite architecture for the brand.

As for the typography, the labels are as straightforward as it gets. Only the brand “Frankie & Friends” features a different font, while the rest of the text maintains a single font in white.

Another thing we love about their animal packaging design is the box window feature that lets customers peek through the contents of the packaging. Below this window are icons and text claims that state the product’s benefits and nutritional content.

6. Mitch&Me by Jekyll & Hyde

pet food packaging design
[Source: Jekyll & Hyde]

Standout Features:

  • Instagram-inspired layout
  • User-generated graphics
  • Clean and relatable feel

Advertising and design agency Jekyll & Hyde pulled off an interesting campaign for a pet shampoo brand, Mitch&Me. The partnership turned out to cultivate one of the most distinctive marketing strategies around the globe.

The agency introduced a new way of product packaging. As the brand’s co-founder would put it, this campaign transcends advertising, design, and packaging. It’s a reflection of time.

This is where the customers play a role for the brand. They take part in a campaign that integrates social media posts and product labels. The strategy serves as a two-way street for both the business and its consumers.

Followers of Mitch&Me’s Instagram account got a chance to be part of the packaging. The concept calls for user-generated images showing pet owners playing with their pets. These images are displayed on the shampoo bottles while adapting an Instagram-inspired layout. The clean and white background gives it a relatable feel, while the UGC images provide a customized feel for the product.

Given the popular trend of people taking funny, creative, and lovely photos of their beloved furry companions, the agency incorporated these images on the label, adding an organic approach to the brand.

This campaign hits two birds with one stone: developing a unique way to market the brand and urging the customers to buy more to be featured. Check out the best animal rescue apps and website designs.

7. GivePet by Whiskey Design

dog food packaging design
[Source: GivePet]

Standout features:

  • Fun illustrations
  • Vibrant colors
  • Noble mission plastered on the packaging

GivePet’s mission is for shelter dogs to feel as special as possible until they find their “furever” homes. For every bag of treats they sell, they offer the same premium delicacies to shelters to share.

Every doggo deserves a little spoiling but this cycle of sharing needed equally premium packaging. Enter Whiskey Design!

While quality is front and center, or rather within and outside of every box, it’s the originality that makes it stand out. The agency shunned your typical “happy” dog running on a serene grassy field that adorns almost every other dog food packaging design on the market.

Instead, they’ve created custom, fun illustrations and paired them with vibrant colors and the brand’s main promise. The result? A treat for the eyes!

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