Early Bird Mimosa logo design by BrandLume

Early Bird Mimosa’s Logo Blends Diverse Elements To Create Inviting Imagery

BrandLume, a Toronto-based branding agency, is the creative force behind the vibrant and high-spirited logo design for Early Bird Mimosa.

The agency creates custom logos that range from “extravagant to minimalist.” They describe their process as “running the client’s vision through their pool of logo designers” before providing the final design for digital and print usage.

Early Bird Mimosa’s logo consists of several defining constituents: horizontal vector lines, name/typography, glaring colors and an illustration of two birds on each side of a tall champagne glass (in which mimosas are traditionally served) against the rising Sun.

Looking at it holistically, without breaking it down to separate pieces, the logo seems more complex than most contemporary designs. Contemporary logo design best practices dictate simplicity and, to some extent, minimalism.

While simplicity remains a prevalent trend, experienced logo designers have the creative freedom to deviate from it when it aligns with the brand's objectives. Early Bird Mimosa’s logo design only appears to be elaborate at first glance.

A closer inspection reveals the seamless and alluring interplay of its elements.

Vibrant Colors & A No-Frills Typeface Attract Attention & Deliver The Message In Simple Terms

The logo’s deep and radiant shade of orange springs from one of the mimosa cocktail’s key ingredients: orange juice.

The somewhat lighter orange tone in the rising Sun image and in the illustration of the beverage lends distinction to these centered items. Despite being central and circled, these logo elements neither “disappear” nor jump out too harshly due to this slight difference in tint.

The bird’s teal color counterbalance the prevalent orange to perfection. Not only are the two colors quite complementary, but the freshness of the cyan-green hue makes for a very eye-pleasing addition.

The logo in its default form comes with a white or transparent background. However, it is applicable to a wide variety of background colors and textures because it uses only two distinct colors.

The simplest of sans-serif fonts spells out the “Early Bird” part of the name as it forms the upper half of the logo’s circle. At the bottom, the thinner “Mimosa” in the same typeface keeps the bolder upper half grounded and well-balanced.

The Circular Composition Of Early Bird Mimosa Logo Design Rounds Up The Rising Sun Concept

The mentioned circle consisting of letters and horizontal lines symbolizes the Sun, of course, although the bottom-half lines may also convey the imagery of the surface of the sea (or a pool — also a frequent setting for mimosa-sipping activities).

The latter is also plausible because there is (another?) sun at the center of the logo. But regardless of the intended allegory, the outer circle forms the symmetry of all elements, with the glass as the central axis.

This symmetry keeps the eye of the viewer focused at the logo’s center. It also establishes an order in which the lettering, illustration and colors work together while also being quite self-sufficient on their own.

The final composition of the elements highlights the circular shape and helps the viewer understand the concept of the logo.

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White Space Provides The Logo With Enough “Breathing” Space

When evaluating a logo design, it is not enough to focus only on what’s there – the so-called “empty” parts are also important.

The white or negative space is the section of a design that is unused. In other words, it’s the part of a logo without any design elements.

Brand experts often use white space to develop harmony and balance between different logo elements. It leads the viewer from one element to another, helps declutter the final design and lends legibility to text sections.

Early Bird Mimosa’s logo design uses white space to that effect. There is plenty of space separating the central images of birds and a glass with the circular section of the logo, helping both of these parts stand out on their own.

A significant amount of white space is located at the bottom portion of the logo, between the letters in the word “Mimosa” and the horizontal lines. The latter even supplies a hint of perspective to a mostly static 2D logo.

BrandLume’s Early Bird Mimosa Logo Design Is Coherent, Effective & Easy On The Eyes

The purpose of a logo is to command attention and communicate the brand’s purpose in a universal language, understandable to all who see it.

BrandLume’s Early Bird Mimosa logo design conveys the idea behind the logo in an attractive and intelligible fashion.

This logo's appeal is in its thoughtfully picked color palette and an illustration implemented as a logo element.

Both of these communicate the actual subject matter quite directly. But they also emit the associations of summer, leisure, travel and causes for celebration that mimosas are typically paired with.

The resulting jovial imagery is timeless and applicable in any era. It also projects the essential aspect of the subject matter: the crisp, fresh taste of chilled mimosas on a Sun-bathed morning.

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