As much as 80% of data worldwide is projected to become unstructured by 2025. DesignRush issued the best big data analytics companies that help businesses manage their data for valuable information and informed decisions.

MIAMI - JUNE 21, 2022

IDC predicts that 80% of global data will be unstructured by 2025. This suggests why 67% of executives are not comfortable with using or accessing data. Even 37% of executives with strong data cultures feel uneasy dealing with data, Deloitte reports.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, determined the best big data companies that can help businesses manage and analyze their key data as well as foster data-driven decision-making.

The top big data analytics companies in June are:

1. Edgematics Technologies -
Expertise: Data Strategy, Data Architecture, Data Governance and more

2. Intelliarts -
Expertise: Big Data & Analytics, Data Science, SaaS/Cloud Solutions and more

3. Kanda Software -
Expertise: Data Science and Custom Data Modelling, Data Visualization, Big Data Project Assessment and more

4. Indicium -
Expertise: Data Science and Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Lake and Data Warehouse and more

5. QBurst -
Expertise: Data Science, Data Engineering, Big Data Processing and more

6. Indus Net Technologies -
Expertise: Insurance Analytics, Web Analytics, Energy Data Analytics and more

7. eLuminous Technologies Pvt Ltd -
Expertise: Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Data Integration, Report and Dashboard Designs and more

8. Talentica Software -
Expertise: Data Processing, Sentiment Analysis, Data Crunching and more

9. InData Labs -
Expertise: Data Engineering Services, Big Data Analytics, BI & Data Warehouse and more

10. XenonStack -
Expertise: Data Discovery, Data Intelligence, Augmented Analytics and more

Expertise: BI Analytics, Data Warehousing, Data Modeling and more

12. Atlasopen -
Expertise: Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Consultancy and more

13. Velotio Technologies -
Expertise: Data Engineering, Machine Learning & AI, ETL Pipelines and more

14. Xtream -
Expertise: Machine Learning with Structured Data, Data Analysis & Data Exploration, Data Engineering and more

15. Highway 61 -
Expertise: Social Media Analytics, Marketing Campaigns. Branding and more

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