Epicurrence web design above the fold

The Epicurrence Website Plays On The Idea Of Daytime vs. Nightime Conference Activities

Epicurrence is a two-day conference for professionals working in creative design industries, hosted in Breckenridge, Colorado.

The conference combines design workshops and discussion panels with various free-time events, like snowboarding, skiing and dinner.

The very nature of the conference, which is a balance of work and leisure, is reflected in the website’s design.

Digital art-style visuals of the local snowy mountain appear on the home page, with an interesting twist: clicking on the visual switches the website ambiance between daytime, nighttime and dusk mode.

This clever design effectively aligns the conference’s itinerary with the website user experience. The event copy and schedule emphasize the night and day activities as separate parts of the program.

The Epicurrence logo sits discretely at the top and stays on the page as the visitor scrolls.

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Epicurrence web design copy and messaging

Epicurrence’s Single-Page Layout Delivers A Simple User Journey Toward Sign-Up Conversion

Another notable quality of the Epicurrence website is its brevity.

It is a single-page site that delivers all a potential participant needs to know about the event, keeping the copy to an absolute minimum and communicating its values through compelling graphics.

Going below the fold, a visitor first encounters info on the conference location, date and ticket price in a legible, sans-serif font that contrasts the navy-blue background.

The Experience copy follows, explaining in very little words the benefits of attending the event. Photographs of jubilant attendees in various stages of the conference surround the copy in a neat motion effect.

The list of speakers follows, along with their credentials, enticing interested website visitors to sign up. A carousel-effect of daily activities and a more in-depth description of the proceedings round out the main portion of the website.

A complete daily schedule comes next, in a very clear and readable two-column table layout with ample white space.

The page ends with a simple “Get Tickets” yellow CTA button against some more snow graphics, along with supplemental bits of info in the footer.

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Epicurrence website design

The Typography And Visuals On The Epicurrence Website Combine A Casual Feel With A Creative Workshop Ambiance

The graphic elements on the Epicurrence website combine digital art and high-end photography, with colors that contrast the site's predominantly dark palette.

Subtle motion effects lend a lively feel to an otherwise static display. Different page sections come with all-caps section names, blending with a background of similar hues.

The typography keeps the lifestyle portion of the website grounded with a combination of no-nonsense fonts, in plain white, contrasting the overall dark mode for great readability and legibility.

The main copy uses a serif “Tiempos” font, while headers accentuate the main points with a more robust “Maison” typeface. Certain important phrases and words are stressed with teal and yellow shades to be noticed more easily.

The header font is more on the casual side of things and portrays that, although business is a primary focus, the conference brings much more to the table.

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Epicurrence web design footer

Sticky Call-To-Action Buttons Point Epicurrence Visitors To Vital Info And A Quick Submission Form

On the Epicurrence website, there is never a doubt even for a second where to click in order to “cut to the chase.”

The website uses only two call-to-action buttons: “Get Tickets,” which appears three times, and “Details,” which appears only once.

The “Get Tickets” CTA is in contrasting yellow and makes its first appearance just below the fold, while the second time around it comes at the end of the funnel, down at the bottom of the page. Placing your mouse over it will activate an effect that turns the button light blue.

Both CTA’s appear at the top right corner and are sticky, meaning they stay on the page as the visitor scrolls down.

Clicking on “Get Tickets” will open a very brief submission form that slides onto the page from the left. The form consists of several fields: name, last name, email address, the choice of a T-Shirt size and a Special Request field.

A yellow Check Out button finalizes the ticket purchasing process.

The “Details” CTA also opens a sliding panel that contains detailed information about the whole event, including frequently asked questions.

Epicurrence website design form

The Epicurrence Website Design Uses Minimal Copy And Just One Striking Page To A Maximum Business/Lifestyle Effect

The uniqueness of Epicurrence’s program and setting dictates the equally special website design that reflects the event’s core purpose.

The website’s sort-of About section (since there is no standalone page) reads:

“Epicurrence is different. It’s a mixture of invitation and challenge. It’s a community built around real, in-person, intimate relationships that centers on not only our careers but our personal lives as well. We’re inviting creative people from all over the world to come learn, grow, scrape their knees, try new things, to be vulnerable, and have an epic adventures.”

This, in a nutshell, also aligns with the philosophy behind its web design. More visual than verbal and just as lifestyle-oriented as it is business-minded, it is a website that ushers in a unique conference style.

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The Epicurrence website is a demonstration of how a one-page layout can be just enough to deliver the central message across to the target audience.

It is, first and foremost, an exercise in messaging that is frugal and efficient. It lets the idea and emotion of the event run the show in visitors’ minds and imagination, while providing just enough facts to keep them well informed.

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