7 Best Photography Logo Designs That Capture Excellence and Skill

7 Best Photography Logo Designs That Capture Excellence and Skill
Last Updated: February 09, 2024

A captivating photography logo design is crucial for a photographer's brand identity. It provides a glimpse into a photographer’s skill and entices potential clients to learn more about them and their style.

Explore these best photography logo designs created by some of the most amazing logo designers. See how these reflect the photographer’s vision, combining artistic flair with a clear representation of their brand.

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1. Jonathan Chapman by Eight Hour Day

Jonathan Chapman logo design
[Source: Eight Hour Day]

Standout Features:

  • Logo variations
  • Diamond with initials
  • Combination of font styles

Designed by Eight Hour Day, Jonathan Chapman's logo has different design versions, making it suitable for other forms of media. The primary logo features the photographer’s initials enclosed in a diamond. A version with Chapman’s name in cursive font adds a personal and artistic touch.

On the other hand, the bold serif font provides a grounding effect, conveying professionalism and stability. This combination of styles effectively balances artistic flair with a strong sense of reliability and expertise in photography.

2. Chris Dyson Photography by SDX Creative

Chris Dyson Photography logo design
[Source: SDX Creative]

Standout Features:

  • 'O' as the camera aperture
  • Bold, sans-serif typography
  • Simple yet impactful logo design

SDX Creative designed a photography logo for Chris Dyson, combining simplicity with a strong brand message. The letter 'O' directly connects to photography as it resembles a camera aperture, making it memorable and relevant.

The bold, sans-serif typography adds a professional touch that enhances brand recognition and conveys reliability. With its straightforward design, this logo represents the brand's identity and values in a simple yet impactful manner.

3. Camera North K. Jack Clark Photographer by DANIEL PENA

Camera North K. Jack Clark Photographer logo design
[Source: by DANIEL PENA]

Standout Features:

  • Architectural elements
  • Minimalist logo design
  • Sans serif font

DANIEL PENA showcased their creative prowess with their logo design for Camera North K. Jack Clark Photographer. The design uses architectural elements that elevate the logo, making it a standout in a sea of photography logo designs.

The sans-serif font ties in with the minimalist logo design and makes the abstract icon shine. Overall, this design is a perfect example of minimalist logos that leave a lasting impression, capturing the essence of Jack Clark's photography with a sleek, professional flair.

4. Catherine Cattanach Photography by SHINE GRAPHIC DESIGN

Catherine Cattanach Photography logo design

Standout Features:

  • Tree silhouette
  • Thin, serif typography
  • Functions as a watermark

For Catherine Cattanach Photography's logo design, SHINE GRAPHIC DESIGN utilized a visual of a tree's silhouette. Combined with thin, serif typography, this adds an elegant and refined touch to the brand. The word “Photography” is in a different color, highlighting the nature of the business.

Another standout feature of this logo design is that it functions as a watermark, ideal for strengthening brand recall. Having the photographer’s name as the logo is also smart, as it’s easier for viewers to trace back a photo to Catherine Cattanach.

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5. Cyndi Marlowe Photography by Matt LeGrice

[Source: Matt LeGrice]

Standout Features:

  • Two mountains and two stars
  • Creative monogram
  • Bold, serif typeface

Logo designer Matt LeGrice created a unique logo for Cyndi Marlowe Photography, thoughtfully incorporating elements that reflect the photographer's work and her connection to Colorado. The design cleverly integrates stars and two mountains enclosed by the letter 'C,' which can also form a monogram. Blue, gold, and white are a nod to Colorado’s official colors and a thoughtful touch to the logo design.

This creative execution, paired with a bold, serif typeface, captures the essence of her stunning landscape photography. Overall, the design elements contribute to communicating the client's style and love for Colorado's natural beauty.

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6. Mikayla Harris by ELBY CREATIVE

Mikayla Harris logo design

Standout Features:

  • Two logo variations
  • Combination of different fonts
  • Calming colors

Photographer Mikayla Harris has entrusted Elby Creative with designing her logo. The agency made two different variations, allowing flexibility in promoting her logo across various forms of media.

One logo design is her initials, 'M' and 'H,' enclosed in an oval. This monogram version is perfect for limited spaces or as a sticker or letterhead. Another logo design variation is her name in bold and funky text with accent marks, adding a touch of playfulness. The calming color palette ties everything in and gives it a sophisticated and feminine look.

7. Nola Birth Photographer + Doula by Ciera Holzenthal

Nola Birth Photographer + Doula logo design
[Source: Ciera Holzenthal]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and minimal
  • Gold lotus symbol
  • Stylish and sleek sans-serif typography

Logo designer Ciera Holzenthal rebranded Nola Birth Photographer + Doula, positioning it as a clean, modern, and natural-minded brand. This rebranding aligns with Angelle's desire to move away from usual themes and more accurately reflect the quality of her work and attract the right clientele.

The logo features a lotus flower atop the brand name. This gold lotus symbol conveys a sense of tranquility, natural beauty, and elegance. The stylish and sleek sans-serif typography complements the logo's modern and artistic feel.

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