Pocket Bar and Kitchen Clean Logo Design

The Pocket Bar & Kitchen logo is a fantastic example of how simplicity can create an effective logo. This logo doesn’t try to do too much or get overwhelm the viewer. Rather, it sets the tone of the restaurant: a trendy, straightforward restaurant and bar.

Initially, it appears that the logo is simply a shirt pocket. It looks nice and clean. However, on closer examination, you can see that the pocket is really a stylized “P” turned on its side. It’s a very clever use of space, lettering, and shapes to make two totally different images that visitors can see.

The typeface is also very interesting. “Pocket” is written in a much more stylized, serif font while “Bar & Kitchen” uses a basic, sans serif typeface. They contrast each other and, although both parts are in the name of the establishment, clearly “Pocket” is the name they want viewers to remember.

Pocket Bar and Kitchen Clean Contact Page

Their image can also be used alone, without any typeface. This version is present on their location map. The simple Pocket logo fits nicely into the map, and it doesn’t distract from other important details. Having a logo that can both work with text and stand on its own is a nice addition of versatility.

The designers did a great job of taking a simple shape, the letter “P,” and turning it into an image that can be seen in multiple ways. The graphic has the versatility to be front and center on a webpage or simply placed onto a small map. That’s a sign of a great logo.

Pocket Bar and Kitchen Logo Design

Pocket Bar and Kitchen is a clean logo design in the food & beverage industry.