11 Best Attorney Logo Designs For 2023

11 Best Attorney Logo Designs For 2023
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Last Updated: March 16, 2023

A modern and professional-looking logo is essential for legal attorneys who want to establish a strong reputation and galvanize their place in the industry.

Logos don’t just serve as mere icons of identification. They also reflect the brand’s identity and the kind of service quality clients expect (Read more about brand visual identity here).

Your logo will also populate your brand assets, such as business cards, papers and official documents. That’s why they must reflect your competence, proficiency and mastery.

From picking the right colors and fonts to crafting impactful symbols and icons, designing a memorable logo requires excellent design skills and a keen eye for detail. To help you create a powerful logo for your legal brand, here are the best attorney logo designs for 2023 that scream professionalism and creativity.

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1. Mychal Wilson by Mihai Dolganiuc Design

best attorney logos

[Source: Mihai Dolganiuc Design]

Standout Features:

  • Hall of justice-inspired vector illustration
  • Integrated brand initial and mark
  • Commanding color combination

This logo for independent attorney Mychal Wilson created by Mihai Dolganiuc Design is a perfect example.

The brandmark is a towering image of the attorney’s reputable expertise and credibility – literally! It’s a vector illustration of a court’s facade, modernized through a simple outlined structure. And if you look closely, you’ll see that the image forms the letter M, highlighting the attorney’s name.

That’s two images in one!

The blue and yellow color story also added a commanding yet vibrant character to the brand’s visual identity. And besides, these two colors are a match made in heaven. Blending two complementary colors is always a good idea!

2. MAH by Bahali

logo designs for attorney

[Source: Bahali]

Standout Features:

  • Pillar-style logo icon
  • Professional typeface
  • Black and gold colorway

Next from our list of best attorney logo designs is MAH illustrated by Bahali. The pillar-style logo symbol atop the brand name is the perfect visual testament to the legal attorney’s proven expertise in the field. The slashed look of the image gives the brand a nice modern touch while also giving a nod to the brand name’s initial, the letter M.

This image is so visually-striking that it doesn't need outrageous details and styles, especially in the logotype. The brand name is written in a serif font reminiscent of the Roman era, helping position MAH as a well-established and reputable attorney.

Nothing screams excellence louder than black and gold, so this colorway didn’t fail to give the brand its premium identity.

3. Reyes and Morris by Insigniada

Best Attorney Logo Designs for 2023
[Source: Insigniada]

Standout Features:

  • Vector illustration of a tipping scale
  • Interlinked brand name initials
  • Authoritative color palette

Reyes and Morris is a legal duo that opens its doors to those who can’t afford legal services. At the same time, they cater to an upscale clientele to sustain such powerful advocacy.

With this premium logo design by Insigniada, the attorneys will surely achieve a massive influx of their target clients!

The logo features an outlined brandmark inspired by the traditional symbol of justice: the tipping scale. The thin, outlined image exudes an air of sophistication and modernity, fitting for a revolutionary brand. Not to mention the fine typography! This noticeable and familiar image allows clients to instantly get ahold of Reyes and Morris’s area of expertise.

And the best part? The R and M initials are integrated into the illustration for a more cohesive look.

The logo symbol and visual identity are accompanied by a blue and gold color palette that sparks trust, dedication and jurisdiction.

4. The Law Office of Jesse Wyman by Attent

attorney logo
[Source: Attent]

Standout Features:

  • Abstract linear logo icon
  • Contemporary logotype design
  • Trustworthy brand theme

Green isn’t a commonly used color palette for legal brands, but the designers at Attent used it to their advantage in creating this logo for the attorney firm "The Law Office" of Jesse Wyman.

Using a single shade of green usually pushes brands towards environmental themes, but that’s not the case here. The dark, deep, and slightly muted color conveyed the value of trustworthiness and a high level of proficiency – a MUST for every legal attorney!

The abstract illustration of the brand mark also brought sophistication and uniqueness to the brand, which most legal and business logos hardly dare to explore.

Using a simple sans-serif font for the brand name was a perfect choice for this creative abstract image. It helped neutralize the entire layout without looking too plain and straightforward.

5. Ricardo Porto by Leo Mendes Design

attorney logos design
[Source: Leo Mendes Design]

Standout Features:

  • Dark theme
  • Geometric logo symbol
  • Industrial and modern look

Ricardo Porto is a legal attorney that aims to be recognized in the industry as a professional who sparks meaningful change through quick, personalized and transparent legal services.

With this in mind, Leo Mendes Design created a logo representing the legal office’s commitment to excellence and security while highlighting the brand’s modern and creative sensibilities.

The brand mark draws attention instantly. It's an integrated geometric symbol of the brand name’s initials. But that’s not all – it also doubles as an illustration of a door lock, representing the solid security that clients get from partnering with the attorney.

Finally, the combination of black and royal blue added a contemporary touch and depth to the brand, effectively introducing Ricardo Porto to a broader potential clientele.

