10 Best Small Business Website Designs With Big Impact

10 Best Small Business Website Designs With Big Impact
Article by Petar Pesic
Last Updated: January 22, 2024

We've gathered the best small business website designs to inspire and show you how to present a stunning and functional online platform! Besides, a good website is crucial to any business's success.

Created by top web design companies, these designs exemplify creativity, functionality, and a commitment to excellence in the brands' respective industries.

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1. The Sunnyside Sisters Bed and Breakfast by Shineyrock Web Design and Consultancy

[Source: The Sunnyside Sisters Bed and Breakfast]

Standout Features:

  • Visual storytelling
  • Clean and intuitive booking system
  • Warm, friendly atmosphere

The Sunnyside Sisters Bed and Breakfast website offers a warm, homey atmosphere perfect for your much-needed sleepovers! Shineyrock Web Design and Consultancy ensured that this design reflected the cozy spots embraced by untouched natural scenery, flora, and fauna surrounding it.

The extensive positive space showcases different accommodation options effectively. This design layout establishes the website as an excellent solution for a peaceful getaway where you can let go and relax.

Notably, the agency's creative talent delivers cohesive visual storytelling from the homepage, extending to the different pages on the site. They displayed stunning images of the countryside and various accommodations, encouraging visitors to check for available dates. Luckily, the booking system is clean and intuitive, encompassing all the visuals, descriptions, user reviews, pricing, and calendars.

2. Bella Gelateria by GrafikaVision

[Source: Bella Gelateria]

Standout Features:

  • Images in circular frames
  • Mouthwatering visuals
  • Soft, gentle color palette

Bella Gelateria’s website was starting to feel stale, so the brand partnered with GrafikaVision to redesign it. The result? A website design that aligns with their delicious gelato: fresh, tasty, and colorful.

The revamp features shades of yellow and orange that combine into a soft, gentle color palette with occasional black sections. The bold typography stands out in this color story, allowing visitors to read through the content easily.

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The menu features many mouthwatering options for you to choose from, each complemented by images of gelato scoops in circular frames. Clicking on a particular flavor leads visitors to a dedicated page, providing more insights about the variant.

3. A Little Hipper by Life Web & Design

[Source: Life Web & Design]

Standout Features:

  • Dominant bronze shade
  • X-ray-like illustrations
  • Straightforward layout

A Little Hipper's website by Life Web & Design is one of the best small business web designs because of its straightforward layout, well-branded visuals, and informative content.

The design features several real-life images of happy babies in their parents’ arms, showcasing the product at work.

On the Benefits page, you'll see heartwarming visuals displaying how to use the product. X-ray-like illustrations depict a baby's incorrect and proper posture when parents carry them.

Moreover, the website design boasts positive space, offering a clean, easily navigable layout. Stitching all these design features and elements together is the bronze brand color, which is present in the logo, buttons, headlines, and some sections.

4. Bond Shoreditch by Shuffle Design

[Source: Shuffle Design]

Standout Features:

  • Captivating hero section
  • Geometric elements
  • Sleek typography

Shuffle Design is behind the stylish, modern web design makeover of Bond Shoreditch's website.

The design opens with a captivating hero section with a full-screen, high-resolution GIF of a woman playing around with her lovely new haircut. Below is a massive text in golden brown color and all capital letters that says, "Creating Wearable Hair, Everyday." This tagline occupies the screen from left to right.

Scrolling down, site visitors can marvel at stunning images creatively scattered on the layout. Each image comes with a headline and a call-to-action (CTA) button that redirects to its specific page.

Lastly, the layout is decorated with geometric elements, such as fully colored circles and chic bronze outlines, bringing a sense of cohesiveness to the overall design.

5. Beauty Ferina by Maja Ferina Shapteva

[Source: Beauty Ferina]

Standout Features:

  • Feminine aesthetics
  • Custom dynamic text
  • Creative About section

Beauty Ferina’s website design, created by Maja Ferina Shapteva, is the epitome of grace and style.

