Why Do Law Branding Agencies Matter To Your Business?

Consumers believe that only 57% of brands create authentic content. (Stackla)

However, 86% of them say that authenticity is a key factor in deciding which brands they trust.

Law firms that want to remain competitive in the global, fast-paced and ever-changing legal market landscape need to pay close attention to their brand strategy and management program - this is what sets them apart from their competition.

You could be one of the longest-running legal practices, but that doesn't make you competitive in the digital landscape. This is why law firm branding agencies are crucial to all business levels: startup, to long-established companies.

A professional agency will offer ongoing commitment to the monitoring of your brand regularly, in addition to having a plan for correction in place, should there be any indication of inaccurate brand messages within the marketplace.

A specialized agency will:

  • Build brand image
  • Establish brand consistency
  • Increase brand awareness and retention
  • Build client trust and improve brand perception

Deciding on which agency to hire is the biggest challenge, due to the sheer number of them within the digital industry, although it must be said, they will most certainly improve your image and business drastically.

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What Can Law Firm Branding Agencies Do For Your Business?

What is the best advice agencies can give law firms regarding branding?

Once you have a complete vision, that includes your brand name, logo, a crafted tone of voice, as well as your full kit of business branding materials, such as; business cards, invoice templates, pens, letterhead etc.

This is usually created with the client's input and ideas. Creating various ideas and designs, researching and analyzing competitors to set your tone of voice. Well, the easiest way to put it, is through digital marketing - this is what law firm branding agencies are here for!

Think of social media and a sleek website that are all search engine optimized friendly (SEO friendly), which is created by the agencies. The market is saturated with hundreds (or thousands) of lawyers in even mildly competitive areas, so you need to stand out- this is their goal.

Agencies’ first step is developing a great website. However, your law branding agency won't stop there. They will develop your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

They will post relevant and engaging content (not just the written posts with imagery, but also videos, infographics, and presentations even) to your site and social profiles. Social media is so important, simply because it increases brand awareness.

People are spending more time searching for information on social media rather than by traditional media these days.

Creating a consistent social media presence puts your message in front of your audience, thereby increasing awareness of your law firm.

However, if your branding agency is creating blog posts, press releases, videos, or any other type of online content, you need an effective way to broadcast that information to the audience you want to reach.

Using social media to share valuable information helps a law firm showcase expertise, which can lead to new business opportunities.

Branding agency for law firms meeting
During the interview meeting with a branding agency for law firms, your legal practice should ask the right questions to make sure they are right for you

How Attorney Branding Agencies Create An Impactful Logo

You might wonder what is so important about your company logo, well it tends to be the first visual feature a prospective client has of you.

Law firm branding agencies take a great deal of time in researching, designing and developing a logo for a company that will ultimately stand out from your competitors. The branding design process for your agency will use unique and creative ways to visually tell your company's story, through one single logo.

Having said that, there is more to it than you think, we have broken down their process on how an impactful logo is created from scratch.

They Ensure Your Logo Fits The Legal Industry

Contrary to belief, not every industry requires the same approach towards branding.

Law firm branding agencies will often take a look at quality logos from all sectors, but will focus on those of other law firms. With that being said, the agency may produce a design that will be different from these, but that doesn't mean to say it doesn't belong in the legal industry.

Another note on this: Branding agencies think about the impression it will make- the aim is for it to be recognizable from the moment a customer sees it.

They Pay Attention To Colors

Colors play a huge role in law branding, are much more important and influential than you think- people associate colors with weakness or stability, trust or distrust.

Your agency will aim to use the correct colors when creating a logo for your company. They will ask you what your message stands for and how do you want it to be perceived, what emotions does it evoke?

For example, blue is said to reflect calmness and stability, while red is associated with power. If you pick green, your customers will perceive new beginnings while purple indicates loyalty.

They Use A ‘Keep It Simple, Yet Unique’ Technique

If you want people to remember your logo, specialized branding agencies will recommend you need to keep it simple.

They use the traditional tried and tested method of the K.I.S approach (keep it simple). They will never use overused imagery, simply because it will never leave an impression with a customer.

They Research Your Competition

Part of the process of a law firm branding agency is checking out the competition, in addition to consumer spending analysis, to leverage your company successfully. They check out the competitors, in order to create a brilliant business logo that will make a lasting impression on the customer.

