Major Products Website Design

Major Products Offers a Major Difference to the Food Market Industry’s Online Presence

The key ingredient that separates your regular food joint from the top-rated chefs worldwide? Tradition.

Since 1951, The DeRose family nurtured a diligent work ethic to maintain strict quality standards that bring value and consistency to sharing global flavors to the market. Connection, collaboration and rich experiences are essential seasonings of success — and that is why Major Products has become a leading food manufacturer of soup bases, stocks, flavor systems, gravies, bouillon cubes and sauces for more than 70 years.

Major Products website design, masterfully prepared by LForm Design, reflects all these values and more, as every online “dish” should.

Many people know how to boil pasta or design a website in this case. But fixing a “meal” that will lodge its unique taste into the target audiences’ collective palates is another story altogether.

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Mouth-watering visuals

Major Products Website Design Is a Treat to All the Senses

Creating kick-ass custom websites is deeply rooted in LForm Design’s DNA but the agency transcended the usual, albeit pristine service by infusing the Major Project’s website with a pleasant aroma that emanates through the screen.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves — there is no revolutionary technology enabling you to sniff these mouth-watering dishes. But by scrolling down the homepage, we’d say it is close!

The website perfectly mirrors the company’s pride, products and main USP: a wide selection of carefully picked, often locally sourced, high-quality spices, mixes, bases, etc. The focus on product quality is evident in every step of the user journey. In fact, it aims to turn user experience into something palatable. And what a tasty meal that is!

Besides the juicy visual appeal, every product is elegantly placed above an informative piece of copy that keeps prospective customers engaged, educating them along the way.

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Streamlined navigation menu

The Website’s Main Appeal Lies in Its Secret Ingredient: Simple and Intuitive Design

An effective food website has the luxury of being simple. It doesn’t have to be spectacular, rely on fancy motion graphics or effects. However, it needs rich imagery to sate the audience’s hunger.

Branding is another important component as it helps businesses communicate and connect with their visitors.

Major Products website design is steaming proof that less is more! Just like the company’s products, you don’t have to look far to find something you like — it's everything you need and more.

The website is as organic as the products it promotes. Just like in the art of cooking, sometimes easy does it and LForm Design carefully quantified each element/ingredient to achieve perfect equilibrium — not too salty, not too sweet.

The sticky navigation menu helps users breeze through every page, be it the product catalog or the book of recipes. The agency made the website minimal and intuitive but retained the brand’s distinctive personality in every corner.

Recipes all around!

Major Products Website Proves To Be the Perfect Chef’s Base For Recipes and More

It seems like only a few years ago that every household hid a treasured cookbook passed from generation to generation, referred to (from) time and time again. With the expansion of, well, the internet, these became scarcer or just completely abandoned.

Some, however, managed to jump into new media seamlessly and transform from family heirlooms to an online go-to place for tasty recipes. And the DeRose family kindly shared their treasure.

Besides its brand offerings, Major Products website design offers both professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts a clean platform and numerous recipes to flex their culinary prowess.

Not only will you get a clearer idea of how to utilize the company’s products, but you will also find whatever your heart, or rather your stomach, desires. To better categorize them, LForm introduced a convenient recipe filter so you can select them according to the type of meal, ingredients and individual dietary needs.

This exciting duality of stunning and useful content creates a streamlined and seamless experience that’s customizable, familial and creative which is exactly why this website is laureled with DesighRush’s Best Website Design award!

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