11 Best Shoe Brand Designs That Urge You To Step Into Stylish Footwear

11 Best Shoe Brand Designs That Urge You To Step Into Stylish Footwear
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Last Updated: May 19, 2023

This article uncovers the best shoe brand designs that exemplify style and innovation. From classic silhouettes reinvented with modern twists to avant-garde creations pushing the boundaries of design, our handpicked list of branding designs for shoe companies showcases the work of the best branding agencies worldwide.

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1. Your Sneakers by Square Studio

[Source: Square Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Flashy red
  • Customized urban font style
  • Text-led advertising

Making it on our list of the best shoe brand designs is Square Studio’s project for Your Sneakers. The design helped the brand stand out as an exclusive shop with rare items.

The branding relies on the flashy bright red color that quickly grabs the customers’ attention. The logo design relies on text rather than symbols or illustrations. And even the rare visuals are decorated with mass brand wordmark print.

The font style is customized and modern, addressing the urban population with a classy, personalized approach.

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2. Skora by Klein Bottle Design

[Source: Klein Bottle Design]

Standout Features:

  • Athletic
  • Lines indicating motion
  • Blend of warm and coolcolors

Our second representative of the best shoe brand designs is the Skora rebranding. The logo design remained intact, but Klein Bottle Design modernized all other design assets to deliver a fresh, modern branding experience.

While the promotion materials' background colors include warm and cool shades, like orange and blue, all the posters include wavy lines that inspire motion and resemble running tracks.

The typography is white and easy to read, complementing the ubiquitous scaled-up logo design. Apart from the lines that vary from abstract to realistic, there’re also models in training gear that deliver an athletic vibe to the brand.

3. Crocs x Salehe Bembury by Zunc Studio

[Source: Zunc Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Dynamic environment
  • Complementing tunes
  • Product focused videos

Next is the Crocs X Salehe Bembury promo campaign developed by Zunc Studio. The campaign includes designated promo videos with dynamic environments and complementing tunes for three featured products.

The first video follows the green model roaming deep grass. As it stomps on the ground, the grass is dissolved, leaving nothing but barren land around it.

The video for the white model shows it from different angles, hovering in a mountainous environment with a striking red sky background.

Finally, the third video features the violet model in a damp environment, entangled in roots that start to branch out into leaves.


Standout Features:

  • Futuristic vaporwave look
  • Neon colors
  • Fast and flashy

HA&D’s concept for promoting PUMA VADERON is another intriguing visual story on our best shoe brand designs list. The campaign launches us to the future of shoes with fantastic visual effects and intense, action-infusing tunes.

The presentation builds a fast and flashy ambient by combining various shoe models with a heavy 3D typeface. The shoes are scaled up, dominating most of the screen. The ads depict the shoe model hovering, dissolving and reappearing in front of the neon colors that combine into a futuristic vaporwave look.

The “cyberpunk” aesthetic is reinforced through action-packed fast-changing frames that showcase the shoes’ aerodynamic properties.

5. Nike LeBron 15 by Erich Brechbuhl

[Source: Erich Brechbuhl]

Standout Features:

  • Monochromatic
  • Embossed and debossed visuals
  • Powerful and confident

Nike LeBron 15 packaging box design is the next item on our list of the best shoe brand designs. Erich Brechbuhl created this box as stylish and beautiful as the product.

This monochromatic design incorporates several visual effects that give it a powerful and confident look. It blends many shades of gray and black that give the box a futuristic, geometrical aesthetic.

The icing on the cake must be the embossed and debossed visuals.

The box’s cover is fully covered with an embossed product name, presented through a heavy, three-row typeface. There’s also a debossed name of the basketball star printed on one of the side panels in pitch-black.

