20 Best Logo Designs Done by Freelancers With Excellent Visuals

20 Best Logo Designs Done by Freelancers With Excellent Visuals
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Last Updated: June 29, 2023

No one can overlook a freelancer's creativity and power in any industry, especially graphic design. They can make fantastic logo designs that rival those created by some of the best and most well-known design agencies, which is worth applauding.

In this article, let's dive into the best logo designs done by freelancers and created by some of the top-rated logo designers in the industry.

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1. Luiz Andrade's Logo by Mateus Monteiro

[Source: Mateus Monteiro]

Standout Features:

  • Abstract logo
  • Geometric shapes
  • Monogram concept

Luiz Andrade's logo design by Mateus Monteiro is a perfect example of a simple yet well-executed logo design featuring a monogram formed by the letters L and A.

The triad of execution inspired the logo design, hence the triangular shape of the logo. Furthermore, the overall design fits the minimalist yet professional style the client is aiming for.

2. Carla Perdigão's Logo by Ruscao Brands

[Source: Ruscao Brands]

Standout Features:

  • Inspired by Greek elements
  • Abstract logo design
  • Metallic color story

Carla Perdigão's logo design stands out from the rest with its modern take on traditional Greek symbols related to law and justice, incorporating it into the logo design and brand identity.

Designed by Ruscao Brands, the logo features a shield-shaped logo with a circle divided by a vertical line, showing the letters C and P, the client's initials. This is a clever way of designing a monogram logo without being too obvious. In addition, the metallic color story gives the logo a sophisticated yet contemporary touch.

3. Cele Bagües's Logo by Jeremias Martinez

[Source: Jeremias Martinez]

Standout Features:

  • Distinctive typography
  • Legible
  • Versatile design

Designer Jeremias Martinez made a simple yet impactful logo design for Cele Bagües, an Argentinian cosmiatrist, with a versatile yet standout logo design.

Taking inspiration from the name Celeste, which translates to “light blue” and is the founder’s name, the agency used this color palette to incorporate playful typography, giving it an overall refreshing look. The legible and adaptable logo blends well into packaging, print, and web designs.

4. FIDHA Furniture's Logo by NelliDESiGN

[Source: NelliDESiGN]

Standout Features:

  • Chair silhouette in the logo
  • Versatile design
  • Simple and impactful

FIDHA Furniture's logo design by NelliDESiGN is simple but unforgettable. It features small design elements that set it apart from other brands. The agency created a scalable design for the brand, making it responsive or flexible in case it needs to be altered for different platforms.

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The design displays the brand's name in uppercase letters, with FIDHA having a bigger font size. You'll see a chair's silhouette in the middle (letter D), giving customers a glimpse of what the brand offers.

5. Eduardo Igor's Logo

[Source: Eduardo Igor]

Standout Features:

  • Dialogue bubble with initials
  • Sans-serif typeface
  • Friendly color story

Designer Eduardo Igor used a sans-serif typeface with a clever combination of different visuals for his logo and branding identity. This is to highlight what he can offer to potential clients.

The logo design features a combination of his initials, E and I, an exclamation mark, and a speech bubble. The sans-serif typeface and relaxing color story give off a professional and reliable impression to his clients.

6. Shield Safer's Logo by Alex Sanmartino

[Source: Alex Sanmartino]

Standout Features:

  • Superimposed arrows
  • Neutral color story
  • Sleek and simple

Shield Safer's logo design stands out from the competition with its simple and sleek logo design, created by Alex Sanmartino.

The logo design features two arrows going in different directions and is superimposed on each other. In addition, the curved lines represent the brand name. The simple logo with a neutral color story exudes a clean, polished look.

7. Julian Ospina's Logo

[Source: Julian Ospina]

Standout Features:

  • Monogram logo
  • Circle enclosure
  • Meaningful color story

While most freelance logo designers tend to go big on their logo designs, Julian Ospina went in a different direction. The design shows that less is more but works just as fine.

The logo design incorporates stunning typography and geometry. It features the designer's initials, J and O, written alongside each other, enclosed in a circle. The sans-serif font relays simplicity and efficiency, while blue represents trustworthiness, wisdom, and confidence, reflecting Julian's traits.

8. Everton Araújo's Logo

[Source: Everton Araujo]

Standout Features:

  • Squares forming a diamond
  • Monochrome color story
  • Modern and minimalist

Everton Araujo's simple and efficient logo designs speak volumes about his passion for being a great logo designer inclined towards visual designs.

His logo features four small squares arranged to form a diamond, with a crossroads-like figure dividing the squares. It looks sophisticated and minimalist, with the monochrome colors used to elevate the chic logo design.

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9. The Prehab Guys's Logo by Matt Hodin

[Source: Matt Hodin]

Standout Features:

  • Monogram version
  • P enclosed in brackets
  • Solid color story

Logo designer Matt Hodin created three versions of The Prehab Guys' logo, giving it more flexibility and versatility to be used in different media.

One is the monogram version, with the letter P enclosed in two red brackets on a black background. The colors are reminiscent of other palettes for fitness-related brands, giving the design a solid look. Meanwhile, the other versions include the full name of the brand and a shortened name. Having different variations to the logo makes it easier to adapt to various forms of media.

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10. Topo's Logo by Pierre Pinto

[Source: Pierre Pinto]

Standout Features:

  • Digital-inspired typeface
  • Classic silver colors
  • Sleek and modern

The Topo logo design by Pierre Pinto is sleek, relying on digital-inspired themes that make it one of the best modern logo designs done by freelancers.

