Skincare and cosmetics are the most sought-after products in the beauty industry because they beautify, enhance and empower people. The physical benefits these products offer are usually the initial reasons why consumers gravitate to purchasing them.

However, there’s no denying that packaging design also triggers the consumer's buying decision: beautiful packaging design that opens to something more beautiful.

To capture and widen audience reach, many brands partner with creative agencies to produce packaging designs that stand out, setting them apart from the competition.

Here are some of the best examples of stunning cosmetic packaging designs that do just that.

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1. AQUILEA by Little Buddha Branding Agency

[Source: Little Buddha Branding Agency]

Standout Features:

  • Tailor fit designs for different audiences
  • Minimalist packaging
  • Appeals to the Asian market

Little Buddha Branding Agency is here to light up the Asian Market with its transformative design for Aquilea Beauty, an OTC brand of Uriach Laboratories that aims to become a significant player in China’s nutricosmetics industry.

The brand headlines a Beauty Glow range that features food supplements and skincare products for whitening and brightening the skin. Since the products are sold exclusively on chosen eCommerce platforms in Asia, the agency created a premium design that appeals to the Asian public.

The packaging designs have two versions: Day (white) and Night (black). This subtle yet distinct move guided the audience in choosing which set to buy according to their skincare needs.

Both versions feature a half moon on either the left or right side of the packaging layout. This eye-catching element flaunts a mixed-paint texture of pink and purple with a tinge of orange.

Overall, this design is minimalist. Aside from the moon element on the front packaging, the agency went for a plain black and white background.

And lastly, this design comes in a reusable format, encouraging consumers to take care of their skin while caring for the environment, too!

2. MYNA Eyebrow Henna by Kurbonzodski

[Source: Kurbonzodski]

Standout Features:

  • Nature-friendly design for a nature-friendly product
  • Earthly and calming colors
  • Minimalist design with an interesting color story

The packaging design by Kurbonzodski for the MYNA brand was created with nature in mind. Focusing on the MYNA Eyebrow Henna, the agency designed a packaging that highlights the beauty of natural-looking eyebrows and eyelashes while highlighting the brand's use of natural ingredients.

The brand prides itself in combining organic natural materials and modern technology to create high-quality cosmetics. Leading their natural-based makeup products is the MYNA Eyebrow Henna.

The product obtains pure henna pigment from island plant leaves and shies away from harmful chemicals or toxic ingredients.

With this in mind, the agency created a sleek packaging design in white accented with earthly-colored leaves. The logo sits at the center of the rectangular product box, written in a plain yet sophisticated font.

3. LUCIANA V by Marina Romero

[Source: Marina Romero]

Standout Features:

  • Bold, monochromatic colors
  • Light typography that highlights the product elements
  • Minimalist design with a luxurious feel

Luciana V's packaging design by Marina Romero is an easy choice for this list. Among various hair products on the market today, this design instantly elevates the game with its luxurious and premium feel.

The brand develops hair care products free of paraben, sulfate and gluten for middle-aged, color-treated hairs.

The agency curated packaging designs for the following products: Nourishing Mask for color-treated hair, Nourishing Mask for dry hair and Scalp Scrub. These haircare must-haves come in purple, orange and brown tubs, respectively.

To further boost the premium feel of each product, the agency used thin font styles for the logo and product names. The idea was to let the bold colors and elegance of the tubs speak for themselves. And well, these packaging designs did not disappoint.

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4. Protea Extracts by Fungi Dube

[Source: Fungi Dube]

Standout Features:

  • An homage to the product’s cultural background
  • Earthly elemental designs
  • Eco-luxe inside and out

Many beauty brands can claim they use natural ingredients. What sets Protea Extracts apart is that they also cultivate African Protea flowers and infuse these in their products.

Design agency Fungi Dube highlights this impressive practice when creating packaging designs for the brand's eco-luxe line (botanical body lotions, body butter and hand creams) through design elements and logo.

One of the highlights of the packaging is its homage to the symbiosis relationship of proteas with specific bird species. Many proteas apparently depend on nectar-feeding birds to survive and grow, especially sugarbirds and sunbirds. The packaging featured an illustrated sugarbird feeding on the flower's nectar.

Staying true to the earthy design, the agency used different shades of brown, black and white. This unified color story brings out the premium feel behind the product.

5. Maeve Skincare by Gray Branding

[Source: Gray Branding]

Standout Features:

  • High-street and extravagant
  • Minimalist approach
  • Rich blue colors

Maeve Skincare believes that skincare and cosmetics = self-care. It was a match made in heaven when they partnered with design agency Gray Branding for packaging design because, like them, the agency lives and breathes this belief too.

This collaboration aims to position Maeve Skincare as a subtle yet bold brand in the beauty industry. And the agency managed to hit the sweet design spot to achieve this.

The design adapted the brand colors royal blue and orange. While the product box and moisturizer tubes stayed on the simpler side with plain blue color, the serums and bottle packaging boasted a gradient texture.

Complementing the elegant personality of the brand, the designers added minimal circular design elements to emphasize the logo. In a subtle orange hue, the logo sits at the center.

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