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Portion’s Single-Page Website Simplifies It’s Complex, Blockchain-Based Auction Services

Portion is an online auction house that's built on blockchain technology. And this hearty, technical backbone gives the brand the ability to protect its clients’ digital assets through a powerful and robust system of tokens, chains and protective barriers.

It’s a highly innovative brand leveraging the world’s emerging technologies to solve a very poignant problem in the digital sphere. And it does so with simplicity and efficiency so that anyone can feel comfortable interacting with the brand, knowing their goods are protected.

And considering this platform is based entirely on the web, the team at Portion knew that a comprehensive online destination was imperative in order to attract clients and align itself as a brand that could be trusted.

And this design doesn’t disappoint.

The Portion website is a simple design, created in a single-page format that leads users down the page with ease and efficiency. A clever system of graphics and images makes it easy for users to learn about the company, its services and how the entire process works.

It’s a serene and captivating design that puts a heavy emphasis on simplicity, condensing a large amount of complex information into clever imagery and intuitive movement. And these elements really bring the design to life, adding a context overall that is much more approachable and absorbable to the average user who may not have as much extensive knowledge about blockchain technologies as other do.

With the use of timelines, content cards, crafty auction animations and more, users can get an instant feel about what this site is all about and how it works. And the clean, intuitive and engaging organization of it all further clarifies the brand’s sophisticated goals.

The elegance here is refined and enchanting, making for an exciting user experience from beginning to end.

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Portion Top Website Design

Clever Animated Graphics Lead Users Along Their Journey Through The Portion Site

The simplicity and elegance of the Portion site make it a breeze to navigate, simply scrolling your mouse to find the next informative section and learn more about this brand and its comprehensive services.

But there’s also an element of excitement that comes from the overall aesthetic and the graphics that dance along the screen. And this movement actually drives you to act as well, forcing you to scroll and learn more about this online auction house.

The overall vibe of this site is majestic and regal. It’s made up of a dark blue and cream color palette that instantly gives off an edge of authority, loftiness and prestige. This makes you innately trust this brand and everything it has to offer.

But in addition to that, there are luxurious gold elements that further elevate this to a state of pure enchantment. And it’s these gold accents that add motion and urgency.

These gold images move as you watch — they are created to look like an auction house, with lines moving along like it’s on a journey. The movement moves down the page, forcing you to follow these gold lines down the pages as well.

In some instances, these images move around — like a gavel making a final sale and tokens falling in to represent a purchase. These add a playfulness and context to the overall situation.

But this downward movement of most of these gold accents really leads users down the page and to further information about this digital service.

And it does so, so subtly and so beautifully that you can’t help but be captivated by it all.

Portion Stunning Website Design

Intuitive Imagery Brings Clarity And Context To The Digital Platform

In addition to the creative gold elements that work to create a sense of urgency and propel people to further investigate this web design, the images themselves certainly stand out and add clarity to the brand as a whole.

When you first land on the site, you might not instinctively know what you’re looking at or what you’re interacting with. There are elements that make you think this is a tech site, but the images themselves tell a different story.

These images, right off the bat, take on the form of an auction house fit with pieces of art, gavels and more. You instantly know there’s something here that has to do with collectibles to some degree, and this immediately adds context to your experience as you move.

Further illustrations simplify the complex process of how this blockchain technology works. It shows you how these tokens can be used to make verified purchases, how these purchases are tracked, stored and protected, how you can access them and more. Simple illustrations and animation make it that much easier to understand the complexity of blockchain technology and how it’s being used outside of cryptocurrency in this situation to keep your goods safe.

Not everyone is a tech expert — and considering this is geared toward collectors of art and other memorabilia, blockchain technology might not be their forte. But these sophisticated illustrations help bring approachability and friendliness to the design which makes it easier to interact with and trust.

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Portion Dynamic Website Design

Comprehensive Yet Concise Textual Content Informs Users In A Beautiful And Succinct Way

We’ve talked about the playful and creative elements of this website that make it easy to engage with, understand and follow. And these elements are vital for a complex service that might need further clarification for most audiences.

But we can’t forget about the importance of good text.

In this design, there is plenty of informative blocks of content in the form of text cards and timelines that further inform the users as they scroll. And the beauty of this text content is its clarity and accessibility.

The brand keeps each section short, sweet and to the point. It isn’t too in-depth. It isn’t jam-packed with technical jargon. It doesn’t take up entire sections and overload the page with hard-to-follow words. It sits almost as a background courtesy. It offers some more insights into these services but offers just enough to give a general idea and backs off to let the images work their magic.

That was a clever design choice, which could have ended in a design that lacked enough information to make a powerful statement. But instead, it really worked and aided in instilling within visitors a confidence that their assets were safe.

Portion Sophisticated Website Design

What Is Portion?

Portion is a blockchain-based digital auction house that helps individuals protect their online assets through certified blockchain technology. It gives consumers peace of mind that the data and goods they buy online through this platform are safe, secure and under lock and key.

It’s a brand that has an artistic and cultural side — it’s an auction house, after all. And it honed in on the emerging opportunities of blockchain to create an online platform for people to buy, sell and protect their collections.

According to Portion:

Art & Collectibles now live digitally. Portion’s smart contracts and distributed tech links physical and digital creations to unique tokens creating scarcity and value. A platform without fees unites creators and collectors. Portion allows anyone to be a collector. For the first time, manage your physical and digital assets in one place, and exchange crypto for collectibles.

This is a digital destination geared towards those who might not have the most technical backbone, but luckily the brand anticipated that and created a design that simplified the whole process, providing stunning clarity and context through a visual display that captivates the second you land on the page.

Portion is the future of online auctions, and it’s the future of blockchain technology. If blockchain can be used for this initiative, it can be used for countless others.

And this design balances that progressive ingenuity in the technical sphere with the beauty and culture of the auction market majestically.

Portion Informative Website Design

The Power Of Simple Website Design In Complex Industries

The Portion website is a stunning display of simplicity in action. This digital auction house utilizes a streamlined, single-page layout to elegantly inform users about its complex services without overwhelming or confusing.

With the help of a regal and authoritative color palette, this brand screams confidence and trustworthiness right from the get-go. And its luxurious, gold illustrations further give the brand a chic edge.

But the movement of these illustrations is what leads users on their journey, with more imagery providing context, clarity and a playfulness that makes the brand one that’s easy to connect with and approach.

Similarly, the textual blocks of content that live on this design inform the users about the innovative use of blockchain technologies without going overboard and providing too much info for the average users.

All of these elements combine to create a powerfully robust online platform that consumers can trust and feel confident about. This brand is there to help you buy and sell your goods with an Ethereum and IPFS backbone that is strong, stunning and futuristic.

And it looks so enchanting while it does it.

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