HONOUR Essentials Skincare Creative Packaging Design

HONOUR wanted to put an emphasis on the environment with their products, so they had Knock INC design packaging that reduced waste and used as little material as possible. The result is a stunning product packaging design that accomplishes their goal of being environmentally friendly.

HONOUR Essentials Skincare Clean Packaging Design

HONOUR uses pods of product that are kept in a reusable, airtight steel containers. This allows them to reduce packaging size and material waste, which should appeal to environmentally conscious customers. The pods are kept inside a form-fitting package that takes up only as much space as is necessary.


HONOUR Essentials Skincare Elgeant Packaging Design

The form-fitting packaging is very neat and refreshing. It opens to reveal the pods, which almost look like mini yogurt cups. The packaging can be recycled after the pods are transferred into the resealable steel container. The result is a minimalist, industrial look on your bathroom counter.

HONOUR Essentials Skincare Packaging Design

On the design, the typography is kept to a minimum. The HONOUR logo is etched into the packaging to create a 3D feel. The light-grey text stands out against the black material, while still feeling refined.

It’s easy for brands to talk the talk, but HONOUR walks the walk when it comes to being environmentally friendly. Their product packaging design shows that they care about the environment and minimizing their effect on landfills. Consumers will recognize this, and they will choose HONOUR over other brands that don’t incorporate their values into their design.

HONOUR Essentials Skincare is a creative package design in the Fashion & Beauty industry.