The New Yorker Today Intuitive App Design

The New Yorker has an international reputation as a premier magazine for in-depth reporting, fiction, poetry, essay, and criticism. The historic publication brings everything there is to love about the print version of the magazine to mobile with The New Yorker Today app.

The content structure of the NYer Today app does an excellent job of presenting fresh news and articles, while also offering pathways to discover older content. The home screen of the app presents the latest stories to the user. Pull downwards and the results refresh, with a message letting the user know when the results are up to date, so there’s no doubt.

Stories on the home screen feature a bold edge-to-edge cover image, a large title and slightly smaller subtitle text, and author name. Each article itself features a large cover image and readable text. Headlines are shown in The New Yorker’s trademark Irvin typeface.

Beyond exploring the most recent headlines from the home screen, users can also access the archives through the app’s main navigation (a tabbed menu that runs along the bottom of the screen). Simply tap on a cover image and the user can then explore articles and content from that issue. A drop-down menu allows them to sort content by category (e.g. Reporting, Talk of The Town, Fiction, etc.).

Also in the main navigation is a link to the magazine’s wildly popular cartoons. These feature a delightful swiping motion and animation that allows users to thumb through the cartoons with a simple gesture.

The New Yorker Today app design does an exceptional job of presenting content in a way that is both functional and enjoyable.

The New Yorker Today is an intuitive app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industry.

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