6 Best Environmental Ads and Brand Designs With Compelling CTAs

6 Best Environmental Ads and Brand Designs With Compelling CTAs
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: June 30, 2023

This article explores some of the best environmental ads and brand designs created by some of the best advertising experts today.

With many people recognizing the importance of environmental conservation, efforts are rising to inform others of the benefits and consequences of our actions regarding ecological awareness. The best print designs, video, and branding educates and attracts people's attention. Like the ads in this list, they are instrumental in spreading helpful information on how we should save our environment.

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1. Carbon Neutral Indiana Book by Rachel Leigh

[Source: Rachel Leigh]

Standout Features:

  • Bold typography
  • Eye-friendly visuals
  • Creative illustrations

Book covers need to be visually attractive to get people’s attention. Rachel Leigh’s design for Carbon Neutral Indiana’s book cover is an excellent example, featuring creative illustrations to catch the readers’ attention from the start.

The guidebook contains tips and tricks on reducing your carbon footprint, and the cover features a man in a kneeling position, looking like he's getting ready to run or plant. The bold font style is also perfect for readability and complements the pleasing visuals of the cover.

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2. Stop the Sewage by Lake House Creative

[Source: Lake House Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Impactful design
  • Big, bold letters
  • Lake outline

Branding firm Lake House Creative created a stunningly impactful billboard ad for Stop the Sewage, a movement calling for the end of disposing of harmful elements down England’s largest lake.

The ad features part of the lake’s outline seemingly filled with green liquid, with the words STOP THE SEWAGE written on the left side of the ad. Set on a black background, this highlights the figure of the lake and instills a sense of urgency for the people to save Lake Windemere from becoming ecologically dead.

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3. The Ocean and Plastics | Ad Campaign Concept by The Process Design Co.

[Source: The Process Design Co.]

Standout Features:

  • Crime scene-inspired
  • Vivid photos
  • Simple layout

The Process Design Co. took cues from crime scenes to create a powerful poster ad design for The Ocean and Plastics, an environmental group focusing on protecting the seas from plastic pollution.

They associated white chalk marks with the poster ad design, outlining different marine animals and showing how harmful plastics can be to the sea. The vivid photo of the ocean serves as a backdrop for the poster, and the simple layout delivers the message and its call to action clearly and effectively.

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4. New Species - (Francisco Telleria) by Six Living Hats

Standout Features:

  • Powerful use of words
  • Smooth transitions
  • Moving plastic bottles

Six Living Hats promoted Francisco Telleria's upcoming collection, entitled “New Species,” showing how plastic waste can damage the waters and the ecosystems in it for short and long-term periods. They used smooth transitions that also sent a unique message.

The video has text with the underwater as a backdrop, eventually transitioning to the ocean slowly filling with plastic waste. This shifts to footage of plastics swirling in blue waters and three plastic bottles moving like fishes. The effective use of words to inform the viewers gives off a chilling impact, leaving the audience with the urge to take action.

5. World Environment Day 2020 by Altois Digital

[Source: Altois Digital]

Standout Features:

  • Fish wearing a mask
  • Bold typography
  • A cool and calming color story

Due to the pandemic, people were required to wear face masks to protect themselves from the virus. However, what happens to the masks after using them is a different story, and that’s what Altois Digital relayed to the people in this World Environment Day 2020 poster.

The poster features a fish with a mask covering most of its face and the words “WE NEED MASKS, THEY DON'T” printed on top. The contrast between the relaxing white and blue colors and the urgent message makes people rethink how they dispose of their used face masks to save the animals.

6. What Goes In The Sea Goes In Me by MO Photo-graphic

[Source: MO Photo-graphic]

Standout Features:

  • Assertive CTA slogans
  • Informative facts
  • Minimalist and impactful visuals

MO Photo-graphic's design for the What Goes In The Sea Goes In Me campaign hits hard with its compelling CTA slogans like "Don't Waste My Future."

These assertive phrases get under the skin. They urge viewers to contemplate the urgency of environmental conservation. Accompanied by concise fact strips, the CTA is an informative wake-up call.

The design capitalizes on minimalism, featuring realistic images against a plain white background. This intensifies the message's impact through its stark use of white space.

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