15 Best Construction Website Designs in 2023

15 Best Construction Website Designs in 2023
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: March 20, 2023

What makes a good construction website? Although the concrete answer is open to interpretation, the process of web design & development is fairly similar to the construction itself. Just ask some of the most renowned web design professionals out there.

Construction companies opting for robust websites aren’t satisfied with a mere online presence. Those specializing in home designs and improvements worthy of magazine covers require more than an informative about us and contact page(s).

Just look at the best construction website designs that wow audiences with their masterful, stylish presentations and vast portfolios of beautiful, crisp imagery from different projects.

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1. P Chapman Construction by Groundnation

best construction website designs
[Source: P Chapman Construction]

Standout Features

  • Rotating properties slideshow
  • 360˚walkaround videos
  • Sticky menu navigation

Cornwall-based construction company, P Chapman Construction delivers high-end projects, from luxury one-off houses to affordable homes. All building projects present their own individual challenges – no two are ever the same.

The company’s website built by Groundnation from the ground up echoes this challenge and morphs it with their original approach.

From the moment you land on the P Chapman Construction page, you get treated to a rotating slideshow of some of their best works. The prominent selection reflects the company’s experience that covers all aspects of construction: new and traditional builds, conversions, extensions, refurbishment and development, eco-buildings and more.

Aside from the minimal, clean layout and appropriately professional color choice, the website wows the audience with its video section, primarily 360˚ videos that give you an opportunity to digitally stroll through P Chapman Construction’s vast portfolio.

2. Kenham by The Big A Limited

best construction website design
[Source: Kenham]

Standout Features

  • Animated homepage
  • Smooth transitions and hover highlights
  • On-brand colorful accents

Kenham Building Ltd is a high-end construction company from London nurturing high standards to elevate every project it tackles — from super-prime residential to hotels and retail, they are known to provide impeccable service.

Kenham’s website, designed by The Big A Limited aims to reflect not only the company’s values but the innovative, unordinary approach that differentiates them from the oversaturated market.

The agency behind the design understood that most premium construction companies opt for an imposing, professional outlook that, while emanating excellence and competency, lose the personal, human connection with their respective audience.

The clean, flat design of the homepage is perfectly complemented with the attention-grabbing animated feature (cinemagraph - steaming sink). The luxurious interior right from the get-go seems more “homey” or “lived-in” if you will.

The initial emotional connection is further boosted with colorful highlights and optimistic messaging. The whole website design construction is simple, robust, open, palatial, but also honest. It is easy to use and navigate while looking visually impressive.

3. McGookin Remodeling by GlobalSpex

construction website designs
[Source: McGookin Remodeling]

Standout Features

  • Sleek typography
  • Symmetrical layout
  • Color consistency

Proudly serving the Chatham, New Jersey area with unequaled service, execution and craftsmanship, McGookin Remodeling is your go-to resource for residential remodeling and home construction.

McGookin Remodeling’s robust foundation transitioned online seamlessly. Designed and developed by the GlobalSpex agency, their website is remarkably simple in its layout and usability. Large, prominent Novecento font and symmetrical grid align all visual elements.

Scrolling down, users can discover more about each of the company’s services and read the client impressions. An integrated Google map of the location provides a more convenient user experience, while the prevalent whiteness of the design (with the blue/black accents) keeps everything well-grounded.

Although the menu bar is not sticky, it allows for smooth navigation, effortless portfolio browsing and most importantly, a dedicated spot for contact CTA.

4. Mosaik Design & Remodeling by Intuitive Digital

construction company website design
[Source: Mosaik Design]

Standout Features

  • Photo-centric storytelling
  • Magazine-style layout
  • Extensive portfolio gallery

Mosaik Design & Remodeling is a design-build contractor specializing in remodeling Portland metro area homes, from kitchens and bathrooms all the way to full house renovations.

Squeezing a valuable story out of the construction-oriented company is not an easy task, however, Intuitive Digital, true to its name, crafted a fresh and modern website that tells an enticing visual tale that both inspires and instills trust.

