Björk Amazing Homepage

Get comfortable and acquaint yourself with Bjork, singer, and songwriter extraordinaire. Coined as a unique and quirky individual, she models her website after those same traits.

Simple is everything with your initial intake of Bjork’s website. There’s no flashiness as you’re given a single image to look up when you enter. Its dark nature complements the monochromatic design. The brightest bar of white sits in the page’s center, directing your eyes to it as it’s what allows you to navigate the rest of your endeavor on Bjork’s website.

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Björk Amazing News Page

Living the fabulous lifestyle of a singer, Bjork maintains a very busy schedule. Keep up with her on through the site’s news center. Your arrival immediately introduces you to a stunningly colorful design, shocking almost compared to the homepage.

A beautiful gradient fade from yellow to light blue brightens the page to create a welcome atmosphere. News articles only take up a portion of the page, lined up neatly for you to scroll through. If one interests you, go ahead and click on it! A preview expansion will give you a visual idea of the article by making a detailed photograph available. The teaser images generate your curiosity, so go ahead! Click on an article and read more!

Björk Amazing Product Page

Treat yourself to one of the many albums created by Bjork! Head over to the shop page and wander through the many products the site has to pick from. As with the news page, your eyes are treated to a lovely gradient coloring as you scroll through the shop. The colors are soft and easy on the eyes, drawing upon Bjork’s femininity. They’re also a great contrast to the eclectic colors used within each product photo.

The page relies on grid organization to create a clean platform for you to shop on. Categories and headers make it easy for you to find new and old products as well as preorders. The carefulness put into the formatting makes for a friendly shopping experience.

Björk is an amazing website design in the Arts & Recreation, E-commerce & Retail and Entertainment industries.

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