The American High School Football Team Logo Showdown – Louisiana

The American High School Football Team Logo Showdown – Louisiana
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Last Updated: November 07, 2023

In Louisiana, football is more than a pastime. Friday nights shine under stadium lights. The echoes of marching bands stir the soul as much as the rhythms of jazz in the French Quarter.

The state's football lineage is illustrious, with LSU Tigers' roaring triumphs in the collegiate realm and the New Orleans Saints' storied past in the NFL. But the seeds of this rich football heritage are sown much earlier, on the high school fields across the Pelican State.

We've showcased the rising stars in Texas, Florida, and Georgia, as well as the skilled contenders in Ohio and California. Now, it's time to spotlight the young talents of Louisiana and the emblems they rally behind.

Kicking off another chapter in our High School Football Team Logo Showdown, we spotlight Louisiana: the breeding ground for football legends. Cast your vote, rally your team, and see how Louisiana's high school logos stack up in the national arena!

How To Vote

Each high school embodies a spirit uniquely reflected in its team's logo. While each one stands out, they often share elements with their peers. We've sifted through each emblem, sorting them into several notable categories:

Now, it's up to you to dive into each category and vote for one or more logos that should earn the title of Louisiana's finest high school football logo. Vote for the logos you believe best represent the state's stellar football legacy!

Animal-Inspired Icons:

Louisiana high schools often draw inspiration from the Wild Kingdom for their football team logos. These emblems capture the spirit of animals known for their might, agility, ferocity, and tenacity — traits that mirror the heart of the sport. Such logos forge a powerful visual identity that resonates with fans and embodies the team's core values and fighting spirit.

Letter-Based Crests:

Clarity and recognition are essential in the logos of many Louisiana high school football teams. Why? They frequently incorporate team initials and names into their designs. These logos utilize time-honored serif typefaces, offering a sense of tradition and a timeless charm that stands out in any era. Logos around team letters are instrumental in building a solid brand identity. They celebrate the team's history and legacy, too!

Historic Insignias:

Louisiana's teams often reach into the annals of history to select symbols that encapsulate their identity and local pride. These emblems borrow from the aesthetic of ancient heraldry to convey a sense of heritage and honor. They are powerful symbols that can galvanize the team spirit. They also engrain a rich athletic tradition within the school.

Hybrid Concepts:

The combination of typographic clarity and the evocative power of animalistic or mythical imagery is a popular trend among Louisiana's high school teams. These composite logos encapsulate the team's spirit by embodying a mascot while highlighting the team's name and identity.

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