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How The Best Law Firm Branding Agencies Build Your Image

Like any kind of branding and marketing, there are right ways and wrong ways to establish the correct branding for your law firm. Here are some top tips from "Optimized Attorney", how will an agency market your business in all the right ways, through the correct process.

Own Your Brand

Successful branding singles out your law firm. Fact. In order for this to work, however, you need to make sure that your brand’s logo or motto are completely different from typical branding images.

A good agency won't allow it to be too similar to another company, simply because it could do more damage than good.

Legal logos such as law books or a courthouse have been used countless times by countless law firms, and won’t connect your firm specifically to them.

It's something you don't see, when using professional law firm branding agencies; using heavily used connotations, simply because it will do more damage than good, in terms of a professional and flawless image.

Using motto's such as 'Exceptional client service', sadly won’t work because such statements could be used by any business in any industry- it doesn't add value. They are generic, with no personalization at all!

Be The First Or Best

Another simple trick these agencies use, is a statement regarding the best or first at something.

Perhaps your law firm can’t claim that it’s the oldest firm in your area, or has the most locations/offices.

However, that doesn't mean you can't be a first. You can still be first, or the best at something- it's used for branding, and you should work on it and be consistent to keep your promise to your company and customers.

For example, do you return client calls almost immediately? Or do you never keep clients waiting for more than 10 minutes beyond their scheduled meeting time?

Law firm branding agencies will suggest to keep it realistic and relatable to your clients and your service.

Be True To Your Brand

You must stay true to your brand- A strong motto or logo will fail if it’s not backed up by matching behavior. That's a fact! You must meet the expectations of clients who associate your services with your brand.

law firm branding agencies
Consumers believe that only 57% of brands create authentic content

Why Is Emotional Branding Important To Law Firms?

As stated by "David V Lorenzo", CEO, Rainmaker Lawyer, emotional branding refers to building a brand so that it appeals to a client’s emotions.

As branding triggers a desired response for a product or service, as does the advertising attached to said product or service evokes feelings of bonding and trust.

Law firms tend to not be as personal as other professionals are perceived. That is why emotional branding is an integral part of branding, overall.

Law firm branding agencies convey that your firm should think about people as people, rather than people as transactions. As study from Harvard Business Review, The New Science of Customer Emotions, observes “when companies connect with customers’ emotions, the payoff can be huge.”

As emotional branding causes emotions in your clients, which ultimately causes a connection. Which establishes long-term business, client referrals, and other positive financial consequences.

Law firm emotional branding is really all about brand storytelling.

This is not to say that your law firm branding agency should fabricate stories about yourself or your law firm- in fact, this is what they should not do.

The kind of stories they need to convey are human interest stories; stories that will create a connection with your clients on a personal level.

For example, law firm branding agencies could share a relatable case your attorney office won, this can catch their attention due to similarity in their circumstances- they can relate to it on a personal level.

No matter your practice area, there is a reason why you do what you do, right? Such as why do you practice criminal defense instead of family law? You have to dig deep into your company's identity to find a relatable story for your law firm branding agency to use.

Posting content on your website and social media pages that tells the story of the real law firm, not just the legal services you provide is crucial. If it's done with integrity, emotional branding storytelling is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there in the industry.

What To Look For In A Law Firm Branding Agency?

There are quite a few aspects to consider when hiring a top branding agency. The trick is to identify your business needs and search for an attorney specialized branding agency based on those needs.

Matching your core strengths and weaknesses with a top law firm branding agency's skill set and expertise will bring you more success in the long run.

  • Location: The location of your brand’s agency should actually depend on your expectations. Ask yourself- do you want to sit down with your agency and work closely with them? Or do you want to use a reliable outsource team?
  • Budget: In our valuable list above, we provided you with a price estimate for each specialized firm. As a business, you must decide how much you are willing to spend on their services? Are you hoping to save money and receive less hands-on assistance? Or are you willing to spend a higher upfront cost for a potentially better return on investment?

These are a few important factors to consider when researching from our list of best law firm branding agencies.


In the final analysis of our topic on law firm branding agencies, we've discussed what they can do for your business, in terms of how Attorney's create impactful logos, that will ensure you succeed within branding, to how they can successfully build your image up and the importance of the marketing tool that is emotional branding.

Listed above are our top picks of reputable agencies, which are most suitable for your legal practice, in addition to important pointers to ensure your law firm has the best branding possible, that sets you apart from your competition.

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