US Foods Menu Amazing Homepage

US Foods is one of the largest food service distributors in USA. Among many services that they provide, this site is dedicated only for one service -- custom menu design. They asked Blue Fountain Media to help them redesign their website, to create a new and modern look.

It’s a step-by-step customizable menu, where restaurants can have their logo, own images or any other brand elements incorporated in it. 

This fullscreen image with large title and call to actions buttons doesn't have any distracting elements and is really strong. The main navigation is hidden at this point, which forces us to scroll down and see the rest of the page.

US Foods Menu Realistic-looking Elements

Below there are some realistic-looking paper elements, that create more friendly and approachable look.

US Foods Menu Website Design (slide 3)

When scrolling down, the main navigation starts to be sticky and follow us at all times, that helps navigate the site at any point. 

US Foods Menu Amazing Forms Design

Another great example of login and registration page and how these functionalities can be combined together, keeping visibility and a nice design at the same time.

US Foods Menu Amazing About Page

This is a landing page explaining the process of ordering custom menu. There are full-width images that add a very modern look and feel.

US Foods Menu is an amazing website design in the Advertising, Food & Beverage and Professional Services industries.