DesignRush’s network of expert web designers reveals their favorite web design software. This week’s QuickSights also features the list of the top-rated web design agencies in 2021.

NEW YORK - JULY 06, 2021

According to the latest research, slow website load speed leads to an estimated loss of $2.6 billion annually. This is partly due to the fact that 88% of consumers do not return to a website after a bad user experience.

The emphasis on web design as a critical factor in user engagement and retention led to an increased demand for advanced website design tools. Now with so many options to choose from, experts share the ones that are worth the investment.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, leveraged its 9,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the best web design tools in 2021.

These are the tools that web design experts recommend in 2021:


Lead UI Designer at Divami Design Labs Vinay Penjarla shared that their favorite web design tool is one that helps improve their remote work set up.

  • Figma is our absolute favorite design tool, as it allows us to collaborate with other teammates seamlessly”, said Penjarla. “Especially in a remote working scenario, the tool has saved us countless hours which were better used towards design reworks and edits.”


Tin Ilijas knows what gives his company a competitive edge. The COO and Co-founder of Kodius shared that having a tool that clients can easily navigate proves to be valuable to the web design process.

  • “[...O]ur design team at Kodius uses Adobe XD for creating interactive product prototypes”, said Ilijas. “Clients can easily click their way through the website or app prototype and be amazed by the beautiful design so much, that they will completely forgive you for discarding their goofy Comic Sans font proposal”


At the end of the day, a web design tool should get the job done easily and effectively and that is what Scaler Marketing’s Founder and Director David Nathan shared about their favorite software.

  • Webflow is, hands down, the best website builder”, said Nathan. “1) Webflow allows more design flexibility than any other platform. 2) No confusing dashboards, no accidentally breaking your site, Webflow also has the most powerful and user-friendly editor we have ever seen.”


An important feature for Reverence Global is being able to animate for mobile devices. Its Founder Max Shestov was quick to point this out.

  • “Animated SVG graphics are fantastic additions to websites in 2021”, said Shestov. “SVG files are fully scalable, lightweight, which makes them one of the most mobile-friendly file types and the best part is that you can animate them. Among the tools that help to solve the problem with coding SVG animations, SVGator stands out by simplifying the entire animation process for web designers.”


Some designers look for specific features and creating such tool is the only way to go. According to Noble Intent Studio’s Co-founder and Design Director Angela Noble, their team was able to do so.

  • “With content marketing continuing to grow as the key way to drive relevant, organic traffic to websites, we found ourselves needing a quick tool to preview web pages shared on social media,” said Noble. “We created a tool to preview your web page on a variety of platforms all in one place. Preview As is a social sharing preview tool that allows you to quickly check your content on Twitter, Facebook, Slack, LinkedIn, and Google—all from one simple interface.”

To help businesses find the right partner for their web design project, DesignRush released the July list of the top web design experts:

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8. Alpha IT Solution –
9. BrandLume –
10. Divami Design Labs -
11. HTML Pro –
12. Nautilus Marketing –
13. Creatif Agency –
14. CronJ IT Technologies –
15. Alt Creative –
16. Qubed Agency –
17. Reverence Global –
18. Storm Brain -
19. AY Web Design –
20. KMA Web Design –

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