The digital-inspired typeface is chic, with the opal, black, and eggshell color highlights befitting the brand. Indeed, this is one of the best examples of a minimalist design that speaks volumes.

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11. Vida Estates' Logo by Andrew Wicks

[Source: Andrew Wicks]

Standout Features:

  • Unique tree image
  • Fresh color story
  • A mix of font sizes

With its unique take on a tree's imagery, logo designer Andrew Wicks' work for Vida Estates makes it into our list of best logo designs by freelancers.

The logo features a tree with different-sized leaves arranged to form a full circle and the brand name beside it. Its tagline, "Thoughtful Development," is written in a smaller font. The brand name in a bigger font emphasizes brand recall, while the dark green color ties it to the tree illustration.

12. Hotel Señorial by Lanni Studio

[Source: Lanni Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and modern design
  • Sleek lines
  • Thin typography

Hotel Señorial's logo design by Lanni Studio is an excellent example of how hotel logos can be classy while being minimalist and simple.

This logo design highlights the symmetrical lines reminiscent of the hotel’s exterior silhouette. It takes inspiration from clean lines, geometry, and the hotel’s architecture. Moreover, the thin typography adds to the overall elegant look.

13. We Are Welfare's Logo by Stefano Costato

[Source: Stefano Costato]

Standout Features:

  • Abstract design
  • Gradient color story
  • Simple and stunning design

Logo designer Stefano Costato proves his creative prowess with his take on We Are Welfare's logo design, featuring simple elements that make the logo design stand out.

It has three half-ovals arranged to form a WAW, a unique take on monogram logos. The deep purple, turning to lavender and then lilac, shows another dimension in the design.

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14. Living Thru Art, ATL Logo by Alesha Rudolph

[Source: Alesha Rudolph]

Standout Features:

  • Mirrored effect
  • Bold typography
  • Open book design

Alesha Rudolph designed this logo for Living Thru Art, ATL, with an open-book design. The logo is written in the book, with a pen in between, easily distinguishing the organization's purpose.

It also features a mirrored effect on the letters LTA, seemingly reflecting ATL on the other side. The bold font style is also perfect for brand recall and easy readability.

15. ECI by Jordan Fretz

[Source: Jordan Fretz]

Standout Features:

  • Handwritten typeface
  • Versatile logo design
  • Unique take on eggs

Logo designer Jordan Fretz redesigned the logo for ECI and simplified the complex handwritten typeface without sacrificing the brand's signature personality and whimsy. In his own words:

"Simple. It’s the goal of every logo I design. Simple stands the test of time. Simple stands out amongst the chaos. Simple is remembered."

And the ECI's new logo definitely embodies that credo. Being known as ECI already and recognized in their market, the description text wasn’t really necessary. The final logo seamlessly integrated "the egg"; it's responsive and versatile in the sense that if there is a purpose or need for the full name to be included, it could be in both horizontal or vertical applications, even in a badge or other visual assets and marketing collateral.

16. Manchete Logo by Eddy Fortunato

[Source: Eddy Fortunato]

Standout Features:

  • Sharp-edged typeface
  • Monochromatic colors
  • Simple logo design

This simple logo design is impactful as it shows character and personality without pushing too much about it, and Eddy Fortunato did a great job with Manchete’s logo design.

It features letters seemingly cut out from squares, showing the letters of the brand, in a white color set on black background. It’s simple yet unique, and the sharp edges on the letters give it depth.

17. The Schedio Logo by Shakshi Maheshwari

[Source: Shakshi Maheshwari]

Standout Features:

  • Two S’s forming a larger S
  • Curly ends
  • Silver color story

The Schedio’s logo design by logo designer Shakshi Maheshwari uses two letter S’s forming a stylized S, similar to the Superman logo.

The curly ends on the S’s show personality which is on-brand to the identity, and the silver color used highlights the class and sophistication that the brand is aiming for.

18. Braian Dovidenko Logo by Braian Dovidenko

[Source: Braian Dovidenko]

Standout Features:

  • Monogram logo
  • Dot on the circle
  • Hidden eye

Braian Dovidenko’s logo design for his personal branding website shows a simple, monogram logo of a lowercase B with a dot on the circle forming the small B. It might look insignificant at first glance but it shows a hidden image showing how cool he is.

It shows a hidden eye that you can see from afar, showing his keen eye for detail and design. This is a good symbol of how he works as a logo designer for his clients, which is a great thing for him.

19. Shea Moisture Logo by Emily Tillotson

[Source: Emily Tillotson]

Standout Features:

  • Teardrop shape
  • Silhouetted letters
  • Earthy colors

Emily Tillotson created a timeless logo design for Shea Moisture, a hair care brand that started in 1981. The logo design featured a teardrop shape meant to relay a message that they are committed to helping people worldwide moisturize their scalps for silky-smooth, vibrant hair.

The letters S and M are inside the teardrop shape in the form of silhouettes for brand identity. The earth colors used match the branding colors of the hair care brand and it works amazingly.

20. Benni Blossom Logo by Alina Siebert

[Source: Alina Siebert]

Standout Features:

  • Youthful typeface
  • Big, bold letters
  • Tagline highlighted

Alina Siebert created a logo design for Benni Blossom that exudes fun and friendly vibes with the youthful typeface.

The big, bold letters assure the target audience that this brand is reliable and can cater to their needs effortlessly. The tagline “love well told” is also placed on the upper right of the logo, bent on a semicircle like a sun, showing how warmly they love their customers.

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