How Much Does It Cost To Build a Shopify Website: Guide

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How Much Does It Cost To Build a Shopify Website: Guide
Article by Maria Martin
Last Updated: April 17, 2024

Once you have decided on Shopify as your eCommerce platform of choice, you need to know about the Shopify pricing plan to understand how it will suit your budget and be profitable for your business.

We will discuss the eCommerce giant, Shopify, and its pricing packages to help you better understand the platform. Should you need any further help, it’s also a great idea to reach out to the top Shopify development companies.

So, how much does it cost to build a Shopify website? Let's find out.

What Determines the Cost of a Shopify Website?

Before we move on to the Shopify platform pricing and other details, it is essential to understand the factors determining the cost of building an eCommerce website. They include:

  • Design – There are differences between the cost of custom design and template. Shopify pricing will differ accordingly.
  • Functionality – Customized functionality comprises unique features that potentially increase the price of website building.
  • SEO and Marketing – A robust marketing plan boosts the cost of building an eCommerce website, while SEO is crucial for driving traffic and increasing sales in eCommerce.
  • eCommerce Company Selection – Choosing an expert and experienced eCommerce company costs a little more but is worth it. The more experienced the team is, the more developed your Shopify eCommerce website will be.

Once you know the determining factors, let us see how Shopify pricing is defined and how much it costs to design a fully functional eCommerce website.

A typical Shopify website with average functionality costs around $3,000 to $6,000 to build. The inclusions in a typical pricing package are:

  • Website Hosting (up to 1 year)
  • Professionally written content
  • A five-field contact form
  • eCommerce website design accommodating 30 products

Remember that the cost and functionalities mentioned above are for basic eCommerce websites. The price will increase for improved design quality and additional functionalities such as an advanced eCommerce checkout. You cannot rule out the recurring website maintenance costs either.

As an estimate, a full-fledged eCommerce Shopify website with a stellar design and outstanding features costs you somewhere between $7,000 to $12,000. Such a package will include:

  • Website Hosting
  • Product Catalog
  • Email Marketing (Mailchimp)
  • Payment Gateways (Custom)
  • Advanced Products Filter
  • Abandoned Cart Feature
  • Emails and Invoices
  • Professionally Written Content

While an essential Shopify website does great for eCommerce startups, it is advisable to go for the high-end package if the budget permits. This is because investing in Shopify is worthwhile in the long run.

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How Much Does Shopify Website Design Cost?

As we already discussed, the price of the Shopify website design varies depending on the features and functionalities you choose.

For reference, a web design agency charges you around $500 to $1,000 for a basic Shopify web design. However, you must note that these are the costs of using standard templates.

If you hire a mid-tier web design agency, the costs will go from $1,000 to $1,200. These mid-level packages are fine, but hiring a top-notch Shopify store design is the best way.

This is because design plays a critical role in how eCommerce works. The more attractive your eCommerce store is, the higher will be the audience acceptance. Also, you will eventually need to upgrade your design to accommodate more products as your Shopify store expands.

For the top-notch Shopify website design, the cost can be between $1,500 to $5,000.

What Are the Shopify Pricing Plans?

Apart from the development and design costs, there's a recurring cost to run Shopify stores.

Typically, there are three main Shopify plans that you can opt for.

  1. Basic Shopify Plan: $29 monthly (2.9% + 30¢ per online transaction.)
  2. Shopify Plan: $79 monthly (2.6% + 30¢ per transaction.)
  3. Advanced Shopify Plan: $299 monthly (2.4% + 30¢ per transaction.)

Note that the other Shopify variants, such as the Shopify Plus and Shopify Lite, are offered at $2,000 per month and $9 per month, respectively.

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Examples of Calculating the Shopify Website Development Costs

So, now you are aware of the unique Shopify design and development costs and also the factors determining the price of building a Shopify store.

Here are some examples of how to calculate the costs based on the size of your store.

Small Store

  • Apps: Mailchimp (Essentials) – $11/month, Tidio (Communicator Plan) – $15/month, ShipStation (Bronze Plan) – $29/month
  • Theme: Editions – $150
  • Medium-Sized Store
  • Apps: Mailchimp (Standard) – $17/month, Tidio (Communicator Plan) – $15/month, ShipStation (Gold Plan) – $69/month
  • Theme: Custom/Any paid theme

Large Store

  • Apps: Mailchimp (Premium) – $299/month, Tidio (Chatbots Plan) – $39/month, ShipStation (Enterprise Plan) – $159/month.
  • Theme: Custom

The Best Shopify Website Development Companies

From design to optimization, the top Shopify development agencies can bring your business to life on this popular eCommerce platform. 

