Opera De Paris Adopt a Chair Awesome Homepage

The Opera de Paris is one of the most beloved opera houses in the world. Its intrinsic design, historical paintings, and gorgeous architecture has made it one of the most esteemed music halls we’ve ever known. Their website uses a modernist approach to design, while incorporating the baroque feel of the opera house itself.

Minimalism is a common theme throughout the website, which is immediately evident on the landing page. The translucent, red background is juxtaposed against a full screen image backdrop of the opera house.

The introductory page has a clean line of symmetry, making it visually appealing, and it brings attention to the call to action button at the bottom of the page: “Discover the Campaign.” The website uses a serif typeface with bold letters to enhance the UI and UX of the website.

Opera De Paris Adopt a Chair Awesome Website Design

The home page plays opera music, while the background is filled with a video clip of the opera house. Similar to the intro page, the video is faded by a translucent red overlay, which doesn’t distract users from the overall goal of exploring the website. This concept is an ingenious use of UI and UX applications, giving users a sense of movement throughout their exploration.

Opera De Paris Adopt a Chair Awesome Gallery Design

At the bottom of the home page, viewers can click on the menu button to open a full screen, side-scroll navigation bar. The side-scroll menu is numbered on the left side of the image, and it uses a bold, serif typeface header. The background image changes to correspond with the side-scroll image, which simplifies sitemap navigation for users.

Opera De Paris Adopt a Chair Awesome Website Design

The “Choose Your Chair” page allows users to see an illustrated version of the opera house and directly select their seating arrangement. This feature is a great use of UX because it allows users to interact with the illustration at their command. It uses a dark background and a parallax-inspired format to pull the images to the foreground. There’s also a side menu that simplifies the process of navigating through the site.

Opera de Paris’ website is a beautifully crafted design. It’s an innovative website that brings visitors to the famed opera house without ever having to leave their home.

Opera De Paris Adopt a Chair is an awesome website design in the Arts & Recreation industry.