7 Best Bold Letters Logo Designs

7 Best Bold Letters Logo Designs
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Last Updated: January 13, 2023

Brands are encouraged to use a logo that will stand out from their competition. That doesn’t mean your logo has to be complicated and different from any other, but it does need to be authentic and relevant to your business.

Your determination is not the only bold thing that can make your logo perfect. Sometimes, it's just the bold letters. And finding that ideal balance demands a lot of experimentation and readiness to undergo extensive trial and error. You have to be proactive and not give up until you see it and it sticks.

Created by some of the industry-leading logo design companies on the market, these are some of the finest bold letters logos out there:

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1. GoGo Brazilian by MARK DESIGN

letters logos design

Standout Features:

  • Beautiful flat design
  • Warm and attractive
  • Fun logotype

Gogo Brazillian is a company that specializes in waxing private parts. Aware that their business model is a sensitive topic, they needed a soothing, fun logo that aspires to relieve the tension. MARK DESIGN helped the company with its creative solution.

While the founder is Brazilian, they wanted to avoid using the color palette commonly associated with the South American country to avoid cheeky, unoriginal solutions.

Instead, they delivered a beautiful flat design with its own identity. The white logotype on the red or black circular background is playful and relaxing, where the “g” is devised from an “O” and a small half-circle below it.

This warm and attractive design alleviates the controversy and pain frequently associated with these treatments and emphasizes fun, creativity, friendliness, and action.

2. Katherine Greva by Ultrablack

bold logo ideas
[Source: Ultrablack]

Standout Features:

  • Original circular crop
  • Luxurious vibe
  • Striking and authentic

Katherine Greva is a fashion designer who wanted to establish a firm connection with her customers through her new image. Ultrablack helped Katherine by designing a unique logo that doesn’t say everything about her products but acts like a perfect stage for them to shine.

The bolded, initial-based logo stands out through the use of an authentic circular crop across the letters. This maneuver resembles part of the globe, hinting at the connection between her brand and her customers worldwide. This feature helps build the community-building aspect, which is crucial for strengthening the brand.

The logo design is simple and authentic, boasting a luxurious vibe.

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3. Bluebird Distilling by Brand Revive

Best Bold Letters Logo Designs
[Source: Brand Revive]

Standout Features:

  • Earthly modern vibe
  • Grainy effect
  • Lyne arm symbolism

Bluebird Distilling is a grain-to-glass distillery located in Pennsylvania. The organization is run by a passionate and devoted team that focuses on creating top-class spirits using their state-of-the-art hybrid copper still. Brand Revive portrayed all that and more in the company’s new logo design.

The logo embodies a blue triangle resembling a mountain peak with a white inverted checkmark. It’s accompanied by a black line leaning on its right side and a yellow half-circle on the left. The bolded logotype is centered below. The images and the wordmark are textured, providing an excellent grainy effect.

Apart from its nature-inspired interpretation, this logo design can be perceived in one more way. The inverted checkmark can be viewed as a lyne arm, the copper tube essential for distillation.

4. Broodje van eigen Deeg by Jeroen van Eerden

Bold Letters Logo Designs
[Source: Jeroen van Eerden]

Standout Features:

  • An easygoing atmosphere
  • Bread symbolism
  • An experimental design

Broodje van eigen Deeg is a French bakery located in Groningen, the Netherlands. The bakery’s intriguing logo was designed by Jeroen van Eerden, who devised an entertaining solution for the bakery’s visual identity.

The design encompasses the capital letter “B” and the brand name below. The brand name is bolded in white, casually emphasizing the logo design and its prominent symbolism. The “B” has that golden-brown color of a tasty pastry fresh out of the oven, and you can see the bread inside the letter. Apart from the bread symbolism, it also features the elastic qualities that are immediately associated with stretching some good dough.

This experimental design builds a relaxing, easygoing atmosphere that helps you imagine tasting hot fresh pastry over a glass of wine, erasing the geographical borders.

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5. Poofessional Cleanup by BlakSheep Creative

Best Bold Letters Logo Design
[Source: BlakSheep Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Conventional
  • 3D effect
  • Clip art comic

Poofessional Cleanup is a service provider offering poop scooping services at affordable prices. This animal-friendly brand communicated their perception and devotion to our furry friends with the help of BlakSheep Creative.

The agency developed an amiable logo design showcasing genuine care toward pets. The design encompasses a clip art comic of a dog sitting on a toilet seat with a toilet roll next to it. The dog has a broad smile, and his thumb is up, indicating his satisfaction and gratitude for keeping them safe and clean.

The typography is presented in fun but professional ways, complementing the logo's clip art style. The brand name is color-coded through three colors, one for each word. The “Poo” is white and clean, whereas the “fessional” next to it is brown, indicating what the brand does best. This word was depicted through the use of a 3D effect. The “Cleanup” is centered below, again, in a different shade of brown, omitting the 3D effect.

6. Mono.fun by celerart

letter logo examples
[Source: celerart]

Standout Features:

  • Futuristic font style
  • A 4-color gradient
  • Simple, fun and action-inspiring

Mono. is an NFT Publishing Marketplace that allows game developers to publish and sell their games directly to their target audience. Celerart helped design the brand’s modern, trendy, and digital logo.

The design encompasses the brand name presented in a futuristic font style with customized “M” and “N” so that they correspond to the game controller associated with the brand. The visual identity is enhanced by a four-color gradient effect in the letters, ranging from pink to blue and vice versa.

This logo helps the brand convey its fun, gaming universe style through a combination of vivid and customized elements while retaining its modern simplicity.

7. Easy Taco by bold&brave

logos with just letters
[Source: bold&brave]

Standout Features:

  • Wild west themed
  • Sprinkled scripted typography
  • A drop shadow effect

Easy Taco is a brand ready to tackle its competition anytime. Its quickdraw, wanted-poster aesthetics were designed by bold&brave, providing the brand with a fun Western identity.

The design emphasizes its wild-west theme through several devices. The traditional Wild West fonts heavily inspire the custom font style. Some letters have a triangular dent across the center, indicating the sheriff’s star or the bullet pathway. The brand name is enhanced with a drop shadow effect, making the logo striking and dangerous in a funny way.

There’s a small addition of scripted typography above and below the wordmark, giving the logo a more refined personality. Whether Taco Bell or Chipotle, Easy Taco is ready for the high noon.

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