The American High School Football Team Logo Showdown – Ohio

The American High School Football Team Logo Showdown – Ohio
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Last Updated: October 17, 2023

Football in Ohio isn’t a sport but a religion. While many states celebrate it fervently throughout the season, few stand out like Ohio in this regard. From historic legends such as the Ohio State Buckeyes that won eight national championships since their inception back in 1890, to the Cleveland Browns, Ohio consistently proves that football is indeed in The Heart of It All.

However, the love for all things pigskin starts early, back in high school. Just like we’ve witnessed in Texas and Florida, it’s time to scout those who laid the ground for Buckeye State’s renowned football prowess and feast our eyes on their shining emblems.

When we first announced our High School Football Teams Logo Showdown, we pledged to introduce you to the best high school teams’ logos from each US state. Ohio, your time has come!

The responsibility now rests with you to choose the exceptional designs worthy of representing Ohio. Vote for the best and help bring them head-to-head against other state contenders.

How To Vote

Varsity logos showcase the school’s distinct merits, spirit, and identity. Each one is different, but we have meticulously analyzed them and classified them into several categories:

Take a close look at each category, vote for one or more standout logo designs, and put the limelight (or rather floodlight) on the most remarkable, distinctive, and finally — the best football logos among Ohio High School Team Emblems!

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Animal-Inspired Icons:

High school football teams in Ohio feature animal-inspired icons because these beasts symbolize qualities that align with the sport’s competitive nature. Powerful animals embody totemic attributes like strength, agility, ferocity, determination, and tenacity. These logos create an impactful and recognizable visual identity, seamlessly connecting with fans and emanating the team's spirit and values.

Typography-Focused Logos:

High school football teams often incorporate team initials into their logo designs for clarity, simplicity, and instant recognition. Often opting for vintage serifs, these designs are clean, timeless, and easily adaptable to various applications. Additionally, initial-based logos foster a strong brand identity and can represent the team's tradition and long-lasting legacy.

Symbolic Emblems:

High school football teams use impactful symbols to capture the essence of their team's identity, values, and geographical origin. These ideograms represent emotions, pride, and history. Additionally, they serve as memorable visual representations that can inspire and rally the team, creating a lasting impact on the school's athletic culture.

Combination Logo Designs:

Seeing the advantages in both the typographic simplicity and evocative nature of beastly or legendary figures, some high school football teams aimed to unite the best of both worlds. This fusion results in team logos that capture the essence of their mascots while reinforcing their name and brand.

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