8 Abstract Logo Designs to Inspire You

8 Abstract Logo Designs to Inspire You
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Last Updated: May 04, 2023

Abstract logos are rising in popularity for a reason. Today’s audiences like how aesthetically pleasing abstract logos look in a sea of complicated designs.

Although seemingly counterintuitive, the top logo design companies agree that having abstract logos can relay a much more exact message to the company values that it represents. Going abstract is able to convey feeling in a much more impactful way.

These superb examples of famous abstract logo designs will convince you to take a chance and create one for your company or brand.

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1. Leonardo Stockschneider and Luciano Ruthes Lawyers by Carlos Bauer

famous abstract logos
[Source: Carlos Bauer]

Standout features:

  • Unique iconography
  • Soothing color story
  • Innovative logo design

Brazilian lawyers Leonardo Stockschneider and Luciano Ruthes have been law partners for over a decade. They are known for being straight to the point and transparent when providing legal assistance to their clients.

This logo design by Carlos Bauer has employed an abstract perspective in interpreting the most common symbols of law and justice: the scales. Lady Liberty is always portrayed as a woman holding a pair of scales representing equality.

However, all law firms have incorporated this symbol into their logo design. Carlos Bauer has done a refreshing take on the familiar icon used by law firms worldwide.

The logo design features three lines with the same thickness and length, each placed strategically to resemble a pair of scales. Not everyone would think of scales immediately, which leads to some good discussion points among observers.

The designer also used green as the primary color in the logo. In color psychology, green symbolizes calm, freshness, and energy. The freshness they want to portray in this logo reflects their refreshing manner of dealing with their clients.

The logo design is indeed well thought of and creative at the same time.

2. Maison Prodige Mafia by Tamim Mortaza

abstract logos examples
[Source: Tamim Mortaza]

Standout features:

  • Excellent portrayal of values
  • Creative illustrations
  • Unique typography

Maison Prodige Mafia is a collective group of artists who have banded together under the values of art, creativity, and artistic representation. If you need artists for your creative needs, you can find one here.

Tamim Mortaza designed this logo, which is an accurate representation of the company. He incorporated various elements of art into one abstract logo design that served its purpose.

The logo is a symbol of vision, and what better way to represent it than using an eye symbol? When you look closer, you'll see that the logo features an infinity sign right at the center.

The eyes relate to the vision that everyone shares inside the company. We also use our eyes to appreciate visual art most of the time, among any other senses.

This means that the artistic vision that the company has will always be present and will continue to accommodate its clients for a long time.

They also used black and white as their primary colors, representing the blank piece of paper and the vivid ink of their pens or brushes that the artists use to create stunning works of art for their clients.

Lastly, the font used in the logo takes us back to the carvings in the Renaissance when all forms of visual art sprung into world history.

Combining these elements forms a solid abstract logo that sends messages without hiccups.

3. BLINC by Xavier Segers

abstract logo ideas
[Source: Xavier Segers]

Standout features:

  • Creative concept execution
  • Sleek typography
  • Classy visuals

BLINC provides excellent training services. They believe in offering services that are not only efficient but also get the job done in a short time.

Xavier Seger’s creative thought process has produced this fantastic abstract logo design that includes elements representing the company and its founders.

The black and white colors represent the two founders and their values of excellence and commitment to quality service for their clients.

The logo is made of wood chunks arranged meticulously to form a circle that symbolizes the world's progress through their services. They aim to change the world into a much better place with their training, expertise, and knowledge.

Lastly, the font exuded an air of class that blended well with the overall design.

4. Thalita Macedo Nutricionista by CERBO

abstract iconography logo
[Source: CERBO]

Standout features:

  • Well-executed visual logo
  • Earthy color palette
  • Neat placement of visual elements

If you're looking for a logo inspiration that shows creativity and simplicity without compromising each other, then this logo design for Thalia Macedo Nutricionista is the perfect example.

They aim to provide generic nutrition and humanized care to their customers in line with their values and sophistication.

This logo designed by CERBO has done a great job of blending all of those qualities while adding a creative twist to the logo design for the company.