  1. Quanrio
  2. Mandasa
  3. Siguro
  4. Onerity
  5. Codeaegis

1. Quanrio

  • Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001, United States
  • Average Hourly Rate: $40/hr
  • Expertise: 360 Digital Services, Branding, Web Design, Mobile App Development, Website Development, and more

First opening its doors in 2018, Quanrio prides itself on its stellar customer-driven results. Providing full-stack digital and development services, Quanrio specializes in custom software development, application development, and web design, to name a few. Their additional services in SaaS development, business analytics, and UI/UX design help propel their clients' services and products to the forefront of their target audience’s minds.

Some of Quanrio’s clients include Spoiled Young Ape Club, Engro Systems, and Cross Metaverse.

2. Mandasa

  • Location: Mandasa Technologies, Mandsaur, 458001, India
  • Average Hourly Rate: $20/hr
  • Expertise: Web Design, Web Development, Shopify

Specialising in Shopify web design and development, Mandasa Technologies is the one-stop shop for all things eCommerce site-related. Clients can expect a robust set of services from Mandasa to get their online shop up and running, which includes new store setup, customization, troubleshooting, and more.

Mandasa’s list of clients include Mobilove and Irrisistably Vegan.

3. Siguro

  • Location: Belfast, Ireland
  • Average Hourly Rate: Inquire.
  • Expertise: Web Design, SEO, eCommerce

With their ability to take your potential clients from casual browsers to guaranteed customers, Siguro helps you establish your online presence. Their specialization includes SEO, web design, and eCommerce setups.

Their marketing strategies are robust and can amplify your brand's voice, while their web design style is designed to push your traffic to the next level.

4. Onerity

  • Location:17th Floor, Vincom Center, 72 Le Thanh Ton, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Hochiminh City, 700000, Vietnam
  • Average Hourly Rate: $50/hr
  • Expertise: Financial Web Services Design, UI/UX Design, eCommerce Web Design, Web Design, Design Agencies, and more

Having solid experience in just about every industry one can think of (such as law, finance, medicine, healthcare, real estate and much more), there is no challenge that Onerity cannot take on. Moreover,

Onerity has a great track record when it comes to product, print, and graphic design, making the agency one of our top choices when it comes to finding the right eCommerce agency to suit your business.

5. Codeaegis

  • Location: 4400 E Royal Lane Building 3 Suite 290, Irving, Texas 75039, United States
  • Average Hourly Rate: Inquire.
  • Expertise: Web Development, App Development (iOS & Android), UI/UX Design, Blockchain Development, iBeacon App Development, and more

With offices in the USA, India, Dubai, and the UK, Codeaegis understands the need to set up your online shop and marketing so that it translates on a global platform.

From educational, food, and travel apps to eCommerce and social networking, Codeaegis has teamed up with world-renowned partners (AWS Parter Network, Cloudera, Google Agency Developer Program) to bring some of the most successful online platforms we know of today.

Their expert target market researching skills, design services, professional team of developers, and top-notch service quality make them stand out, giving brands both big and small the opportunity to showcase their products without limits.

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Shopify Website Development Costs: Takeaways

No doubt, compared to several other platforms, Shopify gives value for money. It is more convenient for first-time eCommerce store owners with little knowledge about designing and developing a website.

The costs of building a Shopify website vary widely, so you must choose what best suits your budget and unique requirements. Hiring the services of a professional Shopify development company is the most cost-effective way to go about this.

Shopify Website Cost FAQs

1. How much do Shopify templates cost?

Shopify provides a range of templates, including both free and paid options. The free themes are ideal for beginners setting up their online store, while the paid themes offer more advanced features and customization options. The cost of paid themes may vary from $140 to $180.

2. Are there free Shopify templates?

Yes, quite a few Shopify themes and templates are available for free.

3. Can I build a Shopify website on my own?

Having coding skills is optional to create a fantastic website on Shopify, although if you possess them, you can modify HTML and CSS files as needed. If you lack coding skills, there is no need to worry since Shopify's user-friendly drag-and-drop WYSIWYG functionality empowers you to design your website according to your preferences.

4. Can you build a Shopify site for free?

Yes, you can also build a Shopify site for free, exploring the tools and services the platform provides.

5. Can I pay someone to make my Shopify store?

Yes. If you require assistance building your Shopify store, you can engage the services of a Shopify expert. These reliable third-party agencies and freelancers cater to Shopify merchants and beginners seeking to join the platform.


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