Professional photos and modish typography help in achieving a luxury magazine feel emanating from every inch of this website design construction. Its refined sitemap and copy honor the luxury of the resulting projects, but also help in gaining credibility.

The addition of customer testimonials, literal magazine features, blog posts and association/review badges throughout the site supports the company’s authority in the industry and local area.

Mosaik Design & Remodeling’s website is a modern and upscale online brochure that entices clients to get in touch and start a conversation about transforming their homes. It features a dedicated page for each of their services and their portfolio in a customized gallery.

Every case sports a short description of the project in addition to the high-res photos to add interest and give the visitor a little taste of partnering with the company.

5. Advocate Construction by Direct Line Development

construction website design
[Source: Advocate Construction]

Standout Features

  • Animated header
  • Before and After slider
  • On-brand color choice

Advocate Construction is a Colorado-based company that specializes in residential and commercial roofing services and/or insurance claims.

To strengthen the brand’s position and turn its name into a synonym for quality, Advocate Construction hired Direct Line Development to craft a simple, yet attractive and modern-looking website.

The first thing users will notice upon landing is the animated header that tells a story about the company’s mission. The commanding red/orange (usually associated with roof tiles) combined with dark blue is a modern combo that adds a lot of contrast and implicit movement, especially with the ample negative space in the background.

Scrolling down, the positioning of different modules is clearly carefully thought out. Various design elements on every page are placed in such a way that makes it easy for both visitors and Google’s crawlers to browse the site effortlessly.

Aside from the aforementioned features, what stands out the most are several bright CTA buttons that, among other benefits, promise users a free inspection – a tempting offer that is sure to lure in new customers.

6. Chelsea Construction Company by WAC Agency

best construction website design
[Source: Chelsea Construction]

Standout Features

  • Sticky main menu
  • Smart use of negative space
  • Header carousel

London-based Chelsea Construction Company partners with homeowners, designers and architects to deliver “unrivaled construction, renovation and refurbishment services.”

Their impressive expertise renovating interiors must’ve “infected” WAC Agency’s designers when they approached them for a website design project.

The impeccable and undeniably stylish simplicity, paired with impressive page load time makes the user journey a pleasant experience. Sometimes, all it takes is an elegant clarity to make a best construction website worth scrolling through.

The site’s homepage features a nice image carousel that neatly displays previous projects while keeping the logo prominent. The alternating navy blue and white blocks take turns, giving written content and images enough room to play upon the background.

7. Fineline Carpentry & Building by Jess Cook Design

website design construction
[Source: Fineline Group]

Standout Features

  • Sticky menu/CTA
  • Informative copy
  • Prominently showcased social proof

Fineline Group is Plymouth’s leading carpentry, partitions and passive fire contractor. The main goal of the firm’s website courtesy of Jess Cook Design is to raise brand awareness and attract new leads to a fairly niche set of services.

When designing their site, Jess Cook Design strived to translate the brand’s key messaging into a smooth user journey. The result? A clean and informative website that leaves nothing to the imagination.

It’s simple, impactful and easy to use with clear copywriting that explains exactly what they do. Although it leverages many of the ruling web design trends, including hover effects, color coding, transitions and minimal aesthetics, the website’s goal is fixed on efficiency.

In other words, Fineline Group aims to impress by showing users what they’re actively looking for: the company’s expertise, team, testimonials and contact, rather than flashy visual flexing that doesn’t add much value to both the visitors and the brand.

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8. Phoenix Electric Corp. by Interactive Palette

construction web design
[Source: Phoenix Electric Corp.]

Standout Features

  • Sticky menu/CTA
  • High-quality images
  • A good placement of vital info

Phoenix Electric is a veteran-owned business based in Canton, MA that maintains the integrity and reliability of North America’s power grid — a service they perfected for almost 50 years now.

Operating in such an intricate industry, the company’s website, designed by Interactive Palette, was “generated” with an idea to instill trust and command authority, which they were able to do — with flying colors if we may add.

