While the logos of the past have stayed regal and fairly conservative, it seems the cat’s out of the bag in recent years and almost everyone opts (more or less success) for trendy and energetic designs that test conventions. Which one? Well, colorful logo designs, of course!

While nowadays, black and white logos are indeed a rare sight, even when a business dips its toes in more colorful waters, it prefers to stay on the safe side, in the so-called “swimming zone” and selects just one or two tints for its branding efforts. Alas, the greatest ones did it as well.

When we think about the major brands’ logos, we usually don’t think about their color choice. It’s a given. Today, we don’t even see McDonald’s golden arches as being yellow on a red background. In our collective psyche it just makes sense, everything is as it is supposed to be.

Why? Well, that’s color psychology for you. It plays a lead role in branding. It influences our perception and draws specific emotions, even when we don’t realize it.

With that said, we present you with the best colorful logo designs that command attention with their vivid palette. Time to get inspired?

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1. Hivehouse Digital

[Source: Hivehouse Digital]

Standout features:

  • Element placement
  • Gradient color
  • Evocative

Hivehouse Digital's logo design perfectly encapsulates both the agency's name and its expansive set of services - building digital marketing programs from the ground up. 

The way the circumambient hexagonal pattern frames the wordmark is not only visually appealing it opens up a new door to the hive and offers a nice greeting on your way in ("Hi"), while the letter "v" closes them behind you.

The gradient, honey-colored tint makes the whole logo consistent, professional and sweet to look at (pun intended!).

2. Satori IST by Northology Design

[Source: Satori IST]

Standout Features:

  • Play on symmetry
  • Commanding presence
  • Tech-oriented

Satori IST is a London-based integrated security technologies provider that delivers custom solutions including IPTV/CCTV, thermal imaging and other surveillance systems to intruder detection alarms and access control.

With the revolutionary integrated security technologies, the company required an equally innovative brand image, primarily an updated logo design, courtesy of Northology Design.

Satori IST logo design is a textbook example of a tech-inspired merger of elements, a simple, abstract symbol that effortlessly conveys forward-thinking and progress. The symmetrical icon expresses the company’s all-encompassing services. At the same time, the distinctive color palette reveals open communications and clarity of thought, i.e., the streamlined nature and Satori’s security solutions’ ease of implementation.

3. Glide by PLUK STUDIO

[Source: Glide]

Standout Features:

  • Good balance of colors
  • Childlike
  • Easily accessible

Glide Balance Bike Classes is the creation of lifelong cyclist and mountain bike enthusiast, Russell James. Born from his desire to pass on decades of riding experience to successive generations of young riders, GBBC aims to develop new skills and inspire confidence in every young rider.

PLUK STUDIO created an expansive branding and visual strategy to support GBBC’s mission to make “Britain Stabiliser Free!” and spread the word about the worthy cause. Appealing to both children and parents alike the agency crafted an appealing combo of a kid-friendly design system consisting of bubbly shapes, colors and expressive typography that is bound to both embody the brand and inject additional energy boost into it.

The logo uses a basic color scheme. It is basically the pairing of the first color crayons any kid picks up in kindergarten. With the intentional, irregular positioning of letters, Glide Balance Bike Classes inspires ever-growing confidence and strength.

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4. Hellowave by Baboon Creation

[Source: hellowave]

Standout Features:

  • Charming illustration
  • Typography combination
  • Complementary color scheme

Hellowave is a convenient tool that helps you create engagement through online giveaways and make them go viral.

When designing their logo, Baboon Creation started with the sheer number of possibilities the tool provides (from social media engagement incentives and monitoring tools to winner randomizing algorithms) resulting in a charming visual solution that playfully incorporates the smiling octopus (or rather a quattuorpus that symbolizes multitasking) and a typography shift (emphasizing the variety of the aforementioned services).

Additionally, the difference between these fonts adds another layer to the overall logo design. The “O” (containing the likable mollusk) looks like a comic book speech bubble that seamlessly accentuates the “hello”, while the second part (“wave”) flows harmoniously like its namesake.

5. Chatterbox by Wysp Creative

[Source: Chatterbox]

Standout Features:

  • Innovative approach
  • The perfect balance of colors
  • Play on the “think outside the box” concept

Vancouver-based ESL tutoring service, Chatterbox required a logo design that both captures the concept of translation and the act of deciphering but one that also reflects innovation via conventional tutoring. Alas, teaching and learning a language aren’t so much the act of thinking outside the box but finding new ways to think within its confines.

Wysp Creative designed a colorful logo that is fun, youthful and energetic! Just by glancing at it you might think it looks jumbled, but upon closer inspection, the company's name is revealed, starting clockwise from the left. It’s just like a new language: At first, it may seem confusing, but the next lesson shows the right path.

Talk about being creative!

6. Pop Justice by Form

[Source: Popjustice]

Standout Features:

  • Implied 3D effect
  • Evergreen design
  • Striking color choice

Popjustice, a music website founded in 2000 by freelance music journalist Peter Robinson from the UK, celebrates commercial pop music and treats it with the healthy humor, accolades and user interaction the genre justly deserves.

The unique music brand required a branding that literally pops (pun intended) so the ideators behind the platform turn to no other than the Form agency which created exactly that – a blend of minimal, contemporary and early 2000s aesthetics that is bound to stand the test of time.

The logo embodies Popjustice's main drive – mixing a passion for pop music (represented through the saturated pink and purple) with a surreal and biting wit.

7. Asian Media Group by Creative ID

[Source: Asian Media Group]

Standout Features:

  • Primary color combination
  • Geometric brand name layout
  • Straightforward logotype

Asian Media Group (AMG) is one of the most prominent media houses on the continent. Apart from its well-decorated track record and credibility, the company also prides itself on its high viewership and stellar online performance. Much of that success is because of the brand's strong visual language.

And the star of the show? The colorful and contemporary logo design by Creative ID!

The blue, red and yellow colors on the brand initials, "AMG." These colors perfectly represent their various services, partners and ventures. Also, the initials are shaped like geometric objects, adding that extra visual flavor.

Below the logo symbol sits the company name and tagline, written in a straightforward serif font that solidifies AMG as an established and trustworthy brand.

8. Lucy Bates by Kerry Wheeler 

[Source: Lucy Bates]

Standout Features:

  • "Hidden" smile in the wordmark
  • Informative tagline
  • Playful outlook

Lucy is a Children’s Occupational Therapist, supporting young ones and helping them gain the skills necessary to live and play through every day of their lives. This was a brand that needed to put both the parents' and children’s minds at ease. EnterKerry Wheeler!

The design studio started with a highly approachable logo that puts smiles on faces, literally. Its welcome presence is ideal for schools and other child-based environments. It is playful and high-spirited but it also makes occupational therapy and its complex process easily understandable to families.

The tagline "Making the everyday happier, step by step" sums up Lucy's method perfectly and what she aims to achieve, while the shining smile in the wordmark presents the brand as a friendly, recognizable face for business collateral and uniforms.

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