Ron Arad Top Web Design Homepage

Ron Arad is a design firm dedicated to a number of art styles. Their website design's homepage doubles as a preview of their gallery. Using a variety of photographs from the different mediums the company specializes in, a grid is put together to create the background of the website.

The photographs used in the even grid show off the company’s projects and double these images as hyperlinks, letting potential customers investigate them at their will.

The eclectic collection is combined with a creative menu showcasing the company’s talent in digital design. It depicts a combination of various speech bubbles and labels. Each bubble is presented in a flat color with a scrawling font.

To take a look at Ron Arad’s portfolio, when a site visitor clicks on a photograph of interest, a pop-up window appears over the background. Using a combination of white and gray to create negative space, the portfolio piece changes to a split-screen to display the important parts of the project.

To the left side, Ron Arad puts together a scroll of product photographs to showcase each aspect of the company’s creation.

The right side, which is significantly smaller in size, summarizes the project using a sans-serif font. Within this right side, the company tags the project with the specialty--creatively enough, the tag uses the same flat graphics pulled from the menu option.

The use of pop-up windows continues as Ron Arad uses a window to pull up the various news articles that have been written about the company.

Within the pop-up window, the company employs the contrasting white background with a black font to create a table where potential clients can download articles to read off the internet. The table--made without any borders--coordinates dates with article names and needs a scroll option for potential clients to see all pieces added.

Overall, Ron Arad's engaging website design is informative and immersive, pulling users into their work with ease.

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