86% of organizations expect SaaS to meet their software needs after 2022. DesignRush reached out to experts to discover the reasons why organizations should shift to SaaS Business Model.

MIAMI - OCTOBER 13, 2022

The Software as a Service (SaaS) market is projected to reach $208 billion by 2023, as shared by Statista. Data by BlueTree supports this claim as 86% of businesses expect SaaS to meet most of their software needs after 2022.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 16,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the reasons organizations should shift to SaaS Business Model.


According to Lumens Dental Chief Marketing Officer Tomas Henkenhaf, organizations should shift to Business SaaS Model to enjoy quicker and consistent updates as well as higher customer retention.

“Due to the fact that SaaS providers are housed in a central cloud, businesses should switch to this business model,” said Henkenhaf. “They are in a unique position to distribute updates to users while also continuously updating their software. I chose this reason because SaaS solutions update and expand much more quickly than in-house hardware, which used to necessitate extremely labor-intensive processes for the end-user. Customer retention is also higher with the subscription model than with other company models since SaaS applications offer consistent updates.”


Velvetech CEO Yuri Yushkov shares that SaaS Business Model helps businesses predict revenue.

“One of the main reasons to switch to a SaaS Business Model is the predictability of revenue,” said Yushkov. “The business world is volatile and having an idea about the income you can expect in 3, 6, or 12 months can be game-changing as it lets managers better allocate resources and plan for the future.”


In the opinion of Aakash Goyal, partner at Cloudester Software, businesses should adopt the SaaS Business Model to enjoy quick and instant access to their applications.

"With the advent of all powerful web frameworks all anyone would need to work is a web browser, for instance, Chromebooks outsold Macs in 2020,” said Goyal. “All applications would be online and accessible through one login and device or location will not matter. The only way software vendors can keep up with this demand and scale is by adopting a SaaS business model. Instant and secure access, no long-term commitment and location/device agnostic tools are the future.”

DesignRush released the October list of the best managed IT service providers that help organizations handle their IT tasks more efficiently.

1. Lumens Dental Corp - lumensdental.com
Expertise: Cloud Architecture, Cyber Security, Managed IT Networking and more

2. Keeran Networks - keeran.ca
Expertise: Strategic IT Advisory, Cybersecurity, Microsoft Cloud Solutions and more

3. Velvetech - velvetech.com
Expertise: Data Analytics, IoT Development, Software Development and more

4. HelpDesk Heroes - helpdeskheroes.co.uk
Expertise: Data Storage, Connectivity Services, IT Support and more

5. Cloudester Software - cloudester.com
Expertise: Software Development, IT Consulting, IT Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity and more

6. SYSTEM ADMINS PRO - systemadminspro.com
Expertise: Server Support, Security Services, Amazon Cloud Management and more

7. Pathways Awarua - awarua.com.br
Expertise: Technology Management, Managed IT Services, Web Solutions and more

8. Corsys Consultancy Services - corsysindia.com
Expertise: IT Infrastructure Support, Digital Transformation, IT Consulting and more

9. Rythium Technologies - rythium.com
Expertise: IT Asset Management, IT Helpdesk, Incident Management and more

10. SwiftinIT - swiftinit.com
Expertise: Cloud Services, IT Support, Custom Software Services and more

11. Beyond Intranet - beyondintranet.com
Expertise: Custom Development, Integration & Migration Services, Business Intelligence and more

12. Coscemex IT - coscemexit.com
Expertise: Service Desk, Global Stock Storage, IT Consultancy and more

13. DEV IT - devitpl.com
Expertise: Data Center Support, Managed Workplace, Technical Helpdesk and more

14. Stripe OLT - stripeolt.com
Expertise: Cybersecurity, IT Support Services, IT Consultancy and more

15. VP Techno Labs International - vivekpancholi.com
Expertise: IT Support & Solutions, Cybersecurity, Data Recovery & Forensics and more

16. Easy PC - easypc.co.nz
Expertise: Backup Monitoring, PC & Server Maintenance, Business IT Maintenance & Support and more

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