The website conveys a feminine impression through the soft color palette of pink and purple, high-definition images of the salon's services, and classy, dainty font styles.

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The memorable font style used in headers is one of the standout elements of this design. As you scroll, the letters elegantly form the headline title, adding a dynamic effect to the site.

Finally, the creative “About” section introduces the owner through a mix of content and images. This page walks the visitors through the founder's brief story, workstyle, and the salon's history.

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6. DAS PARFUM AND BEAUTY by Sweetspot Studio

[Source: Sweetspot Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Fragrance finding guide
  • Magazine-inspired layout
  • Personal product recommendations

DAS PARFUM AND BEAUTY is a German brand that provides advice and products on lifestyle and beauty. Redesigned by the Sweetspot Studio, the website blends simplicity, elegance, and sensual pleasures with a subtle addition of luxury.

The layout relies on a minimal, monochromatic theme with little to no visuals resembling a magazine's. (Explore other compelling minimal web designs.)

The design highlights the products and guides, which include a new, exciting fragrance-finding guide that takes the customers through several simple steps to help them find the perfect scent.

And if they’re still uncertain, another standout feature lets the employees provide product recommendations that match the customers’ needs.


[Source: Mo & Co Home]

Standout Features:

  • Product-focused
  • Classy
  • Muted color story

ADD TO CART COMMERCE created a delightful eCommerce website design for Mo & Co Home, highlighting the brand’s diverse candle catalog. It is an informative avenue on all things candles and an effortless shopping platform for interested customers.

The page opens with a hero section of a beautifully set table with candles, seemingly prepared for a ceremonial gathering. This image immediately captures attention, guiding visitors to associate the products with experiences.

Scrolling down the website, visitors can browse the featured products vertically. Clicking on any of them will redirect you to a dedicated product page with product details, prices, and customer reviews.

Finally, the design delivers a calm, classy vibe that matches the brand identity, thanks to its charming muted color story.

8. LÉA by GoldfishLab

[Source: LÉA]

Standout Features:

  • User-friendly
  • Luxurious
  • Custom creations option

LÉA provides bespoke and one-of-a-kind jewelry items suitable for any setting. So, GoldfishLab ensured the brand’s website design reflects elegance and luxury for ladies with style.

The background features an off-white shade that goes easy on the eye as the users scroll. The CTAs also blend well with the design while still being highly noticeable.

Adding to this appealing look is the website's immensely navigable layout. The sticky navigation bar at the top that displays a dropdown menu once hovered over makes browsing the website more accessible and user-friendly.

The crown jewel of the user-friendly platform is the custom creations option that lets you explore your creativity and bring your ideas to life as the brand crafts your treasured item.

9. Paper Crane Tattoo Studio by The Enlivened Collective

[Source: Paper Crane Tattoo Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Dark-themed layout
  • Large font sizes
  • Step-by-step healthcare guide

The Enlivened Collective created the web design for the Paper Crane Tattoo Studio, ensuring an edgy yet elegant vibe while conveying the artists’ workstyles to potential customers.

With a combination of black, white, and gray for the background, the website embodies a stylish, dark-themed layout. Upon entering the website, visitors are greeted with a video of a tattoo artist in action.

Because of the dark background, the designers used white for the texts, increasing readability.

Lastly, the website also entails step-by-step healthcare guides. Clients can visit the "The Process" and "Aftercare" pages to learn how to properly care for and maintain their tattoos.

10. OC Pottery by Nigel Yoshida

[Source: Nigel Yoshida]

Standout Features:

  • Earthy color palette
  • Interesting typographical blend
  • Decorative markers and brushes

OC Pottery is a platform that sells hand-made products with a personal touch. Nigel Yoshida designed the website with an earthy color palette to mimic the colors most frequently used in the craft and establish a natural environment.

With large bold sophisticated font style headlines and a classic serif font style for the body text, the design entails an interesting typographical blend in both style and color.

Finally, aside from the featured products, the crafty, playful experience is elevated further with neat decorative markers and brushes that are used to emphasize category names or CTAs.

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