The main element of the abstract logo design is a series of curved and twisted lines, forming the image of a human stretching their arms upwards, surrounded by a halo-like light around them.

This shows their commitment to holistic health by providing nutritional guidance in a sophisticated manner. No rush, no hush. Each process is calculated and meant to nurture you in every way possible.

Bronze is used as the color for the logo, while the whole branding pack consists of earthy colors such as muddy browns and deep greens. This all goes back to their commitment to leading healthy lives for their clientele through a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables.

The placement of visual elements is arranged to reflect the client's values without sending the wrong message. In other words, this is a job well done.

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5. Gaia by Bee More Design

abstract company logos
[Source: Bee More Design]

Standout features:

  • Soft font style
  • Clever color choices
  • A clear vision for the brand

Named after the Greek goddess of the Earth, Gaia is a jewelry brand that specializes in pieces that are high quality and exquisitely done for their customers. Through their products, they empower their customers to channel their inner goddesses.

The logo design courtesy of Bee More Design highlighted the goddess-like qualities of the brand: beauty, art, and care for the environment. The logo might look too simple, but it perfectly reflects the brand's aesthetics.

The typography used in the logo has thicker lines compared to the other inclusions in this list. Still, these lines show Gaia's motherly love for everyone here on Earth as the mother of all creatures.

The designer used various shades of turquoise in executing the whole logo design, which was a smart move on their part. We all know that the waters and the sky are colored blue, with the most transparent parts of the oceans colored turquoise.

Of course, we cannot forget how Mother Gaia is hugging the Earth placed on the G of the Gaia logo. The artistic rendition of the famed Greek goddess has lent a winsome and whimsical aspect to the whole visual aesthetic.

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6. Black Isle Pods by Branding by Amber

abstract logo designs
[Source: Branding by Amber]

Standout features:

  • Seasonal design
  • Interesting typography
  • Excellent image choice

If you want an abstract logo design that is not too bland nor too intricate, then the logo of Black Isle Pods would be the perfect choice for you.

Designed by Branding by Amber, this stunning logo design featured three pine trees with a hollowed center and a string of words acting as a halo around the trees for added flair.

This immediately reminds people of the Christmas holidays and who says Christmas is only held in December?

One of the highlights of this logo design is the amazing choice of font styles used. It is not too thick nor too thin to lose its footing on the overall design. It gives us Transylvania legend vibes all over, which is enticing enough for people to pay attention to them.

The colors are also not too striking, as the shades used are calming yet lend a mystified aura to the overall design.

7. Fjorde & Co by Kira Chao

abstract logo examples
[Source: Kira Chao]

Standout features:

  • On-brand overall design
  • Minimalistic typography
  • Easy-to-understand imagery

Fjorde & Co is a home furniture company that specializes in making sustainable items with a Scandinavian aesthetic. They believe that you can always be fashionable with your furniture without spending a ton of money on buying the latest finds.

They want a logo that represents their values of evergreen sustainability and visual aesthetics, and Kira Chao has done an amazing job in doing so.

Their abstract logo design is something that looks like it belongs to a children’s storybook, which is not a bad thing as some might suggest. This simply highlights their commitment to helping people make themselves feel at home with their furniture choices.

The font used is easy to read and it fits perfectly into their overall visual aesthetic. It also looks stable, which is a great nod to how durable their products are.

Lastly, the image it portrays shows that it does not cost a fortune to have a cozy and chic home with the best furniture pieces available. This appeals to so many people, and we’re here for it.

8. ECG by Bobbyflash

famous abstract logo
[Source: Bobbyflash]

Standout features:

  • Smart iconography
  • Appealing color story
  • Remarkable overall design

As someone who provides training for the members of the medical community, ECG aims to be a brand that upholds their commitment to saving lives with the knowledge they impart to their trainees every day.

This amazing logo, designed by Bobbyflash, is a great representation of their brand and their values.

This is one example of a logo that used excellent image play on the visual elements to create an abstract logo design that makes sense.

The colors chosen are also soothing to the eyes, which is a reflection of how they want their patients’ safety and peace of mind to be their top priority.

Overall, this design hits the right spot in combining creativity and function into a logo design that is perfect for the brand.

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