Phoenix Electric sports a clean-cut and tight, user-centric layout. Visually, every page seems like an extension of the brand’s logo with its acute lines and red/blue color combination. This particular style, carried throughout the website, resembles some of the better examples of institution and government websites, which is appropriate considering the company works closely with US government agencies.

The stylized icons and high-res photos fit well with the brand colors. Phoenix Electric does a terrific job of highlighting their unique projects, services and even the industries they serve.

9. Castle Custom Homes by Nashville Geek

web design for construction
[Source: Castle Homes]

Standout Features

  • Engaging image slider
  • Simple and polished layout
  • Balanced use of brand colors

Castle Homes is the premier green home builder in Nashville that aims to forge every house like a castle, “worthy to be a backdrop of a family’s cherished memories.”

The compatriot agency behind the design, Nashville Geek, opted for a clean and elegant look when crafting Castle Homes’s website. The photo slideshow on their homepage shows beautiful photos of their past work, which along with the rest of the layout gives a great presentation right off the bat.

It is yet another site with exemplary imagery. But what makes Castle Homes’s portfolio stand out is its notable naming system. Every property they build flaunts an engaging designation that is both informative and poetic.

Scrolling down the homepage, the website makes an interesting transition from meticulous craftsmanship to a pseudo-news outlet at the footer (Castle Home News). It uses a classic horizontal ticker (news strip at the bottom of a TV screen) to entice visitors to read through the site’s blog section.

Castle Homes’s website manages to be both sophisticated and elegant, providing tons of useful information while simultaneously being easy to navigate. Messaging is inviting, leveraging on revolutionary trends of specialized services including green/sustainable building.

10. Performance Contracting Group by Gravitate

website design for construction
[Source: Performance Contracting Group]

Standout Features

  • Dedicated company culture/values page
  • Neat placement of varied offerings/services (interconnected content system)
  • Impressive use of high-res photos and video reels

Performance Contracting Group is one of the leading US contractors providing nearly thirty diverse trades to the industrial, commercial and non-residential markets.

Rather than optimizing singular websites for every specialized division, Gravitate built a single platform that elegantly supports and markets a wide array of services, directs users to the relevant point of contact and showcases not only the industry expertise but brand’s dedication to their customers and employees.

With so much detailed information on their offerings, industries, past and future projects on the menu, Gravitate created a complex interconnected content system. Related content dynamically populates on key points within users’ journey allowing for a seamless and intuitive exploration.

To streamline the contact experience further, prospective customers can reach out to national representatives effortlessly. Using geolocation tracking the site automatically populates information based on the user’s location for every industrial and commercial construction service page.

One of the more interesting features of this site, aside from the premium technical and aesthetic aspects expected from the project of such a scope, are expansive pages dedicated to job seekers and PCI’s distinctive corporate culture. Combining them with PCI’s recruiting tool entices talent to apply while lifting the heavy burden from the HR department.

11. Bovey Construction by The Web Workshop

construction website designs
[Source: Bovey Construction]

Standout Features

  • Streamlined navigation
  • High-res diverse imagery
  • Symmetrical, modular layout

With more than three decades of experience, Bovey Construction specializes in high-quality, complex construction projects across Devon and Cornwall with a portfolio that includes new houses, major refurbishments and historic work.

When redesigning the company’s old website, The Web Workshop, transformed the rather dull page, in both design and user journey into a completely bespoke, exciting visual experience.

The image-led website displays the full quality and diversity of Bovey Construction projects. Coupled with state-of-the-art SEO, an administration system that is a breeze to operate and streamlined menu navigation, the company’s online presence isn’t only next-level, it went through the roof (pun intended).

The great use of imagery depicting both ultra-modern and historically significant projects creates a rather unique on-brand feel throughout the site. The use of clear calls-to-action, plenty of bright photos and a semi-modular design is a perfect way to demonstrate how a straightforward, easy-to-navigate layout is all you need for a best construction website.

