Businesses can lose up to $540,000 per hour of downtime. DesignRush gathered the top software development and software testing companies that help firms optimize business performance and revenue.

MIAMI - JANUARY 20, 2023

A poorly performing app can lead to a negative brand perception among 88% of Americans, according to SOASTA. It also costs businesses a lot of money, with losses ranging from $140,000 to $540,000 in just one hour of software downtime, as reported by Avaya. This emphasizes the need for professional software development and rigorous software testing to ensure optimal performance and avoid huge financial losses.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, curated a list of the best custom software development and software testing companies that help brands meet market demands, attract more customers and gain optimal revenue.

The top software development and software testing companies in January are:

1. Webcom Systems - webcomsystems.com.au
Expertise: Web Development, Blockchain Development, Fintech Development and more

2. RNDpoint - rndpoint.com
Expertise: Banking & Financial Software Development, Software Integrations, Team Augmentation and more

3. Copper Digital - coppermobile.com
Expertise: Digital Transformation, Mobile & Web App Development, IoT and more

4. Geniar - geniar.com
Expertise: Software Development, Software Consultancy, Staff Augmentation and more

5. Mind IT Systems - minditsystems.com
Expertise: Custom Development, Product Engineering UI/UX Services and more

6. AltusTech IT Solutions - altustechit.com
Expertise: Software Development, Web Development & Maintenance, IT & Technical Support and more

7. Adviters - adviters.com
Expertise: Digital Transformation, Consulting, Product Management and more

8. CHI Software - chisw.com
Expertise: IT Consulting, Product Development, Software Testing & QA and more

9. Software Built By Design - softwarebbd.com
Expertise: Software Development, Training & Onboarding, UI/UX Design and more

10. CitrusDev - citrusdev.com.ua
Expertise: IoT, App Development, Web Development and more

11. Cobalt Sign - cobaltsign.com
Expertise: React Native Development, Web Development, UI/UX Design and more

12. ITSUA - itsua.org
Expertise: Node.js Development, Web Development, Web Design and more

13. 4IRE Labs - 4irelabs.com
Expertise: Blockchain Development, Fintech Development, Node.js Development and more

14. Lightpoint Global - lightpointglobal.com
Expertise: IT Consulting, Web Development, Software Testing & Automation and more

15. NAPA - napa-holdings.com
Expertise: Blockchain Development, AI Solutions, Quality Control & Testing and more

16. PFLB - pflb.us
Expertise: Performance & Load Testing, DevOps & Continuous Testing, Computer System Validation and more

17. OKQA - ok-qa.com
Expertise: Manual Testing, System Testing, eCommerce QA Audit and more

18. Beyond Key - beyondkey.com
Expertise: Staff Augmentation, Software Testing & QA Services, Digital Transformation and more

19. GP Solutions - gpsolutions.com
Expertise: Java Development, App Development, Enterprise Software Development and more

20. Enginess - enginess.io
Expertise: Digital Transformation, Software Development, Digital Accessibility Design and more

21. Alpha Software - alphasoftware.com
Expertise: IT Strategy, App Development, Web Development and more

22. KNYSYS - knysys.com
Expertise: QA & Software Testing, IT Consultancy, ERP Software Development and more

23. Illuminz - illuminz.com
Expertise: App Development, Web Development, IoT and more

24. Rollout IT - rolloutit.net
Expertise: Web Development, UI/UX Design, Maintenance & Support and more

25. Geniusee - geniusee.com
Expertise: Blockchain Development, Web Development, App Development and more

26. Codica - codica.com
Expertise: Software Development, MVP Development, PWA Development and more

27. Biz4Solutions - biz4solutions.com
Expertise: IoT, Digital Transformation, Outsourcing Software Development and more

28. Global Internet - globalinternet.com.pa
Expertise: Web Design, eCommerce Development, WordPress Technical Support and more

29. RedBlink - redblink.com
Expertise: Cloud Computing, App Development, UI/UX Design and more

30. Spinbits - spinbits.io
Expertise: Software Development, Outstaffing, Support & Maintenance and more

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