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6. Lawyer Accountant by Eva Hila

law firm logos inspiration
[Source: Eva Hila]

Standout Features:

  • Simple and sophisticated logotype
  • Zoomed-in logo/app icon
  • Black and white aesthetic

Sometimes being literal and straightforward pays, which is one of those times. Eva Hila’s unmistakable logo design for Lawyer Accountant exemplifies one design principle that works wonders: less is more.

The words “Lawyer Accountant” are written clearly in the logotype; no frills or extra details. Clients usually want professionals who can get the job done and do it well without all the hassle. This is one great way to convey such value visually.

Even without icons or illustrations, the logo looks streamlined and sophisticated. The variation in font style definitely helped!

Of course, the designers still decided to add a symbol representing the legal brand. They zoomed into the mark and cropped the image to form a square icon, revealing only a few letters of the brand name. Way to pique your clients’ interest!

7. Israel Paulino by 268 Estudio Design

legal logo designs
[Source: 268 Estudio Design]

Standout Features:

  • Emblematic logo symbol
  • Vintage-style presentation
  • Premium color story

The logo for Israel Paulino is a masterclass in marrying vintage and modern styles by 268 Estudio Design.

It features a sharp, industrialized illustration of the legal attorney’s initials interlinked to create a traditional seal-inspired symbol. With this solid and authoritative brand mark, clients are assured the legal office is trustworthy.

Beneath the symbol is the logotype in the same typeface as the initials. Using a serif font for the entire typography added an extra layer of credibility and competence.

Visual cohesiveness, check!

The designers went with dark and neutral colors (black and white) and paired them with bronze for that premium look and feel. This sophisticated color palette instantly positions Israel Paulino as a well-established legal professional.

8. Bertoglio Advogados by Alison Fedel

attorney logo design
[Source: Alison Fedel]

Standout Features:

  • Shield-inspired logo icon
  • A dark and vibrant color combo
  • Wide typeface

Bertoglio Advogados is a law firm that seeks to satisfy clients with legal solutions performed with technical excellence and utmost clarity and objectivity.

As industry leaders, they wanted a logo that reflects their excellent service quality and unparalleled expertise, which Alison Fedel delivered!

The designer used a two-fold symbol in the shape of a shield. In heraldry, this represents honor and honesty. For Bertoglio, this reflects security, trust and protection – the qualities clients look for in legal counsel.

Inside the shield are two icons: the brand name’s initial on one side and an illustration of a mountain range on the other. Mountains are associated with qualities like stability, strength, resistance and purity. Very fitting for what Bertoglio stands for!

And lastly, the expansive typography provides better readability while giving the brand a nice contemporary touch! (Check out the right fonts to incorporate into your brand typography here)

9. Klaus and Costa Advogados by Sam Guimaraes

attorneys logo designs
[Source: Sam Guimaraes]

Standout Features:

  • Modern and energetic visual character
  • Outlined logo symbol
  • Clean and crisp typography

Klaus and Costa is an independent law firm in Brazil that specializes in multidisciplinary operations, covering all areas of law. With this broad service coverage and expertise, Sam Guimaraes created a logo with legal prowess and proficiency written all over it.

It features an abstract square icon with an outlined interior. These are not just random lines that intersect with one another – they form an intertwined illustration of the letters K and C, representing the attorneys’ initials.

Using a dark theme for the logo and pairing it with orange created the right balance of straightforwardness and uniqueness. Keeping the typography clean and streamlined with these little details gave the brand a modern and approachable look.

The whole illustration is simple and elegant yet edgy and distinctive simultaneously!


logo for attorney

Standout Features:

  • Outlined letters and wordmark
  • Monochromatic color story
  • Sports court-inspired layout

Specializing in Sports Law, RPB takes its award-winning proficiency in the legal world and applies it to the realm of athletics.

With this area of expertise, ONMI DESIGN created a logo that reflects their identity – a highly professional yet open and daring law firm.

The logo features a wordmark that’s crisp, modern and straightforward. Each letter of the brand name has been stylized using a simple three-lined font inspired by iconic sports symbols like court lines, stadium tracks and basketball rings.

The black and white color palette gives the brand an extra industrial and professional edge. The monochromatic tone also allows the logo to adapt to various visual assets regardless of colorways.

11. Korpus Prava by Pixies Studio

attorney logo designs
[Source: Pixies Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Simple and streamlined wordmark
  • A futuristic typeface with lowercase letters
  • Neutral colors

If you’re into modernizing traditional images like the Lady Justice and Roman warriors, you’ll definitely get inspired by this branding design for Korpus Prava by Pixies Studio.

These ancient images have been reworked as flat icons representing the law firm’s services – a style choice just as smart and contemporary as the logo!

It features a simple layout of the brand name, written in a futuristic sans-serif font that looks clean, sharp and streamlined. The designers used lowercase letters for the wordmark, a great design trick to elevate and modernize your brand.

Neutral colors like black, white and gray dominate the brand theme, adding an extra touch of sophistication and a cutting-edge look to the overall visual language.

Even without showcasing a lot of visuals and a spectrum of colors, Korpus Prava’s logo still manages to wow the crowd!

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