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6. SneakerStudio by Cris Labno

[Source: Cris Labno]

Standout Features:

  • Minimal and modern
  • A playful logo design
  • Referencing the 90s pop culture

Our following choice for the best shoe brand designs is the branding for SneakerStudio, courtesy of Cris Labno. The concept helped the Polish brand reach out to young customers and form a bond with a non-apologetic, confident approach.

The playful logo design cleverly reinvents your image of the shoe market – the core element is the shoelaces. The emblem shows a minimal sneaker icon with an unfinished sole and the laces’ endings one above the other.

The shoelace aesthetic was sourced from other branding factors, so there’s lots of merchandise based on these curvy lines.

As for the typography, the brand draws inspiration from the 90s pop culture adapted to the modern era, featuring large font sizes and bolded text.

7. Dario Shoes by FreshClick

[Source: FreshClick]

Standout Features:

  • Feminine and glamorous
  • Vibrant colors
  • A modern and minimal emblem

FreshClick’s work for the Dario Shoes brand is another excellent solution that found its way into our list of the best shoe brand designs.

The logo design marks a summarized identity of the brand as it immediately lets you see it’s feminine and glamorous. The emblem consists of a minimalist colorful heel icon that replaces the “A” glyph in the black wordmark.

Like the heel, the packaging and merchandise are full of soft and vibrant colors combined to evoke glamour and elegance, making a fashion statement on the go.

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8. Coralina Shoes by Ideal Team Colombia

[Source: Ideal Team Colombia]

Standout Features:

  • Earthy, raw aesthetics
  • Feminine and elegant
  • A pastel color palette

Our following choice for the list of best shoe brand designs comes from Medellin, where Ideal Team Colombia helped Coralina Shoes build its sophisticated identity.

The visuals deliver an earthy, raw feel to them based on a soothing pastel color palette accompanied by little digital illustrations of flora and fauna.

The branding emanates a feminine elegance through natural colors on the collaterals and the products. The image is emphasized through a delicate wordmark logo.

9. Native Shoes - Adult Hangtags by Ty Dale

[Source: Ty Dale]

Standout Features:

  • Strong, vivid colors
  • Minimal illustrations
  • Doodle art style

Next on our list of the best shoe brand designs is a cute illustration collection. Ty Dale’s work for Native Shoes – Adult Hangtags is a treat for those who love colorful digital artwork.

The collection features a series of solid and vivid colors that illustrate different lifestyles authentically and entertainingly. The designer used the doodle art style to convey a set of lifestyles by blending frequent or desirable items in a person’s life.

The real objects are decorated with tiny geometric shapes, like triangles with the drop-shadow effect or plain circles.

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10. Kiela by Patricio Roman

[Source: Patricio Roman]

Standout Features:

  • Pink and sweet
  • Customized “K”
  • Logo-focused branding

Patricio Roman’s brand identity for Kiela is another remarkable visual story that deserves to be on our best shoe brand designs list.

The concept revolves around the incredibly adaptive logo design and its shortened version. This combination is ubiquitous across this branding package, including the packaging design, product prints and various merchandise.

Pink and sweet, the longer form of the logo represents the brand’s wordmark spelled out with joint letters in a cute cursive style that portrays the brand as gentle and kind. The shortened version features a customized “K” glyph. The letter features new curves that make it look like a fashionable summer heel.

11. Vans x Disney | Pixar by Renan Araujo

[Source: Renan Araujo]

Standout Features:

  • Minimal cacti
  • Vertical typeface
  • A warm color palette

We end our best shoe brand designs list with a personal project devoted to an iconic trio – Renan Araujo is behind this exciting concept for the Vans X Disney | Pixar collaboration.

The soulful exercise project markets Vans’ shoes devoted to Toy Story. It mimics and replicates the cactus outline on the shoe’s side into a minimal cacti illustration joined by a circular visual that represents the sun.

These visuals decorate the background and contribute to the warm color palette that reflects the shoe’s color. The all-white typeface features short, two-word taglines. The words are positioned vertically, subtly “hovering” between the shoes.

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