Introducing – The American High School Football Team Logo Showdown

Introducing – The American High School Football Team Logo Showdown
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Last Updated: September 19, 2023

From battle arenas to modern-day sports, team logos have shaped our identities, beliefs, and allegiances.

And before entering the big leagues, interest in sports begins at school.

Much is true for football, the most popular high school sport in the US, with over a million players in 43 states, as shared by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).

As we continue featuring the Best Logo Designs, we now present the High School Football Team Logo Showdown, which aims to showcase the finest team emblems from the most active US states.

The best part? You get to vote for your teams! Here's how it works.

What is the American High School Football Team Logos Showdown?

DesignRush will launch articles with interactive voting polls to put the much-deserved Spotlight on promising high school football teams' logo designs.

  • Level 2: Top 20 High School Football Logos per State

Each of the seven states will have a dedicated article consisting of ten logos chosen by our design jury and ten public picks, showcasing diverse designs that capture the essence of American high school football.

  • Level 3: Top 7 High School Football Logos

We'll then kick off a nationwide battle of the emblems, pitting the seven states against one another. Each state will have three representatives.

  • Level 4: The Ultimate High School Football Logo

We’ll award gold, silver, and bronze medals to three winning states, so represent yours and make your votes count!

How Does DesignRush Select the Logos from Each State?

DesignRush collects high school football team logos from all seven states through a dedicated team that searches far and wide, across school websites, social media, and other relevant sources.

In addition to our efforts, we also reach out to school and team representatives directly, as well as the public, who seek to nominate their local favorites for consideration.

What Are the Criteria for Judging?

High school football club logos should foster a sense of belonging, pride, and shared purpose among players and fans.

Aside from the evocative appeal, our design experts focus on specific aspects, such as:

  • Creativity and innovative solutions
  • Impact and Recognizability
  • Execution and attention to detail
  • Timelessness and Versatility
  • Overall Branding

After our team shortlists the logos for each state, we will dedicate articles featuring these notable emblems.

How Can I Vote for My Team?

Rather than leaving the selection entirely to our internal team of design specialists, it's up to you, the fans, to choose the very best!

You have three weeks per level of the competition to vote for your favorites and push them to the next stage.

Share the article and spread the news to collect as many votes for your teams as possible!

How To Join the American High School Football Team Logos Showdown?

Our Draft lasts year-round so don’t hesitate to reach out as we’re always on the lookout for new team logos to feature in our Showdown series.

Contact us with information about your team, your emblem, and its brief history. We’ll get in touch if shortlisted!

So, which state will kick off the season? High School Football Teams in Texas, get ready, as next week we’ll be tipping our hats to your finest high school teams!

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