12. American Modular Systems by Vital

web design for construction company
[Source: AMS]

Standout Features

  • Intro video
  • Comparison charts
  • Ample negative space

American Modular Systems (AMS), California’s leading manufacturer of modular schools, delivers high-quality, innovative learning spaces designed to empower both students and teachers to achieve “straight As” success.

The combination of the ideal 21st-century learning environment and cutting-edge technology with flexible, modern design translated perfectly to the online environment. When designing the website Vital recognized that a mega-site solution would better harness AMS’ brand equity.

The resulting site is a sleek, user-friendly place that incorporates strong imagery and subtle animation to showcase the company’s photo and video assets. The smooth look amplifies AMS’ industry image while weaving together a unique story.

By focusing primarily on an engaging user experience, American Modular Systems educates both new and existing customers on the full scope of their services.

With the mission set on sustainable solutions to empower future generations, the design needs to communicate these values efficiently. Each feature simultaneously showcases their goal and enhances the user journey.

13. Baker Electric by PROS

construction web design
[Source: Baker Electric]

Standout Features

  • Sticky menu bar and CTA
  • Customizable portfolio
  • Saving calculators

Baker Electric is a California-based company delivering electrical contracting and renewable energy services with an exceptional level of success to organizations ranging from commercial and education to military and hospitality/gaming.

PROS, the agency behind the website, didn’t have to take any liberties to seamlessly transition the company’s customer-centric approach into an online user-centric experience

With a fresh look and feel and a new intuitive design, Baker Electric’s website is designed with you in mind. It is fully optimized for mobile devices, allowing visitors to learn more about the company, whether they’re at the desk or on the move.

The website brings all the Baker offerings together, packing them neatly in one location, making navigation a breeze. The careful choice of visual elements, color palette and background placing reflect a forward-thinking company that is unafraid to boldly step into the future while leveraging wholesome tradition and experience.

Visually, the website unifies the company’s origin with the sustainable innovation of today. A more robust project gallery including case studies highlights the completed projects and allows users to filter them by service and industry vertical.

Another interesting addition are the Saving calculators (Solar Savings Calculator, Cost of Doing Nothing Calculator) that allow prospective clients to quickly find out, in real-time, just how much they can save by incorporating a renewable energy solution into their business or organization.

14. CS Roofing by Joker Media

construction company websites
[Source: CS Roofing]

Standout features:

  • Clear, concise, mission-oriented
  • Complete conversion funnel right off the bat
  • Emanates reliability

As the name suggests, CS Roofing is a Michigan-based, full-service roofing contractor that specializes in full roof replacements, repairs, maintenance and everything in between.

Designed by Joker Media, the company’s website is all about conversion or rather, the intricate relationship between the service they offer and customers’ specific needs. While sporting a fresh coat of paint to visually stand out among competitors and attract visitors, it is more akin to an online business card with the added bonus of being user-friendly and more effective when it comes to strategically placed CTAs.

Knowing that prospects rarely search for the best roofing companies to admire their online presence, the resulting site is fast, no-nonsense and performs exceptionally well on mobile devices. It does everything to make it easy for anyone from Hillsdale, Coldwater, Jackson, Adrian, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Ann Arbor & Sturgis areas to get a hold of reliable roof specialists quickly and efficiently. Explore our selection of designs for roofing companies websites.

15. Diamond Realty Developers by Brand Vision Marketing

construction company web design
[Source: DRD]

Standout features:

  • Animation
  • Dark mode
  • Smooth transitions

Diamond Realty Developers (DRD) is a real estate development and investment company based in Toronto.

Brand Vision Marketing, the agency behind DRD's website, infused it with a contemporary, animated outlook that is sure to engage visitors right from the get-go. Drawing heavily from the company’s logo and namesake, as well as combining it with the popular dark mode trend gives the whole site a subtle air of exclusivity.

Luxurious animations give off a dynamic look and feel, but also demonstrate openness, inviting visitors, i.e. prospective clients to explore further. The clean typography and font choices are just right for websites such as this one. It sports a uniform look with placements that enhance its appealing layout.

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